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  1. Anyone at all want to let me tag along for some beach shark fishing? Fairly new to sea fishing in general, more used to river salmon and trout fishing back in Ireland. I’m here for a while longer and want to try for sharks off the beach before I go out on a charter. Cheers
  2. Ger

    Beginner Sharks

    Cheers guys, will definitely give it a go this weekend.
  3. Ger

    Beginner Sharks

    Hi guys, just looking for some general info. Want to target sharks either from shore or possibly if I hire a boat. Looking to go anywhere in the Northern beaches from Manly up to Palm beach. What would be my best bet? Just looking to get into some of the smaller species to start with, bronzies etc. Any ideas as to best spots to start from? Am I a bit early and better to wait til summer or could it still be possible now. Cheers
  4. Hey guys I have just moved to Manly and looking to get any information that can help me get some bites. Locations, rigs, baits etc. mainly looking at beach, rock fishing or even Manly dam. Anything at all really to me started. Cheers