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  1. connico

    Thoughts on a new rig (underutilised?)

    Where do you get this berley cage from?
  2. connico

    Nelson Breakwall Again

    I've caught king fish on prawns and pillies
  3. connico


    thanks so much!
  4. connico

    Which edge when spooling a reel?

    All the way to the black!
  5. connico

    Do Bonito cook up any good?

    Great smoked and great as sashimi... Anyone that say's otherwise hasn't eaten it or doesn't know how to handle fish and is just spewing "age old" rhetoric. One of the most sustainable fishes to eat as well. As an example for what proper preparation can do to a fish, look at blue fin tuna. For a time it was considered cat food...
  6. connico

    Circle hook or J hooks

    Using Octopus J hooks - just like a J hook and can be set but also works like a circle as well. Best of both worlds with a big range of sizes Also using Octopus Circle. Should be used snelled with the line feed from the front (hook side) very effective on everything. I've caught luderick, drummer, snapper, jews, kingfish etc on circles on bait. Don't try to set this hook as you'll just end up pulling the fish out. Use caution when using this hook around rocks and reefs as the fish will have some time to drive into shelter... Usually use this hook with light drag or open bail
  7. connico

    Beginner setup help

    All those models you've listed will do fine. If you want something a bit tougher then get a Gary Howard or if you can track one down the Alvey glas rod in mid mount. A 3000 BG would suit the style of fishing better mate. Other things you should get for beach fishing is a shoulder bag, a small tackle box and SS pliers! If you need someone to fish with send me a PM and well sort something out.
  8. connico

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

  9. connico

    Waterproof Phone Case

    Get a phone dry bag. Don't buy a waterproof case for your particular phone.
  10. connico

    Shimano Stradic 4000 corrosion

    Saragosa is one of the best sealed reels on the market at that price point. The only other to compete is the Slammer 3. The stradic on the other hand is not sealed to the same extent. You cannot treat the reels the same unfortunately. The question what do you do after your finish using the reel?
  11. connico

    Beginner setup help

    6-15kg is a little heavy for a bit of beach fishing mate. I'd aim for a 4-6kg rod 10'6" would be suitable. Rapala The Gutter would work 4500 would be a better size in the BG series for beach and rock
  12. connico

    What's the go this time of year?

    Mullet are coming through so the pelagic's are running around... tuna getting pulled from the near reefs as well as from shore . Fads are still firing well but may be removed soon. Drummer fishing is starting up if you like fishing of the stones and as we all know, May is the time of the mulloway...
  13. connico

    New setup, advice needed!

    If you're distance casting in the surf, then Braid is recommended. If you're fishing in close or medium distances then mono is fine. Mono would be easier to manage for novice as you wont need to worry about joining leaders etc. The Thunnus 14000 is rated to carry 10kg / 240m of mono, i don't know what thickness that is but 240m of mono is more than enough if you're not distance casting. I would suggest a cheaper supple mono for a novice. Look at Sunline, Suffix and Platypus as well as the lines you've suggested. BTW not to stomp on your choices, but that setup is less then ideal for a novice, if you can swap the reel for a 6000 sized one I would do so. 14000k is excessive for beach fishing unless your fishing for sharks, rays etc..
  14. connico

    New setup, advice needed!

    What will you use the setup for?
  15. connico

    Whats your favourite fishing memory

    Father and Son fishing. Favourite so far!