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  1. connico

    Interesting Squid Observation?

    Are you dispatching the arrows then letting it float in a bucket? Once dispatched the arrows lose their camo on death.
  2. connico

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    My general formula for bream on soft, hard and vibes are 1. Structure with Oysters that have been busted open. Some oyster positions will not be a feeding ground for bream due to tide and location 2. Overcast day. The more overcast the better as they have good eyes and will very shy on lures. if its a bright day, i use a dark lure. if its an over cast day i will use something a little more vibrant 3. I give a spot 5-10 casts then move on. Even if decent follows occur, bream are shy if they arnt agressive enough to bite after a few cast and a follow, they wont bite. 4. Will have a minimum of two rods setup for bream from a boat. One is soft plastic, my favour right now is the ZMAN CrawZ. I toss it at the structure and let it just float down. The other rod is a hardbody or a metal vibe. Favourite right now is Ecogear Zs. Note the casting limits of your rod, you want a rod that will action your vibe or hardbodies. Too stiff of a rod and your lure will lack action. My favourite rod right now is a 1-3 Powerbream from nitro... 5. Early morning or late afternoon are the most productive for me. Water temperature at about 16-19° is ideal for me. 6. Persistence and movement is key, keep moving and keep trying.
  3. connico

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    Poor handling... The reason why it taste like old boot is the slim or slick on its skin. Most fisho's will kill it, fillet and take the skin off on the same surface. The slim will he get on the flesh and you're farked. Its like fish guts and the contents of the stomach getting on the flesh. Don't throw the fish in a salt water slurry as well as it contaminates the other fish. So you need to kill it humanly, scrap slime off and wash the fish before you fillet.
  4. connico

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    yeah it's amazing how everyone mishandles the fish lol actually its amazing how other fishos pass on false information just because they don't know how to handle a wirrah cod... no one I have talked to had eaten wirrah, they heard it from someone that heard it from someone.. lol
  5. connico

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    If you're eating the fish sashimi you will notice... if your frying, deep frying, baking, it's hardly noticeable. Talking about taste. I feed some people wirra cod the other day. They thought it was the best tasting fish from a selection of flathead, bream and whiting... Not many people know that if handle the fish properly it taste great. It's a Cod after all
  6. connico

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    An example i show people is the below
  7. connico


    No not important... use pilchards in a stocking... failing that use prawn heads, failing that use mullet heads, guts etc...
  8. connico

    Trip suggestions

    How far down the coast do you want to go down?
  9. connico


    that should be fine, where they real soft and smelly and real soft? If not they need to be...
  10. connico


    Narrabeen beach has worms. Try Devitt street carpark right out front
  11. connico

    Best mono for trout fishing

    I use WTF Gliss Hybrid line for spinning light lures right now. I'm finding its very thin, cast a mile and has really good knot strengths. Haven't suffered from wind knots but i'm very careful regardless The line is very fine though and if you have big fat fingers its sometimes hard to tie knots unless you adapt. I only use the Palomar knot since its very easy to tie with very thin line and its hardy and very very strong. Trilene sensation i think its monofilament is what i hear...
  12. connico

    Need help identifying a location ASAP

    1. You can see the ferry on the right 2. There are only two ferries See photo below. Go to google find the spot and click the man icon. You will see a blue circle... drag the man to the circle and you will see the photo of the exact site
  13. connico

    Best mono for trout fishing

    Try hybrid mate, its a good alternative to mono or braid + fluro. Otherwise try Sunline Super Natural Regarding speed clips, I use Tactical Anglers Power/Speed Clips exclusively
  14. connico

    flats rod

    NS Blackhole Amp 662UL or 702L excellent spin for bream and Flathead
  15. connico

    Fishing reels from Chinese websites

    Consider looking at Gumtree or Facebook marketplace for brand name gear.