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  1. connico

    Air Fry Occy

    If you what the chargrill effect on an occy but dont want to get a BBQ then just get a cast iron grillit, you get plenty of char if you use high enough heat
  2. connico

    Air Fry Occy

    Air fry is just a convection oven... With Greek style you get burnt and smoked bits of occy... so you won't achieve this with an "Air Fryer".... The best results is coal cooked Greek Style Occy...
  3. connico

    wybung head

    The path starting at B is the right way to go. It is sketchy but its doable. Alternatively you can walk from the frazer campgrounds Please note that the place just like snapper point has a poor reputation as has taken many lives
  4. Firstly if you don't want smelly baits just use Endeavour or Banana prawns... Prawns will catch fish from the beach no issues. Secondly Rod - Wilson is a quality and durable rod, but that rod may be big heavy over time so it will depend on how long you plan to fish from the beach on a session. My recommend rod a travel 3 piece rod thats 2-4kg if you are just surf fishing gutters. Something like a Shimano Raider Travel Spinning Rod 2-4 / 5-8kg 3 piece would be a good guideline. The heavier rod would enable you take larger fish if you wanted too... Reel - I love the Sphereos and its bigger brother the Saragosa. But a 5k off the beach is a bit excessive. Also the reel is a heavy reel for standing on the beach hours on end. Understand why you went that way since you want to use mono which doesn't fit much on a smaller reel (2-3k). Two things to consider 1. If you want to go mono i would recommend go the new lighter Alveys 2. If you don't mind switching to braid. Go a 4k Ultegra Shimano or a 3k Caldia Daiwa. Both reels a much lighter but have respectable capacity for braid Lures - Lures are built to capture the fisho... So don't get to fancy on them unless you are a gear junkie... I would recommend a Halco Twisty to start, a Daiwa double clutch diver for inlet beaches for flathead (it's a light lure so recommend for a 2-4 rod), Gilles surf popper, Rapala X-Rap XR8 etc... Get a shoulder bag a small tackle box and go have some fun mate!
  5. Places to avoid eating apparently... 1. West of the Harbour Bridge 2. Cooks River 3. Upper reaches of the Georges River I don't know personally, fish migrate a fair bit... I still avoid eating fish from the above places but sometimes i wonder lol
  6. Find the below and just use pliers
  7. I use zman mostly but use a scent like sfactor or saxs I used to use a lot of gulps but keeping them useful was hard. Even tried putting them in sealed containers cos the ziplocks wear and they destroyed the plastic containers i used...
  8. Aging fish is a thing Basically no, immediate death. The fish relaxes and stops all motion.
  9. Inox / Lanox will disperse grease... so if it goes get into your reel, the grease will disppear and ruin your reel... Example from Daiwa
  10. Both Dee Why Pool and Avalon Beach Rock pool has weed. Suggest Dee Why as you don't have to go into the pool to get it as its located just outside the drain
  11. Drummer can be taken off the rocks inside the harbour... got to find them. If you are fishing with weed, well your size 8-10 is ideal because of the bait. Large drummer will tend to render these hooks useless if they put up a good fight. Anyways I've used size 4-1/0 with bread and have caught both drummer and as a by catch luderick check this guy out, his using 1/0s and landing luderick
  12. As said previous... Wet suits do NOT work unless wet... Would be better to get synthetic thermals / active wear which wick very quickly for both bottom and top... My light weight fishing wear is as below - Icebreaker thermals top and bottom - base layer - fishing top - mid layer - Montbell ultra light synthetic down jacket - Water and wind proof hiking pants - Rain jacket for those extra wet days BTW i tried neoprene surf wear in 3mm, it was way to restrictive and i couldnt scramble over rocks and boulders...
  13. Where do you get this berley cage from?
  14. I've caught king fish on prawns and pillies