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  1. Thank you Mrsswordfisherman Thanks Rah, hoping to get out here at Airlie in between sightseeing and the kids swimming.
  2. Time22

    Bushfire Song

    Bloody great song and video Baz. Up there with some of the great music from Midnight Oil and Paul Kelly.
  3. Lucky Fil replace the trebles with single hooks. Brisbane Waters is terrible for weed.
  4. Nice catch Scratchie, Port Stephens might want to put a Closed Scratchie season on you. ๐Ÿ˜Just to help others catch some.
  5. Thanks Big Neil, my daughter's catch was a highlight 8lb braid 10 pound leader with a small zman grub.
  6. Cheers Quintrex, first ever Barra for me and my daughter so absolutely stoked.
  7. Thanks Blackfish Was wearing the new shirt for luck.
  8. We are on a road trip from the Central Coast to Airlie Beach. First stop was near the Gold Coast (2nights) for the missus and 3 daughters to shop. Second stop 4 nights at Hervey Bay I fished the Pier at Urungan a couple of morning and afternoons. Could see a few Mackeral and Queenfish but none would take livies or lures didn't see a fish caught the whole time there. Tried around the Marina same story. Third stop Yeppoon for 4 nights only fished twice the marina and causeway still no fish on bait, livies or lures. 4th stop Mackay Big4 for 3 nights they have there own fresh water dam. 1st afternoon here lost 3 lures and lost 2 fish. Next morning only hooked up and landed 3 Tarpon. Lost 2 fish in the afternoon. Up at 5:30 this morning finally got my first Barra at about 6am. Fifteen minutes later my daughter turns up for a go after 5 casts gets one herself( first time she had cast a line the whole trip)
  9. I thought that myself was a shame I didn't get some for last weekend. At least I got a King on pilchard. Squid for Kings are overrated anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Thanks Pickles All human food this time. It's been a while since I've had some salt and pepper squid plus the missus and kids are not impressed when I use them for bait. Maybe next time a live king bait. Tim
  11. Thanks Rebel Was surprisingly a tough morning they were a bit hesitant on the bite.
  12. Thanks Dieter I was on the rocks at 5:30am got the last one (the big one) at about 7:30am then they shutdown i was home by 8. I had a lot of hits and dropped about 5 or 6 they weren't hitting the jigs as aggressively as normally they would. Tim
  13. Big one had a 32cm hood. Usually when I get them they are around the same size. So very surprised to get the big one.
  14. Got these 5 this morning off the rocks on the Central Coast. 4 small ones on Ec Jigs 2.5 Orange Candy jig and the big one took the 3.0 Golden Retriever on the first drop.
  15. Tascott creek or along the path way west Gosford side of Fagans Park or the creek near the park west Gosford end of the pathway.