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  1. teambaitcatcher

    Sydney kingfish.

    The crew managed to get amongst the kingfish. With approximately 50 fish landed within a 3 hour session. Enjoy the footage!
  2. teambaitcatcher

    Tuna fishing Sydney

    Thank you ? Was definitely worth it. Even better to enjoy a great meal with great people
  3. teambaitcatcher

    Tuna fishing Sydney

    Thanks mate! Plenty of fun along with smiles. Thank you! Thanks! Haha when the adrenaline is usually still high at that stage. The problem arises when you need to get the fish out of the boat onto land haha
  4. teambaitcatcher

    Tuna fishing Sydney

    Thank you! Very unpredictable fish. Thank you!
  5. teambaitcatcher

    Tuna fishing Sydney

    Teambaitcatcher had an excellent opportunity to push out wide to chase some fin off Sydney which was made possible due to 1st mate mobile marine. We contacted our great friend Dean, a charter operator to give us an idea and location as to where to look. After countless hours of trolling in not so ideal conditions we managed to find a patch of fin went 10-10-10 only keeping 3 fish for a feed (3 people onboard) Most fish were caught on a jigs and the biggest going 61kg Pm us for the name of the charter operator (site rules)
  6. teambaitcatcher

    Deep dropping with Team Bait Catcher

    thanks for a great day out Stewie