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  1. Find the below and just use pliers
  2. I use zman mostly but use a scent like sfactor or saxs I used to use a lot of gulps but keeping them useful was hard. Even tried putting them in sealed containers cos the ziplocks wear and they destroyed the plastic containers i used...
  3. Aging fish is a thing Basically no, immediate death. The fish relaxes and stops all motion.
  4. Inox / Lanox will disperse grease... so if it goes get into your reel, the grease will disppear and ruin your reel... Example from Daiwa
  5. Both Dee Why Pool and Avalon Beach Rock pool has weed. Suggest Dee Why as you don't have to go into the pool to get it as its located just outside the drain
  6. Drummer can be taken off the rocks inside the harbour... got to find them. If you are fishing with weed, well your size 8-10 is ideal because of the bait. Large drummer will tend to render these hooks useless if they put up a good fight. Anyways I've used size 4-1/0 with bread and have caught both drummer and as a by catch luderick check this guy out, his using 1/0s and landing luderick
  7. As said previous... Wet suits do NOT work unless wet... Would be better to get synthetic thermals / active wear which wick very quickly for both bottom and top... My light weight fishing wear is as below - Icebreaker thermals top and bottom - base layer - fishing top - mid layer - Montbell ultra light synthetic down jacket - Water and wind proof hiking pants - Rain jacket for those extra wet days BTW i tried neoprene surf wear in 3mm, it was way to restrictive and i couldnt scramble over rocks and boulders...
  8. Where do you get this berley cage from?
  9. I've caught king fish on prawns and pillies
  10. Great smoked and great as sashimi... Anyone that say's otherwise hasn't eaten it or doesn't know how to handle fish and is just spewing "age old" rhetoric. One of the most sustainable fishes to eat as well. As an example for what proper preparation can do to a fish, look at blue fin tuna. For a time it was considered cat food...
  11. Using Octopus J hooks - just like a J hook and can be set but also works like a circle as well. Best of both worlds with a big range of sizes Also using Octopus Circle. Should be used snelled with the line feed from the front (hook side) very effective on everything. I've caught luderick, drummer, snapper, jews, kingfish etc on circles on bait. Don't try to set this hook as you'll just end up pulling the fish out. Use caution when using this hook around rocks and reefs as the fish will have some time to drive into shelter... Usually use this hook with light drag or open bail
  12. All those models you've listed will do fine. If you want something a bit tougher then get a Gary Howard or if you can track one down the Alvey glas rod in mid mount. A 3000 BG would suit the style of fishing better mate. Other things you should get for beach fishing is a shoulder bag, a small tackle box and SS pliers! If you need someone to fish with send me a PM and well sort something out.