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  1. connico

    Fish heads and guts for burley

    Once sharks turn up, I've just moved spots. I've fished spots consecutivily without an issue though
  2. connico

    Back up bait

    Bread is also good if you're just after bread and butter species...
  3. connico

    Back up bait

    Go to the asian grocer and get cheap cured / dried squid. Its good as emergency bait. You can make your own with salt if you want....
  4. The teeth of the drive hear has a coating. You might be able to remove it. Otherwise you'll need a new one and that can be supplied by Shimano directly.
  5. connico

    Who will ship to U.S. - Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Try japanese sites such as Yahoo and Rukuten these will ship internationally. If you're in a real pickle one of us might volunteer to ship one over insured but you most likely suffer the shipping charges which could range from $50-100. Don't G.loomis and Nitro make a great popping rod?
  6. connico

    Blackfish Weed & Cabbage Weed

    Monavale Pool and the surrounds has weed right now mate. Its a pretty reliable spot if you're in the area. You can fish off the rocks surrounding the pool as well
  7. connico

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    Fantastic place for squid. I've caught them during midday from there
  8. connico

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    Was this just up from the cafe?
  9. connico

    Fish heads and guts for burley

    I use prawn pellets, fish / tuna oil, bread and sand. When heads and frames get minced with the burley they also get frozen as well unless using fresh. So the blood is definitely frozen into the mix. That's most likely the reason?
  10. connico

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    I reckon that's a great idea. But instead, have it a park or reserve so we can all wet a line ahahaha
  11. connico

    Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    I have the old demon blood, its a great rod but i retired it for the Nitro Rockstar! Wonder how the new one goes lol
  12. connico

    The trip away... a summary (part two)

    Awesome read!! Luderick fishing is similar to coarse fishing for carp right?? I've fished for both and whilst the equipment is the same the rigs a little different
  13. connico

    Botany bay with BigNeil

    Yeah mate, I'd love a fishing buddy that's close. It gets lonely on the rocks, beach and hinterlands at times. Whilst I love the serenity its always better to share it with friends. Its also way easier to bring in large fish 😂 The amount of time I've hooked a massive grouper, tuna, kingfish and couldn't land it because I didn't have a helping hand is frustrating. And since I'm risk adverse and prefer to let the creature go rather then prolonging its pain or taking unnecessary risk to land it. I've had to cut a fare few lines lol
  14. connico

    Fish heads and guts for burley

    Only when I used whole heads and the frames.... When I mince everything up and combine with the burley for some reason I don't get sharks at all. I've got a couple of videos of the sharks trying to take my burley bag filled with frames of dolphin / salmon heads and frames. Its a good way to lose bags lol
  15. connico

    Botany bay with BigNeil

    Lol I was fishing from shore at Yarra Bay with no result. I had moved there from Cape Banks since it was way to windy and swell was to high to fish for Luderick.... The considers where less then ideal for fishing on Saturday and Sunday...