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  1. Time22

    Shimano Tld 25

    Thanks Kingfishbig I'll give 15kg line a go. I hope the frame and components are strong enough too .Time will tell lol.
  2. Time22

    Shimano Tld 25

    I'll try 15kg 600m sounds like plenty of line. I'm not fishing under ansa/igfa rules and I can go a stronger leader if needed Thanks again Berleyguts
  3. Time22

    Shimano Tld 25

    It says 30lbs/600yards,40lbs/450yards
  4. Time22

    Shimano Tld 25

    About 350m
  5. Time22

    Shimano Tld 25

    Thanks xerotao and Berleyguts I'll give 10kg a go ?
  6. Time22

    Shimano Tld 25

    I just brought a Shimano Tld 25 to be used mainly for live baiting off the rocks and occasional bottom bashing just after some advice on whether to use braid or mono to spool it and what size line to use. Thanks Tim
  7. Time22

    Winter squid

    I have been finding early morning or late afternoon when there is little to no moon and middle of the day around the full moon. That's on the central coast landbased off the rocks
  8. Time22

    Full moon

    I have been getting them in the middle of the day at the moment around the central coast rock platforms.