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  1. blindmullet

    Whats your dream boat

    Arvour 850 weekender diesel. Been salivating over these for a while, saw one at the boat show, spectacular. Look em up
  2. blindmullet

    WHAT is this thing?

    Looks like a tentacle? But probably not
  3. blindmullet

    Boat ramp

    Trailer supplies shop could help. All the boat trailer stuff sounds like what you need
  4. blindmullet

    Mud crab sizes

    the measurement is across the carpace (eyes to bum). 8.5cm is a meal+
  5. blindmullet

    WTF? What type fish? (Striped Scat)

    Hi Everyone, Caught this on sunday s/e of pullbah island lake mac. Think its a type of scat???? Any ideas? Bout 33-34cm
  6. blindmullet

    Parramatta River sewage spill

    Your the first to mention the 'blindmullet' HAHAHA I thought it was funny when signing up
  7. blindmullet

    Parramatta River sewage spill

    Must have been the fishos, better lock them out. Sydney Water is doing way more damage to the water ways than every fisho combined ever. This time is just an example of what gets media coverage. Who knows what gets a Media Blackout
  8. blindmullet

    boat insurance

    Yeah, 2 bolts and a hitch and the trailer is yours. Better off taking the whole drawbar off.
  9. blindmullet


    Couldnt get near the boat last night, was floggin down rain but ill try describe it. I use a 4/0 snapper hook on the bottom, big sinker bout a foot from the hook fixed not running, dont want to spook them when pulling them in. I always use mullet for crab bait. Leave it on the bottom for a while then extremely slowly start pulling it in, If theres weight or the line moves sideways, Crab on. Get them to a depth where you can only just see them and very slowly net them. I was taught this when i was very young and never used a trap in my life. Hopefully when the rain stops i can get a video out on the water.
  10. blindmullet


    Ill get a pic of my rig tonight, have to post it tomorrow (computers at work)
  11. blindmullet


    Handline is the way to go. Traps take forever, get stolen, lost, use fuel etc. Bycatch is usually a big flatty which i dont really like to call 'bycatch'. Handlines are far more productive where i fish
  12. blindmullet


    Not many at my local, at least not when im there lol
  13. blindmullet

    A Real DOH moment

    I know the feeling well. That SUX
  14. blindmullet

    Trolling on kayak

    Nice, I would love to fish Portugal one day
  15. Does the 4 have side scan? The 9 does so the transducer from the 4 might not be side scanning