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  1. Hi, Hoping to learn to read my sounder better over the summer and thought I would ask around here for some advice to get me started. To date I have mainly just been using my sounder for saving locations when I catch something. This is a photo I took the other day, here's a jumble of questions I've got at the moment.... appreciate and feedback, tips, any advice. 1. I believe the location where I was is sand bottom, can this be confirmed by what is seen on the sounder? What would rock/reef bottom look like? 2. Is the blue clump at the bottom in the middle seaweed, and the clump with more red on the right bait? 3. Any settings should I experiment with? Cheers!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know how far up the shoalhaven river I can go from the nowra bridge in a tinny? I just noticed on the navionics app it says "ALL POWER BOATS PROHIBITED AREA" about 2km up the river from the bridge, but I have never heard of there being restrictions on powered boats up there? Hoping to head down that way to chase some jewfish soon so would be glad of any advice. Thanks!
  3. The fishing has improved quite a bit in the Illawarra since the water has started to warm up over the past couple of weeks. I fish mostly fish the beaches between Wollongong City Beach and Thirroul Beach. Any beach that has a decent gutter within casting distance is worth a shot. I also fish soft plastics/lures and have managed to get a few decent flathead over the past week or so. I have found that it is best to keep mobile rather than park up in one spot. I often check out a couple beaches to find the most promising looking gutter, throw on a backpack with a few spare SPs, jigheads, Vibes/Blades, and metal lures, and walk along the gutter (casting a half-a-dozen or so times then moving 5-10m) until the gutter tapers out or moves out of casting distance from the beach. If I don't have any luck on one SP I will change to a different colour or style and move back along the gutter. Beside the rocks at each end of a beach is also worth a shot, there is usually a rip/gutter running beside the rocks where the water will be deeper. You will lose more lures to snags, but can be quite productive areas. I can vouch for the Slick Rigs with Sfactor, landed me this flathead (see photo) 2nd cast a couple of days ago. ? Cheers
  4. Any preferred methods or species? Land based or boat? bait or lures?
  5. I filleted, skinned, beer battered, and fried the southern maori wrasse and they made great eating! will definitely be keeping a couple more next time I make it out! Didnt have as much flavour as the flathead, but a few seasonings in the batter soon fixes that! Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi, Managed to get out to a local bommie off Wollongong just on sun up on Saturday morning. On the first drift we missed the reef but managed to land a keeper flattie (38cm), so we repeated the same drift a couple of times and managed 3 more flatties for the table. After that we decided to actually drift over the reef to try our chances for a snapper. The snapper didn't seem to be about, but we got a heap of good sized wrasse (35-40cm). They all went back except 2 which we kept for the table, as we'd never tried them. We also got a few other colourful reef species which I wasn't able to ID. My thoughts are; Parrot fish in the first photo, and some sort of cod in the other photo with the 2 wrasse?? Cheers
  7. Hey, Thinking of heading down that way next weekend. I've never fished lake conjola so i'd be glad of any tips. I've heard that its a great spot for flatties, what else can i expect to catch there? Also what kinds of spots should i look for when chasing the flatties? Thanks!
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