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  1. Spent the last few days all around Oberon and Janolen area. Some well known spots and some less well known ones. Sweet F A. If it wasn't for the internet I don't think I'd believe there were trout in this direction ? I spent hours walking up and down with my polarised sunnies, sneaking around and popping up like some kind of ninja f'ing meerkat. Haven't even seen a trout. Would also encourage people to keep their spots top secret. The amount of trash that scum bags think it's ok to just leave behind is ridiculous. I ain't no lefty tree hugger but that pisses me right off. Soooo can anyone reccommend a fly fishing guide? ?
  2. Thanks for posting that. I've been right through that site and I've got a few spots I intend on visiting. I tried a stretch of Cox's river specifically mentioned on that website, main street off castlreagh where the bridge is, if anyone knows about it. It just seemed overgrown and lifeless. Lead me to think some of the info on there is a bit outdated.
  3. Had a chuckle at this. The sign out the front says you can wade in 2 metres from the shore. Thanks for that info, I'll head straight around to the far side next week when I go.
  4. Ok will give this a try. Thanks for that! I was there yesterday from about 8.30am, did a complete lap around the dam and didn't even see a fish. Do people tend to wade in a bit (before the massive drop) and cast from there? I haven't seen any other anglers there when I've been to try and get an idea.
  5. Hoping to find a fly fishing mentor!! I live in the Hills area of Sydney and I've recently started fresh water fly fishing. My casting is....decent, I've got a 4 weight rod and I'd like to start chasing some trout, bass.....any fresh water fish really. I've tried Thompson's Creek Dam and Lake Wallace with absolutely no luck..... I've been trying to match my fly with whatever bugs have been around but I haven't had a single hook up....starting to feel like the only way I'm going to get anywhere is by forking out $$$$ for a guide. My experience is that the fly fishing community seems to be pretty tight lipped until you start throwing money at them (in regards to locations), but I can understand protecting spots from the Sydney masses. My availability is all over the shop, shift worker..... I usually have a few week days free. Preferred locations are around Colo River, Lithgow and anywhere up the mountains. I've got all my own gear. Thanks!