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  1. Nar mate I wondered up from mckanes falls road for a while and it was super slow. Surprised you had no luck in the cudgegong though. It fished pretty well about a fortnight ago.
  2. I fished the coxs just below lyell on saturday and struggled apart from one tiny fella. Definitely less action than the previous times id fished there.
  3. Worth a go mate early in the season. My family still lives around there so I try i can back every now and then because it does hold some nice fish.
  4. Few rough pics from Open day on the Cudgegong with the little bro. Wasn’t amazing by any standards but a relief to see a few nice fish around despite the lower water levels.
  5. I was there for the easter long weekend mate and the turon was pretty sad looking. Needed some flow badly.
  6. Ive caught them out west in the mudgee/gulgong region. Not many but you get the odd one.
  7. Well just wondered down from the bridge for about an hour for a coupla carp. Might head to the blue mountains this weekend to get my trout fix.
  8. HI All, Hopeful to find a few trout streams to flick around in the Southern Highlands area. Have been looking at the Wollondilly and the Wingecarribee on google maps and some of their feeder streams. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggested locations before I head out exploring? I know I'll probably end up with carp and redfin but thought it was worth a shot. I'll just be fishing on foot with some smaller hardbodies and maybe some plastics. Cheers
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