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  1. I had the same problem. Not any more https://www.outbackequipment.com.au/ark-xo-extreme-off-road-coupling-3.5-tonne
  2. Fillet and release lololollol
  3. not a bad idea might take a while though
  4. Photos of the cars number plates parked in the space is enough for council to send a fine. Most of the time thats all the Rangers do, they take photos get back to the office and write out the fines. Best of luck
  5. Did the Ludderick take a nipper?
  6. Should be a little wing nut to stop it turning. Could be on the smaller tillers but might be worth a look. We used to call it autopilot nut
  7. Aah, part of the floor explains everything. Good idea for keeping bass live and 100L is impressively huge
  8. How come you need to pump out the live bait tank? Most have a hose at the top that just goes overboard. Is there an advantage im not seeing?
  9. I was down there sat night, was more packed than down town Beirut but did manage a feed. Gonna try Lake Mun tonight. Good Work
  10. U love crabs as much as the next guy, and im spewin bout lake mac please read https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-11/crabs-lake-macquarie-nsw-contaminated-with-cadmium/10887750?pfmredir=sm&fbclid=IwAR3MHJG0Fz7w6LbTZNA6LzLez0Db9coyyUtbbz8NvTPiaC4DXke-stvytbc
  11. Ive been stuck in a rip in 8ft surf and i guarantee its not worth a feed.
  12. Hi All, A friends son was walking along tuggerah lake and found a guy with 6 of these. Anyone know what type of shark? sorry about the photos, they are screen shots from a text message Thank You
  13. I wouldnt mind trying to eat them, dunno about raw though Thanks for the advice, ill check around gwando
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