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  1. People fish off the point at Cremorne. You'll want the tide to be out - or have something that'll let you wade into the (freezing) water. There's also an area on the causeaways that people fish from. You can also rock fish from Clifton beach. There's a good article on tasfish "Frederick Henry Bay from the shore" which might help... plenty of options.
  2. Agree with Rick too. Always had trouble with the tailor chewing the plastics to bits. But there are flatties around.
  3. If you're ever stuck with a large amount of unwanted chemicals, the EPA (NSW) has locations of free chemical cleanup events.
  4. The more you spend, the more you catch, right? Anyway, I typically find that I can't justify buying a lot of things, but when I eventually make the jump, I've forgotten about the price I paid a week later. Sorry, will try to be a little more constructive. Ummmm, try searching on gumtree for used stuff. You can find some bargains on there, you just may need to weed through a lot of cr*p first...
  5. Nice catch! Hoping to get my four year old into fishing but keeping his attention is difficult at the best of times!
  6. I'm definitely interested in the Sydney one (but understand if you're not just handing out copies freely)! Would save me a trip to the library though ;-)
  7. If anyone else is interested in these maps, it looks like they are available from Macquarie University library. Not sure what restrictions they have on copying etc. Sam, looking at the link below, it does indeed look like you have the whole set now. Search Engine&tab=books_more&query=any,contains,seabed information&sortby=rank&offset=0 Cheers, Ian
  8. I bought a number of these ($2 inc shipping on aliexpress). They can hold up to 5 litres but I tend to fill them to about 3.5 litres each and they conform easily to existing storage spaces. This fulfils the safety requirement and it's great to know they are there for emergency. I'll take a separate water bottle or two on the day and those bags will only come out in an emergency.
  9. Thanks for the report. I've only just learnt what a FAD is! Sounds like fun. That fish looks like a Spotted Bigeye (I randomly came across this fish just the other day)
  10. Great, thanks BF! I've never heard of either of them!
  11. Hi Guys, probably these are very common fish, but I haven't a clue what they are! Please help shed some light! Caught about 1km off Manly beach. I thought this was a bream at first, then maybe a tarwhine, but actually I don't think it's either?! 35cm to fork. Thanks, Ian
  12. Hello, I grew up fishing around Hobart and lost my way when I moved to Sydney for work. I've finally just got back into it after recently buying a's now just a matter of finding the time between work, wife and two kids. I've been coming to these forums for information for a while now, so I thought I'd finally sign up to this forum instead of just lurking! Finally got to take the boat out on the weekend, but I've no idea what I caught, so over to "The Aquarium" for me... Cheers, Ian