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  1. Thanx mate very sound advise. I can’t wait to get into it. It will be a huge learning curve for me.



  2. Wazzafisho

    Boat Fishing from Botany Bay

    Hi all, I am wondering if someone will be able to tell me where to go fishing for kingies or snapper from Botany. I know nothing about this area. Will be really helpful to me.
  3. Wazzafisho

    Boat for Botany Bay

    Hi there folks, i am not Rex Hunt, I am only saying folks as I am new & want to say good day. Some interesting posts definitely. I am moving to Sydney soon near Waverley & would launch my boat from Botany ramp I believe. Ok the boat is only 5 mars but I fish 10 to 15 nautical miles offshore in it on a good day I.e. in Queensland. If you want to check it out let me know. I am still a couple of months away. i basically baught the Hull only & got all the work done on it. Now it is a centre console with a 60hp yammy & goes like a rocket on a glassy day I.e. cause I love offshore. Can anyone tell me a bit about fishing in Sydney as I have never ever fished there. cheers Wazzafisho