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  1. Moved into the area near the northside of the bridge so have been getting up early when I can, as well as some late arvo sessions to hit the wharves/piers and surrounding areas to chuck a few lures about. Haven't bothered too much with live baiting even though the yakkas are plentiful at the moment, rather just casting metals, stickbaits and shore jigs. There has been heaps of activity and bust ups on the surface, especially through the middle of the channel towards the bridge. One morning recently, there was the most action I've seen from the shore in years, giant schools of whitebait being s
  2. Good Stuff! I've been fishing the piers/wharves around the harbour bridge (northside) and have seen heaps of action lately, more often than not, right in the middle of the channel so too far for stickbait/metal casts.
  3. My bad! I looked for recent articles but should’ve looked further back
  4. Hey all, im suffering from a bit of winter blues and most of the spots I fish during the warmer months are comparatevly dead. I’m still keen to get out (early mornings or late arvo/nights) but am pretty unsure of where to go. I usually put a heavy line out with a big bait (yakka/pillie/squid) and have a line for an SP but am open to trying new things. Anyone have any ideas on what could be some good areas to try (not your secret spots) that are around Sydney harbour. I would love to try and hunt a king having never caught one. Any advice I’d be keen to hear and appreciate!!
  5. head over to the fishing articles page and there are articles about certain spots that are commonly fished.
  6. Thanks!! Must be this time of year or something
  7. Never seen a toadfish/puffer fish this big, is it something else?? Been fishing these areas/waters for years and never seen one
  8. Heading off to Cowan creek Friday night and staying over on a boat till Saturday arvo this weekend. Hoping to go after some Jew and some other stuff so we are looking to catch some yakkas and other baitfish we can live bait with. I’ve got a rod set up with a sabiki jig and have been told sometimes putting bread or squid on the end of the little hooks works sometimes. I’ve had some luck with yakkas at Waratah bay down on Cowan creek but was wondering what are some helpful hints and tips hunting yakkas. I’m only fairly new to fishing more seriously so am trying to soak in as much kn
  9. Hi Derek, I believe it was just the basic sub species rather than the goliath, but our boat driver caught one 1m+ that was potentially a goliath, not quite as big as Jeremy Wade's one. The normal ones grow up to 33lb's and i believe the biggest goliath ever caught was 150lbs+ which is absurd. Ill have to look around for some photos and get back to you!
  10. Sinker was just sitting on the line not tied on by itself. It’s brand new so doubt there would’ve been nicks or damage to the line. I’m heading out tomorrow and I’ve got wire trace on it now so hopefully won’t get bitten off again!
  11. Jeremy Wade is a living icon! This news made my day!
  12. The poor bloke who dropped that!!! I was in Zimbabwe fishing on Lake Kariba a number of years ago and had the bucket list opportunity to fish for tiger fish. The fight those things put up is other worldly. Thick wire trace is obviously essential but we were fishing pretty heavy gear and I managed a 65cm Tiger which was hands down my most favourite catch.
  13. my first guess was a shark, but interesting that you say it couldve been a hairtail. Thats amazing! wouldve been a pretty crazy experience bringing in one of them on a handline. I'm with you, love the feel and the whole primitive nature of it.
  14. That’s incredible, what a sight that would’ve been. I’ll be heading to refuge bay this weekend, here’s hoping!
  15. Always been a fan of handlining when I’m on a boat, I find it gives a cheaper alternative to having lots of rods out at once and can get more of a chance of catchig with more lines out, especially for catching yakka and other baitfish. I recently purchased a couple big handlines (40/60/80lb) and have added them to the arsenal when out in Cowan creek or Pittwater etc (the local for me). Last week as mentioned in a previous post I managed to catch a couple big blue swimmer crabs on said handlines as well as a couple decent bream (31cm & 29cm). On my 80lb line I had a huge slab of
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