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  1. kanTec

    Windang, advise needed for a newbie

    Thanks Kingie Chaser & Lungfai, I got the gear now and just waiting for the perfect weened ! Cheers
  2. kanTec

    Windang, advise needed for a newbie

    Many thanks Kiwicraig and Green Hornet! The only reason I gave up on them is the smell that won't leave my clothes and stuff ?. I read about how to avoid the smell, I tried a couple of solution, but they partially work only. I guess I have enough information now to get me started !
  3. Hi, As you can see I'm new in here and new to fishing ?, patience appreciated. I started touching the water end of last summer with a couple of trips in Botany Bay. My next trip will be to Windang once weather permits. I needed some advise, more like a beginners recipe for I'll be fishing on the beach. I have two rods, 12 ft and 8 ft, both have spinning reels for casting. I don't know what am I targeting, but whiting, AS, FH, JF would be nice :) 1-What rig to use? 2-I don't want to use live bait or pilchards, I want to use lures and/or squid. What is the single lure I should get? Thanks !
  4. kanTec

    winter fishing

    Thanks Connico, I'll keep this tip in mind next time I go fishing. Cheers
  5. kanTec

    winter fishing

    Hello, I'm new to fishing around Sydney, caught a couple so far, one being flathead What is the best time for fishing around estuaries, banks , or structure?