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  1. At this price range I better inspect it . Indeed I wanted both cruising and fishing, so after inspecting several boats, I decided a bowrider is the way to go. Yes, the seller did confirm that it's rusty, and the price is negotiable, I didn't negotiate yet, so hopefully we can reach a good deal Spot-on Jeffb5.8, the good thing about boats is that they don't depreciate like cars. I checked with a dealer, and a brand new Stacer bowrider 5.1sh meter with 115 HP Yammy is about $45K, and a comparable size boat 16 years old is 50% the price ! compare to cars that loses 50% in few years, 16 years... 90% ! I'll have a read, thanks I agree GoingFishing, only truth proves true, I'm not in a hurry to buy and any seller will get to realize that there is a cap to the price he/she can ask for as the market will reject higher prices. Usually I would keep a good contact with the seller and most sellers are willing to honestly tell what's the max offer they were given. Happy to top that up a bit and close a deal with a reasonable price. Let's see how this goes ... Cheers gents for your your advise !
  2. Appears to thread is still alive. Thanks Donna. I'm considering this boat: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3026589437429302/ Any thoughts fellas ? Cheers!
  3. Yes got good answers and the 2s vs 4s argument was definitely beneficial. Lots to learn. Please feel free to close the thread Thanks to all who shared their knowledge
  4. Though I'm inexperienced in boating, probably I'll give my view from a neutral position. My friend trades boats, he told me the market prefer modern 4 strokes. The two stroke a boat owner have might be a great one and served flawlessly for many years, but the market prefers the 4 stroke. Eventually I'll need to sell, and the market is the judge how will it sell.
  5. Honestly I was always tending towards 4 stroke and needed a small push to avoid 2 stroke, and smoke is definitely a no-go even if the chance are like 10%, still no point in going down that path, plus I prefer to change oil rather than mix it with fuel. The only reason I considered two stroke was that most boat within my budget are so. I'll basically have to be more patient and wait a bit, something will eventually pop up. Good point to consider. I prefer a Bowrider as I'm trying to satisfy all the missus preferences to lure her into the boat otherwise trips will be restricted πŸ˜…, and having two small kids, they will love the bow . I'm assuming a runabout around 5m will do too. It'll be used for fishing, family sports, day out on the river, and probably going to a FAD on a calm day with a mate after I build confidence.
  6. Thanks JonD... very insightful. The smoke remark kills the deal to be honest, my wife can't take any smoke and this will make it very difficult for us to use the boat. I see I need to do more homework before proceeding. Are all two-stroke engines smelly?
  7. It's done 140 on the clock, the guy mixed hours with HP. He did mention his friend worked in this domain and did the whole interior, the sun affected it. I'll check the Google search and see how I go
  8. Good point Madwave. Here is the link: Quintrex 475 Freedom, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/greenacre/motorboats-powerboats/quintrex-475-freedom/1252098275?utm_source=copylink&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky Price: $18,300 I need to find someone to inspect it as I mentioned I'm ignorant when it comes to boats.
  9. Greeting raiders... At last I settled on a bowrider Aluminium boat... I need to inspect it now and I know nothing about boats πŸ˜…. Advise needed. Who can I contact to inspect the boat around Fairfield? The seller will tow the boat to a close boat ramp, could be George river. Any recommendations? And how much should I expect to pay? Thanks heaps
  10. Good point, I'll call gauge their tolerance for this
  11. Thanks Noelm, I tried to find boats parked on street in my area, but found none. I guess the driver would be to avoid theft rather than street parking. Cheers !
  12. Hi, Probably this has been raised previously, couldn't find a topic to read. Can I keep a small boat (4-5M) on the street? I know some councils doesn't like it to stay more than 3 weeks in the same spot. Where do most people keep their boats? Thanks !
  13. Thanks Shakey55, happy you are recommend based on your experience. They seem to tick all the boxes for me. I'll keep looking, hoping to find something good by July. Can you kindly list a couple that I can specifically look for ? Thanks heaps
  14. Thanks wrxhoon1 and Kingie chaser for the info, this will help me and hopefully other newbies. Is there a boat like the boat's Toyota ? durable, easy to maintain, and cost effective ? and hopefully good looking too πŸ˜… As mentioned above, I am planning to use offshore for fishing, and water sports would be an advantage too! I'm hoping for something under 10k with engine over 40hp and can seat 5 adults.
  15. Interested to know if it's the case. Mainly fishing Offshore , and occasionally in Botany bay. Haven't considered watersports, kids are still young, but it would be added value if the boats supports this too