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  1. These are very impressive videos, Volitan, and the idea is cool overall. I actually got an answer to a question that bothered me for a while about how and why my pilchards lose eyes, and was surprised to see a butterfly fish in Wagstaffe. Anyway, great work and I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos.
  2. But “terrible proposed marine park cancer”(c) has been stopped... which is good for a fish! Lol
  3. While I am with you, JonD, on all environmental issues, in order to consider and feel for “the big” people have to be on the very top of the Maslow’s piramide. In fact the most of us are at the bottom of it or somewhere in the middle, if we are lucky enough, and have to fight the issue of our own personal extinction (which is inevitable anyway in next 0-80 years, lol).
  4. So? “Training” courses for boat / PWC are merely a formality and knowledge test is a joke. Regardless, drink driving, speeding, running red light are prohibited too. Are rules and prohibitions alone stopping anyone (from brainless mob)?
  5. How and why would people learn if no one is teaching them?
  6. Yep, attending the spot after everything and everyone has long gone is very good tick-box practice - procedure is followed and case is closed. People of Ettalong must be very pleased with outcome of their numerous petitions.
  7. I am sorry to say but these people behave this way only because they are allowed to do so and authorities are perfectly fine with it judging by lack of any action apart from very seldom tick-box “operations” with public notice well before their start.
  8. I got stung by really big one while kayak fishing on West Reef (silly me tried to get a baby squid out of its mouth, lol). It was not that bad I would say, painful of course but not really painful-painful. As for the cooking stuff, amount of meat there and quality of it can not justify killing the creature to me.
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