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  1. Why is that? I always wondered. The Breakwall leads to the main ocean Tasman Sea I think. I would of thought Kingfish would come from there to the Breakwall. And from Google Maps. Windang Breakwall is split into 2. I am talking about the breakwall which is nearest to the main ocean next to Windang Island. Is this breakwall accessible?
  2. True. Can anyone else tell me or have experienced if Kingfish and Squid are at Windang Breakwall? I assume it does since it is facing the main ocean but could be wrong hmm
  3. Hi guys, 1) Windang Breakwall - wondering if this place holds Kingfish, Mulloway and Squid? 2) Windang Breakwall - If I wanted to fish more near the main ocean which would be the best place to fish? Can someone show me some pics? Also what would be good wind and swell for safety and comfort? 3) Is there any other small breakwalls around Wollongong to Port Kembla area where it is easy to access the water without those big concrete and rock boulders? 4) Is there any estuary system to fish land-based around that area? Please suggest a few. Thanks
  4. Thanks for detailed info. But does anyone know the difference between the Shimano Kairiki Braid and the Shimano Kairiki SX Braid? Also which one is the better one?
  5. Hi all, 1) I am looking at getting braid, below are the things I am looking for. Can anyone who has experienced alot of braids please recommend the best for me? - 20LB - 8 Strand Braid - Tangle-free (Do not want any braid that tangles, helicopters, tip coils) - Must not be limpy soft type of braid - Strong and high quality - Does not break and fray easily - Good castability 2) Also another question not related to above. Does anyone know what is the difference between Shimano Kairiki Braid and Shimano Kairiki SX Braid? And which is the better one? Thanks
  6. I have tried everything with lures all the loop knots, clips. I have tried from stickbaits, poppers, jerkbaits, crankbaits all from big to small sizes. I also have done many retrieve techniques. My target species are mainly Bream, Flathead, Bonito, Jewfish, Kingfish. Are you saying that the lighter the line the further my lure will cast? I am currently using 15lb mono and leader. With a Daiwa Shinobi rod paired with 4000 Stradic. I might try using my egi rod to see if it improves anything.
  7. Hey FR, I have bought many hard lures in the past and never had any luck on them. I have a couple questions if anyone could help me out, appreciated! 1) When using hard lures why is it so hard to get any fish action bite from it? I sometimes see fish follow my lure when reeling it in but they do not bite or commit? 2) How can I get a good casting distance from a light lure? I would usually need 15g-30g lure to cast a good far distance. Wondering how do people with only 5g lures like the Sugapens cast far? Whenever I cast lures they don’t go much distance at all. 3) Any other tips and techniques on fishing with lures are welcome?
  8. Hey Fishos, I am trying to find some good spots to explore for landbased fishing around the Mosman/Middle Harbour/The Spit area. I want to stay away from The Spit bridge though as never had much luck there and too much people there from all the hype. Could anyone recommend some spots to explore? I’m looking for land based spots which include: - Nice open deep water - Can get live bait and fish at the same spot. Fish like Yakkas, Bream, Jews, Flatty, Kingfish etc. - Also good for squid. Thanks would be nice for the exact location or general area if don’t want to give exactly. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi I have a couple questions for all knowledgble Rod builders. 1) Just curious, do all commercial rod companies assemble their guides onto the rod stick all using thread? Or are there companies that don’t use thread at all and use something else? 2) Are all rod guides repairable? If I get it repaired and they use the thread/epoxy technique will it still be the same as factory or would I have problems later on with it breaking etc? Or is it exactly the same procedure how bigger companies install/repair their guides? Just worried about it affecting my rod performance and longetivity as it is expensive rod. 3) My rod is an EGI carbon fiber rod in the middle of the rod 2 guides have fallen off causing the rod’s black casing mould which holds the guides in place has cracked. Is this repairable?
  10. I already know most basics. How are you ment to work the fast fall jigs? Also I have a micro jig which is 30 grams and heavily weight at the back so it falls really fast feels like only 1 second hang time. When I pitch it up it falls back down really fast how do I work this type of jig?
  11. Hey people, I am new to micro jiggin don’t know much but have picked it up since top water lure never work for me don’t know why. But have had some good luck with micro jigs. Got few things I like to know. 1) For land based Breakwalls etc. what range weight jigs should I be using? 2) I have bought some jigs but the action are all different. Can someone tell me what kind of different type of jigs there is and how the action are for each? 3) Some jigs I bought they just fall quick I was looking for one that flutters at a steady pace. How do I tell which one is that? 4) The way I work the jigs is I let it sink then I jerk the rod quite hard about 3 lifts then let it sink and lay on the floor for awhile. I get bites like this. But what if I’m chasing fish that dont eat on the pause. What should I do? 5) I see people on boats they use the technique where they jig really fast jerking the rod non stop and wind. Is this technique can also be applied with micro jigging or it is different? Thanks sorry for the rookieness. Look forward to learning few things ?
  12. I believe this is the major part. Went on another trip today around Lane Cove River and Sydney Harbour all land based and not even a nibble. I don’t know where are all the fish in Winter go. Does anyone know? If I was to go fishing at a land based spot in Winter where would be the best place that the fish are at or migrated to? During Summer the usual spots I will catch something but Winter has changed everything....
  13. Hey Raiders, I have been trying and trying but my luck and effort is running out so I’m here to find out what is going on. We have had 10 plus trips ending up with no fish at all only couple crabs and squid. We usually fish land based Sydney estuary like wharfs, piers and reserves. We usually fish from 11am till late midnight or early mornings. You can say all nighter sort of trip. We have a couple rods in water with bottom bait ranging from all sorts and sometimes fresh squid that is caught. And another rod just using hard lures or plastics which we don’t know much about and just learning. Yet with all this effort of trying different things we have caught nothing and mostly no bites. What is it we are doing wrong? We used to catch fish during Summer but now it is like dead. Cannot believe it has been more than 10 trips with nothing. Can anyone help me? What are we doing that is wrong? Where are all the fish, where have they migrated to? What is the cause for this dead silent trips? Where to fish land based for next trips to get more success? Thanks.
  14. 1) Is this true or completely false? Does Shimano void warranty if you use different brand of oil and grease on their reels? I also heard that Shimano don’t make oil anymore so I am using Daiwa oil and Okuma grease is this all okay for warranty? 2) When removing old grease and oil to apply new. What is the best way to remove? 3) I usually clean my reel with water and a damp cloth. Was wondering is there a better way to remove the salt? Thanks FRaiders.
  15. I went with the 5000 TP today. I felt the weight and it feels good to use for all day. What do you guys think of the 8000 to use all day? Abit too heavy? Also I have some stuff I need to find out: 1) I got the brand new TP and when I spin it doesn’t seem smooth as described. Also when spinning it will make abit of a spinning whirling noise. Is this normal for new reels? Will it be better once broken in and how long does this take? 2) My Stradic 4000 feels much smoother and lighter when spinning the handle. Is this normal for it to be more smooth than the TP? Anyone have the same two reels can you tell me your experiences. Paranoid at the moment need some clearance lol