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  1. I am considering adding an electric motor to my Quintrex Coastrunner 455. One installer is suggesting a lithium battery at $900 - brand unknown. I have found some a lot cheaper on ebay - $450 or so. Chinese made but three year warranty. Also found an Australian made brand (Giant) at $579 with 5 year warranty. Just wondering if anyone has experience with lithium batteries and can share it with me.
  2. Great stuff. Inside the harbour or close in outside. It is a long drive for me so any bit of assistance helps a lot to make the trip just that bit better!!
  3. Been a while since my last post. A mate and I had our first lizard bash of the new "season" in Botany Bay this morning. It was pretty slow going but the quality of the fish caught was good. I started with,a 70 cm model, then we both caught undersized ones. Some time later I landed a 73 cm one. We then landed a 50 cm one each to take home for dinner. The big girls were released. While we fished we had crab traps out but only one male and a berried female (released of course) found their way in.. Sorry, but no pictures available. Hope to get out again next week
  4. I reckon bonito might like this too (given that they like small white plastic squids with a barrel sinker inside them and trolled fast).
  5. I am keen to try my hand at fishing for reds on plastics (and possibly bait) close in out of Port Hacking. Which reefs out there should I target? Pizza Reef, Red Rooster, Barren's Hut, Osborne Shoal, Middle Grounds? Others? Willing to travel out a couple of kms but not too far. Any tips on lures and/or jighead weights that I might try?
  6. Anyone fished the Shoalhaven River around Braidwood for trout. I dove across it on the Kings Highway today and it looked pretty enticing.
  7. adkel53

    VHF radio

    I am looking at replacing the old 27 meg radio on my boat with a VHF one . I only ever venture a couple of km offshore. Looking at these models: Icom IC-M200 VHF - $279 Uniden VHF UM455 - $249 GME GX700B VHF - $249 Will need an aerial and mount at around $85 but installation will be free. Anyone had experience with any of these models and cares to tell me what you think of it? Have also considered this hand held model. ICOM M25 EURO HANDHELD VHF RADIO - $249 Any thoughts on the merits (or otherwise) of a hand held vs fixed VHF radio for inshore communication?
  8. There is a theory going around that they are remnants from the breakout from a fish farm off Port Stephens last year. The local beach netters have now found them. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ
  9. That is for sure. Put a good bend in the 3-5 kg Shimano Catana rod I was using๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  10. Been camped at Hat Head for a few days. Beach fishing has been very slow. We arrived on the beach at 6.30 am this morning and were greeted by a magnificent sunrise. After driving the length of the beach and about halfway back we had failed to lose a bait ( freshly caught beach worms). Cruising towards home with hungry bellies we chanced upon birds working fish in a gutter. Off come the light spin rods and we begin casting. Three tailor are landed and then my mate hooks something bigger. A 65 cm kingfish is eventually beached. Meanwhile, I have hooked another one it went 70 cm. We eventually beached three more, along with some more good sized tailor and witnessed kingfish almost beaching themselves as they herded small baitfish into the shore break. What seemed like another dud beach session was turned into one to savour by being at the right place at the right time and by being prepared for action๐ŸŽฃ๐ŸŽฃ
  11. Just wondering if any members care to share their experiences of fishing on the DPI artificial reefs off Cronulla, Sydney Heads and around Botany Bay. Personally I haven't fished them (other than for slimies off Sydney Heads). I would be interested to hear how others have found them for kings, reds etc and the techniques that are best used when fishing them (such as anchoring off them and berleying, drifting over and throwing plastics, jigging etc). Have they had the impact on catches that we had hoped for?
  12. Nice report Gordon. I can vouch for all that you said! It was great to be able to chat to you on the water and compare notes and to have a couple of those healthy lunches together back in town. I managed 5 keeper trout out of 8 fish landed over three afternoons and two mornings on the water. Best was a nice 53 cm brown taken on leadline very early on that windy Monday morning. After catching two nice rainbows within an hour of beginning my first session on Sunday afternoon my hopes were high. Alas, they were the only fish I caught in the afternoons, the others being caught in the mornings and all on leadlines with dark coloured Tassies attached. I did lose a good fish while flat-lining on Monday when it tangled in the second line I had out. It sure was tough going. On Tuesday morning a met a local who lives on a farm that runs down to the lake at Kalkite where I had launched. He fishes 2-3 times each week up there and hadn't caught a fish in four hours of trolling that morning. That made me appreciate the two browns I got that morning a whole lot more! I generally use two Gamakatsu single lure hooks rigged back to back using a split ring and a small solid ring to tie the leader onto. I put a pink or lumo green bead directly behing the Tassie. I start with a 2 metre long leader and retie the hooks after changing lures. When the leader gets down to about 1 metre I replace it. To go with the lack of fish I lost two downrigger bombs simultaneously on the same tree on Monday afternoon. Ouch!! See you up there again sometime. I love my trips to Jindabyne. Fish are a bonus!
  13. I am looking at replacing an old 27 meg radio on my boat. I only ever venture a couple of km offshore. Just wondering if there is a hand held UHF radio that would be suitable rather than having one mounted in the boat. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks Trav. Much appreciated.
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