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  1. connico

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    At least you're on the water!
  2. connico

    Terez rod, rust?

    How do you treat the rod after its been used? Rinse or full wash?
  3. connico

    Sienna Reel problem

    That arm bail hasn't been installed properly. Take it back to the shop and get it replaced or fixed. I can loan you a reel whilst you waiting for repair or replacement
  4. connico

    Roseville Bridge Night and Afternoon

    Yeah I'd like clarification on this. There are zones in sydney harbour you cannot collect bait but a lot of areas are open. Link is how i understand it... whats your understanding?
  5. If you just want to practice and not keep the fish... Silverwater... Fish across the water from Wilson park and just use soft plastics and blades... you will find what will work for you. Wentworth Point.. Soft plastics, blades and shallow divers along the point. Shallow divers for jews at the turn of the tide and turn of the light Rothesay Ave... off Bowden street. Used to flick here during lunch. Soft plastic works well. Fish the outlets for flatheads... fish shopping trolleys and rocks for bream Gladys bay.... Blades and shallow divers work well here. Pulpit point.. You can live bait for yellow tail here and jews as it gets deep. Divers and blades also work well for bread and butter
  6. connico

    Need some help. Sick of catching small fish

    Welcome to come with me sometime. Shot me a message and ill get you on to something bigger than 25cm!
  7. connico

    Maianbar Port Hacking questions.

    Maianbar still fishing well. Yabbies will catch all your bread and butter species. You'll be surprised what you catch as well. I've got a mate that caught luderick on yabbies!!
  8. For doing all my reels i use the Busted fishing Bee's knees reel spooler and the ripper stripper!
  9. 1. Reverse old braid 2. Buy Tasline braid in the exact length i need for the spool 3. Profit
  10. connico

    lost keys

    I did that to a unit i used to live in... never again. Very next day i got a lock that does finger print, pin and phone unlock... In a house not and that's the first thing i did.. changed the locks to electronic... no more keys wish i could do the same to my car easily lol
  11. connico

    molineux point landbased?

    The place used to be open to fisherman till to many got hurt... So now its closed to fishing. You can try the break wall in front of the surf club... Anglers have been having success getting some kings off there
  12. connico

    Sydney's Top Fishing Spots

    If it's out of print, can we PDF it?
  13. connico

    Blood Worms - Sydney

    My understand from the old timers i used to fish with... You have to dig for them on low tide... never seen it done but they used to tell me stories of going out on the flats on the hacking and hawks with shovels...
  14. connico

    Blood Worms - Sydney

    Oh did a quick google...
  15. connico

    Blood Worms - Sydney

    Oh if you want dead ones? You can still get them frozen at pet food stores.