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  1. TheChad

    Jervis Bay and Offshore

    Thanks for the info. That's a great starting point for me. Hopefully the weather lines up for me too
  2. TheChad

    Jervis Bay and Offshore

    Hi everyone, Ill be staying at Callala Bay between the 1st and 4th of July. This is my first time fishing the area. Does anyone know what usually goes on in the bay and offshore? Are there tuna around this time of year? Are kings still a target? Are there snapper in the bay if the wind is up? What is the best way to get on to some action? Any info is appreciated and thanks in advance. - Chad
  3. TheChad

    Rod for Saragosa 20000

    Last night I decided on the 37kg uglystick jig spin. I couldn't turn down $179 on special. I ordered a saragosa as well. That makes a good value combo. Can't wait till they arrive.
  4. TheChad

    Rod for Saragosa 20000

    I have looked at them and I think they'd be a great popping rod but they don't seem to make a short jigging model which is what I'm after.
  5. Hi guys, Looking at getting a big spinner for trolling offshore and pulling big fish away from the rocks. I've decided on the Gosa 20k, now I just need to find the right rod looking at the uglystick bluewater 37kg/PE8 or something from the saltist range. Will be running 80lb braid. Don't want to break the bank as I'll be buying a few more outfits as the year goes on. Please post any suggestions , I'm after information before I make the purchase.