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  1. connico

    Fish smoker - what to buy?

    Whats your budget? Do you prefer something and electric one which he can turn on and load the chips in? Or do would you prefer a solution that uses a fire chamber? Do you want the unit to second as a BBQ?
  2. connico

    Starting the Boat Journey

    You didn't find the 385 a tad small? I had a look at the size at the international boat show and it found it a little small for three adults casting? Was looking at a 420 or possibility a 460.. Regards
  3. connico

    Bream Rods with small butts

    I had one till someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse lol..... I have a nitro Powerbream finesse right now. Its my third favourite rod in the collection :P. Its the go to for bream though!
  4. connico

    Bream Rods with small butts

    Nitro Powerbream Finesse has a tiny butt... Otherwise get one custom made. Howler Custom rods used to make rods for We flick fishing that were excellent... had tiny butts that you enabled you to customise the weights of the butts so you can match it with a specific reel...
  5. connico

    Starting the Boat Journey

    I do prefer second hand boats as there are so many boats out there that need a home. In addition there is so much wastage right now that adding a new boat just doesn't seem right.
  6. connico

    Starting the Boat Journey

    The boat will be used for two things hopefully 1. Estuary fishing chasing bream and flathead 2. Fishing headlands and within bays and inlets. I am leaning towards a 4.3 / 4.5 with a front or centre console on a braked trailer. Might have to try a few boats out I guess. Anyone know a place that rents boats on trailers for a week?
  7. connico

    Starting the Boat Journey

    ahaha Ok ill come by Saturday with the kids if you don't mind lol. 4.3 Brooker... was looking at one of these used with a front console! Can't believe its only 600kg? wow Outback can tow 750kg unbraked so it only gets better and better..
  8. connico

    Starting the Boat Journey

    Thanks frank, I'll make an appointment with you over the weekend if you don't mind. I always plan to get a trailer with brakes for the boat though?
  9. connico

    Starting the Boat Journey

    My Outback (2.5i) is 1500kg braked... wow a Quintrex 5m is about 1200kg? Thats light? Does it have a console?
  10. connico

    Starting the Boat Journey

    OK Guys, I'm starting the boat journey and my first question is about the towing! I am looking at boats between 3.8m-4.5m to fit three blokes comfortably. The family currently has an 2017 outback with a towing capacity of 2,700 lbs. Does anyone have an 2017 outback that they use to tow and what kind of boats do you guys have? Looking for examples so I know what I'm looking for. And yes i've looked at websites that show me how to calculate the maximum towing capacity of my car but that does not mean much when I don't really know how much a boat and trailer typically weights.
  11. connico

    swag rules

    I would have filed a complaint...
  12. connico

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    Fish looks like a big grinner. Police have fined a few around me as well on Cape Banks. Heard about the poor bloke that drowned just recently, really feel sorry for the wife she was there with him. Anyways the fish your holding is a Pig, aka a drummer, ask a rock black fish. It is not a luderick. Nice catch to its fantastic eating! Tight lights
  13. connico

    Easy FG knot video

    I NB, I use it for all my leader knots since its so easy to do. My set ups for my next big trip is 4lb braid to 6/8lb fluro 8lb braid to 10/15lb fluro 10lb braid to 15/ 20lb fluro 20lb braid to 20/30/50lb mono 50lb braid to 50/80/120lb mono I havn't used a uni to uni, albright, alberto, improved alberto, bimini twist since a charger boat dude showed me this on the water.
  14. connico

    Easy FG knot video

    Already do it this way.. been doing this way for years lol
  15. The eyes being pronounced is most likely because the fish has just been pulled from 110m of water.