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  1. What size boat where you I n. I am moving that way and the bar did not look to bad but I am talking a 6 meter glass boat. Might be rough but is a short bar compared to some
  2. Hi Dave thanks for your reply. unfortunately missed the house at Scotts Head, but from a fishing point of view fell on my feet with a Property a bit further north of Coffs at Wooli. If all goes well should be in, end of August. Know anything about this area. The bar although narrow is short and not to concerned.
  3. Hi all, New to the site but looking to get as much information as I can about the above location. We have just put an offer in on a house in Scotts Head. I have a 6.5m Haines Hunter and not sure about the local ramp. Seems very shallow. Is there any place I can put the boat in safely,, (prefer no to beach launch) other than south west rocks or Coffs. Also advice on fishing clubs would be good. We are moving from Melbourne so this area of shore is new and also love the idea of what is in the rivers. Seems like a fishing Mecca. Cheers John