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  1. Thanks Guys, I will pass this on
  2. blindmullet

    Baby Shark

    Hi All, A friends son was walking along tuggerah lake and found a guy with 6 of these. Anyone know what type of shark? sorry about the photos, they are screen shots from a text message Thank You
  3. I wouldnt mind trying to eat them, dunno about raw though Thanks for the advice, ill check around gwando
  4. Hi All, I watched a fishing show on tele on the weekend they were catching Whiting using Razor Fish as bait. I know there are Razor Fish in Lake Macquarie, i have been lucky enough not to find one the hard way yet ie stepping on them, so im wondering where i might find them? Cheers
  5. blindmullet


    Im not from that area but you might struggle for poddys in the colder months
  6. Without changing the topic, a complete ban on all fishing in some areas and in some cases i would definitly support. If a ban were proposed for tuggerah, budgewoi and lake munmorah for 3 years it could only help. Not as sure about bans in the ocean, fish do swim around.
  7. If you start doing all-nighters in the boat, stay about 10m south of pullbar for the night with legal Taylor as live bait. Results in Jewies. Good Luck
  8. About 70ks out. South apparently
  9. Hi All, Went out Lake Mac Saturday night for a all nighter with a mate, was pretty slow when we got there, sun went down and the wind picked up (usually the other way around) so we moved for cover. Went south of pulbar and anchored for the night. Burley went out and the white bait come in, 5 squid, then Taylor, lots of Taylor. Caught one just legal and put him on the heavy rod. Not much happen after that for a few hours so we blew up the air mattress and had a sleep. Few hours later a reel screams and i jump up only to find its the Taylor waking up and running off, put him back where he was. An hour after that and the reel is screaming again, i grabbed it (still in sleeping bag) and knew it was not the taylor getting some exercise. 2 great big runs and some head shakes in between and this guy was on board. Went 92cm and guestimated 7.5 to 10 kg Pretty happy with my first Jewie
  10. For warranty, its best to stick to what the manufacturer recommends. If you tell them you did something they dont recommend, they will use that as an excuse to not honor the warranty.
  11. A bloke on a FB page claims to be getting them. But thats just anecdotal