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  1. Oli

    Any gym rats on here?

    Used to do weight training until all the gyms were closed, so my daily quarantine workout is sit-downs for 1 rep x 12 hours and lie-downs for 1 rep x 12 hours
  2. i went out at midday to gather cabbage weed for both burley and bait. Around 2:pm I arrived at the spot, and on the second cast there was a good fish on the end of my line. I haven't been blackfishing in over half a year, but i do remember how well they fight. over the next hour i caught four more, and then I moved to another spot as the water was too high to fish safely. i didn't catch anything at the other spot but five blackfish was enough for me so i headed home. the fillets deep fried should make for a good meal the next day.
  3. I arrived at a ferry wharf in Sydney harbour around 8pm last night. Target species was jewfish. I caught yakkas for an hour then i caught a nice trevally that measured 32cm. Bait I used was slimy mackerel I caught a few nights before. I managed to get a few squid as well. I chucked some out but didn't get any takes. I decided to stay until 8am the next day for some kingfish. Almost wanted to go home as there was a storm at 4am, but sunrise was only a few hours so I decided to wait it out. Finally the sun appeared over the horizon so i chucked out a live squid on a weightless rig. After 15 minutes i got a good hit. It fought well and i saw that it was a rat kingy. Unfortunately it busted me off by wrapping the line around a pylon. The bite was slow for a while Then I had another good hit, but i could tell that it wasn't a kingfish. It was a baby bull shark. I had no idea how i was going to get the hook out. Lucky it got off. After it swam away it was 7am. At this point my squid was getting picked to pieces by lots of small fish. I changed to heavier leader after the shark busted me off. It worked, i got a really good bite the fish made a massive run so i cranked up the drag without hesitation and fought hard However the fish still managed to make another massive run and i could feel my line rubbing on the bottom. After several tense minutes I saw that it was a kingfish. It was difficult but i was rewarded with a 74cm treat that i took home with me. I was absolutely knackered but i was really glad i didn't go home empty handed I was happy that i persisted in the end
  4. Having heard of bustups in Sydney Harbour, I desperately wanted to have a try at catching some pelagics. So I headed to a wharf in North Sydney for some fresh air. On arrival, I saw some blackfish cruising around the wharf. I quickly tied on a green weed imitation and hoped for a luderick to eat it. On the first cast, I was hooked up for 5 seconds, but i pulled the hooks out trying to get the fish away from structure. For an hour I caught nothing. However, my mate did manage to catch an average-sized squid. We were just about to pack up when we saw seagulls and splashes. My mate cast out a metal lure, and while it was hard for the lure to land where the school of fish was, he eventually managed to hook up to a decent fish. I tried casting towards the school but my rod was simply incapable of doing so. i decided to help land his fish instead. After a tough fight, we beached the big fish ended up with a 55cm aussie salmon. We stayed another hour for zilch. At least there'll be some great food for tonights dinner.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments The blackfish were beer battered and they provided a great feed for dinner Cheers, Oli
  6. I woke up early to catch the bus from the city to the Eastern suburbs to gather some cabbage for bait and burley. The conditions were very pleasant, and within minutes, my friend and I had gathered enough to last us the whole day. With plenty of bait, I made a fifteen-minute walk to another set of rocks with my friend to chase some blackfish at around eight in the morning. My mate used a metal lure, while I targeted blackfish. For the first hour, there were no bites, but the action started to increase as the tide got higher, and by half past ten, i had caught two blackfish. My mate finally decided to try for blackfish after not having much luck with the lure, and in a few hours, he managed to get three, with two being around the 1kg mark and almost 40cm long. If the hooks were set correctly, we probably would've gotten about five more fish, but I was content with our catch, so we decided to leave after we had been fishing for around 6 hours. Cheers, Oli
  7. Went to Pier 2 to fish for squid at around 5pm the day before this report was written. My mate suggested that we move to another spot as we only caught 2 squid, so we moved to a wharf which was a short walk from our spot. After the tide got to its lowest, I decided to call it quits, and my mate agreed, but I let him finish working the jig back. And what do you know, we end up with a big calamari after a good fight, and considering how big it was and the fact that we wanted to eat it, we gave one of the arrow squid to a keen jewie fisherman and left with big smiles on our faces. Cheers, Oli
  8. I braved the cold and took the bus to Mosman at around quarter past 7 with a good mate of mine. Although it was quite cold, there was no wind, so i reckoned i was going to be alright. I didn't really make a plan, so we just brought a few light rods for bait fishing and squidding, a rod for lure fishing and a livie rod just in case. Compared to summer, the spot wasn't too crowded, with only 3 people at the spot. Within moments i caught 1 arrow squid and decided to keep it alive. When i was walking towards the spot, I noticed some cabbage weed growing on some rocks, so i decided to gather some for bait and burley for luderick fishing. Luckily, i had a metal teaspoon on me, so gathering the cabbage wasn't too difficult. The fishing was pretty hard, but i eventually got a decent-sized luderick, around 35cm in length. I'm not an experienced blackfish fisherman, so i was pretty happy to catch one. With the water being crystal clear, the luderick were very shy, and as soon as they saw me, they got scared and swam for cover. A while after, i managed to catch another luderick of around the same size, and I also saw my friend land a nice-sized sand flathead. After a few hours I ran out of cabbage weed, but luckily, my friend brought some weed flies. From noon till 3 i managed to catch 2 luderick on the fly. The fights that the fish put up were amazing. The last one wrapped my line up in structure 2 times, and I was sure that I was going to lose that fish. However, the line somehow didn't snap, and I managed to land it. My friend was fishing where the water was very deep, and I found out that he managed to catch one slimy mackerel on a metal lure, and managed to catch 7 squid. With 4 luderick, 1 flathead, 1 slimy mackerel and 8 arrow squid to keep, we decided to call it quits at 3 in the afternoon. I was pretty happy with the results, and i reckon we learnt a few things about the spot we went to today. I was especially happy about taking the opportunity to fish for blackfish, as I finally learnt a spot that can produce quality luderick with a good bait supply not too far away. Cheers, Oli
  9. I had planned to fish the low tide at night for jewfish. with high hopes, I arrived at a wharf in mosman at around noon. the plan was to catch some yakkas and squid for bait. as I expected, there were no yakkas around, but there were loads of garfish. after I had caught a few gars, I saw somebody catch a yakka. I was never so happy excited to see someone catch a yakka, and within minutes, there was enough to last me the day. I decided to try for squid, but I wasn't feeling so confident as the water was murky. a few hours of squidding and I didn't even get a single hit. one of my mates tried working a lure on the bottom, and that resulted in a nice 40cm flatty. the sky was getting darker, so I felt like chucking out a yakka on a float rig. I had a few hits, and when I checked on the bait, the whole tail had been taken off, which meant that the fish eating the yakka were probably tailor. I hooked the next unfortunate yakka near the tail instead, but didn't get any hits. before sunset, I tied some jewie rigs. now I couldn't see the sun, and there were two livies on the bottom. very soon, I had something on. however, from the way it was pulling, it was either a squid or an octopus. I saw it on the surface, and it was a giant calamari, definitely more than 1kg. the inevitable happened, though, and it got off. bugger. would've been great jew bait or even greater eating. I fished until 9:30pm with no results. at least I had a good feed for the next day.
  10. Oli

    feed of squid

    just burley up with small pieces of bread and they should arrive in a school. in terms of the rigs, a fixed float with a size 10 longshank hook with a small piece of prawn on it and very light FC leader should be fine, or just a weightless rig if the gars are within casting distance and seem to be shy. a bit of movement of the bait helps to attract a gar to the bait sometimes Good luck! Oli
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