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  1. Good point, I'll call gauge their tolerance for this
  2. Thanks Noelm, I tried to find boats parked on street in my area, but found none. I guess the driver would be to avoid theft rather than street parking. Cheers !
  3. Hi, Probably this has been raised previously, couldn't find a topic to read. Can I keep a small boat (4-5M) on the street? I know some councils doesn't like it to stay more than 3 weeks in the same spot. Where do most people keep their boats? Thanks !
  4. Thanks Shakey55, happy you are recommend based on your experience. They seem to tick all the boxes for me. I'll keep looking, hoping to find something good by July. Can you kindly list a couple that I can specifically look for ? Thanks heaps
  5. Thanks wrxhoon1 and Kingie chaser for the info, this will help me and hopefully other newbies. Is there a boat like the boat's Toyota ? durable, easy to maintain, and cost effective ? and hopefully good looking too πŸ˜… As mentioned above, I am planning to use offshore for fishing, and water sports would be an advantage too! I'm hoping for something under 10k with engine over 40hp and can seat 5 adults.
  6. Interested to know if it's the case. Mainly fishing Offshore , and occasionally in Botany bay. Haven't considered watersports, kids are still young, but it would be added value if the boats supports this too
  7. Missed out 😁. I won't rush into buying a boat just because of my ignorance in this domain. There are couple of similar boats on gumtree. It indeed does, among the least economic cars. I like it though. Thanks Frank for the solid advise. I'll keep an eye on the market and hopefully find something suitable. Cheers
  8. I thought this would be the case. I'm not in hurry to purchase something immediately, so I'll take my time to get it right hopefully. I have Ford Territory which should be able to tow a boat. Sounds like the right thing in my case as I have no idea on what to inspect. Thanks FrankS for your kind offer to have a look. If I decided to inspect it I'll let you know. The best thing about this boat it it's looks! it's the only one so far my wife approved πŸ˜† I had one question about the number of hours on boat, is it a major problem that the owner doesn't have a clue about it ?
  9. Greeting raiders... I am looking for a first boat, zero experience other than what I read online and a couple of trips with mates... Came across this one: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/greenacre/motorboats-powerboats/seafarer-runabout-fiberglass-cabined-boat/1247363890?utm_source=copylink&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky I have three young kids and my better half and I trust well use it twice a month on average mainly for fishing. Should I go for it? Is price appropriate? Owner not sure about number of hours on engine. Thanks.. Link updated
  10. Thanks Kingie Chaser & Lungfai, I got the gear now and just waiting for the perfect weened ! Cheers
  11. Many thanks Kiwicraig and Green Hornet! The only reason I gave up on them is the smell that won't leave my clothes and stuff ?. I read about how to avoid the smell, I tried a couple of solution, but they partially work only. I guess I have enough information now to get me started !
  12. Hi, As you can see I'm new in here and new to fishing ?, patience appreciated. I started touching the water end of last summer with a couple of trips in Botany Bay. My next trip will be to Windang once weather permits. I needed some advise, more like a beginners recipe for I'll be fishing on the beach. I have two rods, 12 ft and 8 ft, both have spinning reels for casting. I don't know what am I targeting, but whiting, AS, FH, JF would be nice :) 1-What rig to use? 2-I don't want to use live bait or pilchards, I want to use lures and/or squid. What is the single lure I should get? Thanks !
  13. Thanks Connico, I'll keep this tip in mind next time I go fishing. Cheers
  14. Hello, I'm new to fishing around Sydney, caught a couple so far, one being flathead What is the best time for fishing around estuaries, banks , or structure?