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  1. I really like the look of the Renegade, but since I been looking at them and talking about them I heard lot of negative comments about Quintrex, about mass manufacture and been over priced. Obviously there is two sides to every story but. Ill look at some boat showrooms next week hopefully and check out as many brands as I can. Renedade460 was talking about the fully enclosed transom which for me (new to boats), seems like a massive safety feature, although I was keen to the boat as simple as possible so less to get damaged off road. Tiller steer also leaves more room in the boat and is over 2k cheaper from new.
  2. I intend on getting a braked trailer, want enough GTM to carry some extra fuel and maybe gas or water tank. Been looking at the Belco Heavy Duty trailer. 4x4 is a 70 series with winch ect, we have been traveling for a couple of years already so well set up in that department. I don't need huge boat, Im happy with around 4.5m, preferably a single axel trailer,, keeping weight down and also costs. Ive been towing 3300kg caravan for 2 years and had enough of it. I'll be chasing a new trailer and probably a late model used boat if I can get what I want. The All 4 Adventure boys have distinct advantage over me in that they don't pay for anything! no fuel, breakages, gear ect ect plus they have a crew of blokes, I have a Wife and kid! Cheers
  3. Just re-read my original post, missed out the bit where I was supposed to say I want it for creek and rivers mainly but be able to go off shore on a good day.
  4. After spending over two years traveling in a caravan it time to sell the van and buy a boat for the next leg of traveling. Looking for peoples opinions on boats, trailers ect and any tips or thoughts from those with experience. I plan on spending a lot of time in the Northern half of Aus in remote areas. I need a set up small enough to be nimble on the tracks and be launched in tight spots and but big enough to go to off shore reefs and islands on a good day. Initial thoughts are 420/440 Renegade with a tiler steer. We are 2 adults and an 8 year old. Cheers
  5. Im currently in VIC but travel a lot. I understand there is minimum requirements, but my question is can I wear a 50S which is a yak or water sports jacket for use in a boat or must I have a 50.
  6. Just for anyone else who finds themselves in this position the reset worked well. Cheers all
  7. Can anyone clear up question for me? If I'm in a position where I need to use a level 50 jacket, ie enclosed waters, is it legal to use a 50S even if I'm in a tinny rather than on a ski or yak?
  8. Zoran I feel honoured and grateful you devoted the rest of your coffee break to me and my sounder, Thank you very much indeed! What you say makes a lot of sense and resetting back to factory settings is likely my best bet. The Hook2 4x sells itself as the easiest sounder to use so I agree, I need to get back to original settings. I'll report back when I have the boat out at Noosa in a couple of weeks. Thanks again everyone.
  9. Brown Crab - The transducer is on a bracket at the bottom of the transom. To the right of the motor. Ive moved the transducer around while stationary with no difference. Anthman - I cant find an y mention of hull depth settings. The water could well of been 2.6m. Muddy river so cant be sure. Searanger - Yep in the water cheers
  10. Thanks for your time guys. Ill look in to your suggestions. Im pretty sure the unit was set in Auto. The manual says to leave it in auto unless you are an experienced sonar user, which isn't me. unless I accidentally changed the settings
  11. Hope this is a suitable place to post. We have 12' folding boat and I recently rigged up a Lawrence Hook2 4x sounder. Im getting pretty useless readings from it even when stationary with the motor off, can any experienced reader offer a possible fix? Ive attached some examples Thanks
  12. Thanks Paddy, Was looking at Jumpinpin earlier. Lots to go at. Ill give the Brissy river a miss for now, stick to quieter waters
  13. Hi I have just got a roof top tinny for caravan travel. It has a 6hp motor. Im currently in Brisbane for the next month or so and would like to know where would be good places to use the boat. Im completely new to boating so would;d like get some practice in. Prefer throwing lures but up for any type of fishing. Thanks