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  1. blindmullet

    The Entrance Fishing

    Ive given up on blackfish for now too. Just after anzac day it was buzerk but its like someone flicked the switch and their off now.
  2. blindmullet


    Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards? He was just going through a stage.
  3. blindmullet

    Solo mission

    Nice report mate, where abouts were you? Great to see some future monsters getting around
  4. blindmullet


    I've been super lucky with my boat, a double blow up mattress fits on the floor between the sides perfectly. Its almost 'glamping' I couldn't believe it.
  5. blindmullet


    Thats pretty much what I've been doing and it works well just looking at something a bit purpose built. There's been a lot of floating tent style pics getting around and they get me thinking.
  6. blindmullet


    Chucking the Bimini is definitely on the cards, even considering a hard top with roll up canvas sides/back, clears around the front and half way down the sides. Might even make the top fold over onto itself to open up more deck space when needed. All good ideas, just need to decide and budget.
  7. blindmullet


    Hi All, I bought my boat nearly 3 years ago and ive been thinking of adding some storm or more like camper covers. The pic is my idea but if any of you have done this before or have a better idea i would love to hear it. Also if you know of anyone who does this sort of work im looking for recommendations.
  8. blindmullet

    Few bass

    really nice bass there mate well done
  9. blindmullet


    nice logic, really hard to pick that for a bad idea. especially on the rocks
  10. blindmullet


    Summerland Point?
  11. blindmullet

    Botany - Mixed Bag

    A feed and a half!! Nice one
  12. blindmullet

    Back up bait for blackfish

    You can preserve string/hair weed for about 4 weeks. Lightly wring out the weed then spread evenly on newspaper and cover then pat it down very gently just so the newspaper is touching the weed top and bottom. I leave it overnight then put it in a ice cream container without any newspaper. Usually lasts about 4 weeks but longer wouldnt surprise me
  13. blindmullet

    Blue ring

    I saw one at woy woy boat ramp maybe 2 years ago. Didnt think it was a blue ring, but now i know lol
  14. blindmullet

    Long weekend at Forster

    101 Jewy is a fish of a lifetime. Congratulations
  15. blindmullet

    Blackfish on the chew

    Send em up to me lol