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  1. blindmullet


    Not many at my local, at least not when im there lol
  2. blindmullet

    A Real DOH moment

    I know the feeling well. That SUX
  3. blindmullet

    Trolling on kayak

    Nice, I would love to fish Portugal one day
  4. Does the 4 have side scan? The 9 does so the transducer from the 4 might not be side scanning
  5. blindmullet

    Fishing with alternative baits

    Ive seen a massive Brim taken on cold sausage
  6. blindmullet

    Baitrunner/Liveliner/Baitfeeder Options?

    the 8000 i got as a combo with the beast master rod 10-15kg. The 4000 i bought to go with a Crony rod 7ft 1 peice 8-10kg. these reels are designed to go with Powerpro braid line which is also one of my favorites.
  7. blindmullet

    Baitrunner/Liveliner/Baitfeeder Options?

    I call the Shimano Baitrunner the Hilux of reels. Unbreakable lol. I have the 8000 and 4000. Cant fault them
  8. blindmullet

    Hawkesbury Bioregion Marine Park

    What their talking about in tuggerah lake is just stupid. Close off the area between chittaway point up to tacoma with no plans to open the entrance channel. So the whole lake is basically a closed off swimming pool. Their plans will have no positive results in that area
  9. blindmullet

    My diy removable live bait tank

    mine is almost identical but without the speed control. I mounted the pump under the floor of my boat so i can use it for washdown and bait. great pumps, put a hose spray/jet thingy on and kids will never leave it alone lol
  10. blindmullet

    Your Scientific Fish Names

    Whiting - Delicious Maximus
  11. blindmullet

    Your Scientific Fish Names

    Black commerant (Shag) - Buggeris Birdius
  12. blindmullet

    Importing of Boats from USA

    Can be worth while but there has been some night mares. These guys seem to know what they are talking about
  13. blindmullet

    Pindari Dam fish killed

    thats no good hopefully something can be done
  14. blindmullet

    Big bag of Broken Bay Bluespots

    nice one, will have to head out there
  15. blindmullet

    2018 Boat Show

    thanks good to know. thursady it is