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  1. I was looking to catch anything i could get. I would like to target them around the Sydney harbour from land
  2. Hey guys, could someone point me and my mate in the right direction for what gear to use for kings. What size real and what rod to match. We got no idea. Cheers
  3. Bilo

    First King

    I would be land based. Would be keen to get started soon. Although I don't want to break the bank with gear, and I would like stuff that isn't too heavy, but not too light when we talking Weight range
  4. Bilo

    First King

    Hey mate, located on the east coast of Sydney Cheers
  5. Bilo

    First King

    Hey guys, still pretty new to this sport - and me and my mate have one goal... WE WANT A KINGY I was just wondering if some of you fellas could help us make sure we have the right gear and point us in some good land based spots... any replied will be helpful Thanks bilo 😊
  6. Bilo


    thank you, will give this all a shot, thanks guys.
  7. Bilo


    Hi guys, I was just wondering what bait i should be using when im going for bream and flattys in the habour, particularly around watsons bay, parsley bay, rose bay and surrounding areas. Thank you
  8. Bilo

    Fishing rods

    yeah im looking for something to use primarily on the rocks and jettys, i dont have a boat
  9. Bilo

    Fishing rods

    I am planning on buying a Diawa BG 4000, and I was wondering what rod I should match up with the BG. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  10. Legend. If i get anything, ill be sure to show pics. fingers crossed
  11. Looks like you've got a plan . let me know how that goes and also what spots you visit. my wrigglers just arrived today, gonna go down to the rosebay flats hopefully soon (ive been studying) and give them a toss.
  12. just to make sure, is that near the boat hire? and also how far would i have to walk out you reckon?
  13. Could anyone give me some good spots to catch flathead near Watons Bay, Rose Bay, Vaucluse or anywhere around here? just got my soft plastics and keen to use them.
  14. cheers man, waiting for my plastics and jigheads to come in the mail... the nearest a shop was miles away.
  15. Cheers, i got some Squidgies Wriggler Soft Plastic. Gonna give that a shout around Hermit Bay just up from rose bay sydney, might also give it ago down in watsons bay.