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  1. Barab

    Whats your dream boat

    I was thinking of the old boat from Jaws...a real beauty in its day then Masterfisho7 posted that photo and i immediately woke up to thats a boat...👍
  2. Barab

    Do I...Don't I....I did...😂

    Thanks Rick/JonD. Appreciate all the feedback. Motor is positioned by qual Yamaha mechanic (well known in the area, won t embarrass him) the 40hp is a little shy but still mange to get up on a plane and get good enough for me and the kids. Maybe foil little low...will look into...motor, power, trim all ok just hull design I am thinking now...... Thanks Lads
  3. Barab

    Do I...Don't I....I did...😂

    Think you made the right choice Kingie...👍
  4. Barab

    Do I...Don't I....I did...😂

    Thank you guys for the chat. Sorry, it is an old Fibreglass Nautiglass 15ft with a 40hp outboard. It is for a bit of fun on the water with the kids, fishing etc.....can't afford anything else and I loved fitting it out myself. I bought a BLA foil to suit 40hp.
  5. Barab

    Do I...Don't I....I did...😂

    Cheers Rebel....
  6. Barab

    Do I...Don't I....I did...😂

    Hi All, Beautiful weather at the moment here on the Hawksbury. Long story short...ish...As my very old Nautiglass 150 sits low at the back in the water, I heard through all the "experts" at work....that a hydrofoil would solve the issue...raise the stern and lower the bow ! Of course I goggled all the gossip, cost and sizes etc and found a huge dilemma. Do I really need one ? I bought one from e-bay $40 (40hp motor) and tried it out. Just me in boat with three young kids. All seemed fine then I noticed steering v heavy....ok because now I'm turning the foil mounted on the motor not just the motor so it heavier so to speak in the water. Next thing I listened to the engine and it seemed to be struggling more.....couldn't explain that as these foils are meant to save fuel! It seemed to plane quicker but for some reason It didn't seem right, didn 't seem as comfy/safe. Another issue was stability. I found going through wash (head on and not fast) that the foil really cut into the wave and jolted the boat. As I have kids that scared me a bit...and them too...😅 So there you go...yes up on plane, not as stable, used more fuel, strain on motor. I was thinking also that outboard manufacturers don't really want add ons on their precision outboards anyway.....or maybe they do. I took hydrofoil off and might try another model perhaps as suggested....maybe thats the answer but I can t really afford to buy the all till one suits...he..he.. Any ideas, advice, did I mount upside down ?????? Appreciate responses...understandably maybe = some foils probably work on some hulls/motors and not others. Thanks Barab...😉
  7. Barab

    "Copper" spiral pipe ?

    Thank you Roger....I had a look but can't see anything....probably been fibreglass over maybe...I ll keep looking . Launched boat yesterday and myself and the kids loved it...a bit embarrassing with all the cruisers etc but fun none the less.....Loved it. Barab
  8. Barab

    Trailer repair

    Nice job...?
  9. Barab

    "Copper" spiral pipe ?

    Hi All, I am a novice working on a project of slowly repairing an old (and cheap) fibreglass Nautiglass v 150 boat just as a bit of fun with the kids fishing few meters fron river bank etc around the Hawksbury River. I am loving the "refit", terminology, & am learning a lot especially from Stu Dangar Marine....cheers Stu. I have found in the bow section what looks like a copper spiral pipe that runs through the floor.....I ve been trying to guess what it's for and what is's got me...Has anyone come across this ....please enlighten me.....? Lots more questions if anyone wants to listen...he..he .. Cheers Barabas