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  1. connico

    outboard motor that hasn't been run for years?

    The seals if not replaced would be the biggest issue...
  2. connico

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    On light gear they are fantastic fish to catch. We always cull the ones we catch and bury them...
  3. connico

    Sunday 7/10

    Method one - Slow roll tip high so you can feel the vibration Method two - twitch and stop retrieve, tip of rod going low to high. Every time you twitch you retrieve. Then you stop and let it sink. Repeat till it gets back to you boat.
  4. connico

    Sunday 7/10

    Bream and blades seem to work well. I set mine up with double hooks facing up and I've not lost a lure to snags since... I've lost them to fish fighting dirty and to shit casting (into trees and reeds)
  5. connico

    Hawkesbury Kingfish

    Every time I've been out there with mates with a boat, we've had to find bait balls. Trolling squid lures whilst we find the bait balls usually produced the results
  6. connico

    Middle head rock spot

    Hi, there did you finally find a way down here? If not please find the below link to a face book post about it
  7. connico

    Which 24 KG Line

    Been using Tasline or WFT line... get the spools in bulk to save... Expect you'll be trolling with that kind of setup?
  8. connico

    Snapper teases

    Damn the quest for snapper really doing your head in... Maybe its time to use bait till you're sorted yourself out? I've used strips of salmon like the kiwi's across the pond and it used to work wonders. Kept the jackets from the snipping the lines and hooks off...
  9. connico


    Definitely still on mate! I'll be there, send me a message or call me if you don't have a buddy
  10. connico

    Trout near train station?

    Cox river is where i usually go. Get to station near by and take a mountain bike to make your trip easier
  11. Couple points to add... 1. Humans recreational activities and pets are higher on the threat list than rec fishing... 2. The predominate issue or threat of fish species in and around Sydney harbour is habitat. Habitat pressure is from pollution and development. These "conservationist" and i use the term lightly are not tackling the real issues...
  12. connico

    Daiwa / Shimano service experience

    I get my reels service once a season with Daiwa and Shimano. Daiwa servicing can take time depending on when you service the reel. I do mine in winter and it seems to be much faster than summer. Normally ship it to them and expect a 2 week turn around. Saltiga servicing was 50 + parts. Ending up being $180 with new bearings after 24 months hard use. Shimano servicing takes 7 days generally depending if they get busy. Shimano servicing tends to be cheaper. Stella servicing is 50 plus parks. Both times its been service no additional parts
  13. connico


    You using the same rig and bait? I find that most guys that lose their baits when fishing drummer off the rocks are doing three things 1. Not fishing deep enough if using a float 2. Not fishing heavy enough. As the baits drifts down the water column, the longer it takes to get down to the strike zone the more likely the bait will not make it intact. 3. Bait size. Larger baits catch larger fish... Larger baits bring all sorts of fish. Small fish will peck at it and it gives the bait time for a bigger fish to come have a nip
  14. connico

    Hawkesbury Bioregion Marine Park

    The blue special purpose zones are fish able.
  15. connico

    Swim bait flathead

    The two biggest things to learn when chasing flathead; 1. Always move, flathead don't generally cruise around and look for food. They sit and ambush in opportunistic locations so you have to "scan" the area by wide casting patterns 2. Make sure the lure you are using is swimming right and has the right action and is not running foaled or looks unnatural in the water.