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    Quinny restoration

  2. Jachlo3

    Quinny restoration

    Fibreglass console has been repaired, reinforced and sprayed in a marine grade 2 pack by Arnold's Fibreglass Repairs in Brisbane. Windscreen is being replaced and the frame is being powder coated.
  3. Jachlo3

    Quinny restoration

  4. Jachlo3

    Quinny restoration

  5. Jachlo3

    Quinny restoration

  6. Jachlo3

    Quinny restoration

    Hi, this is my first post on here so be kind . I have inherited the old mans quinny that has been sitting in his back yard for more than 10 years. I have just replaced trailer lights, wheels and mudguards. A new sounder has been installed and I just put a deposit down on a new Suzuki 60 hp. My question is does anyone know where in Brisbane or the Gold Coast I can have a new forward console and windshield designed and fitted as the old one is rather tired. I will post some pics to help . thanks