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  1. Useless fisho

    Jewies off the jetty

    I have had simillar thoughts also about this notching on fish. No one really seems to know how it occurs.
  2. Useless fisho

    Jewies off the jetty

    Nice session. Well done. Interesting to note the deformity just behind the head on the larger fish. I usually only see this deformity on bream and blackfish. Hope you get plenty more jewfish in the future.
  3. My day did not start off good by sleeping in by a hour. Plan A got to north bondi for a solo rock session but the swell was bigger than i liked so grabbed some weed and cabbage from the ledge. Grabbed enough for half a bucket of berley and bait for a harbour session. Plan B had two bait fishers on the wharf with 8 rods out between them leaving no room for a luderick session. Mixed berley here then moved onto plan c. Plan C was a spot i normally fish on the run in tides but got here at 9 30am on a runout tide. I was not prepared for a harbour session so i left the second bucket and landing net at home. Shot some berley in while rerigging my rod to a estuary set up 15 minutes later i was fishing. Missed the first two hookups on my first two downs by striking early. Next couple of downs i let the fish go on with it longer and came up tight on the fish and had them on the deck. Puled the hook on the next fish halfway in. Got a couple more luderick out before they went quiet. Kept the berley going in consistantly then changed my depth to match the tide and was back into the fish. Pulled the hook on one more fish before getting my bag limit of ten in three hours. All fish released alive and well after a photo. Pretty happy Plan C paid off. Keep having troubles uploading photos through my phone.
  4. Useless fisho

    Bate Bay - quiet.

    Longliners use bate bay for bait collection then head out to open water to fish.
  5. Useless fisho

    South coast luderick

    Yes. Syd harbour 50 to 60 minutes drive from home. Shell harbour 50 minutes drive from home. Happy to fish either. Travelling for a fish does not bother me. Driven to Eden from Sydney for a days fishing in the past.
  6. Useless fisho

    South coast luderick

    No name change coming any time soon. Useless,idiot and stupid and plenty of other words best describes me.
  7. Useless fisho

    South coast luderick

    Solo session today down at shellharbour. First and preffered fishing spot had no bait on the ledge so moved further south to my backup spot which had bait growing on it. Found my depth and started getting downs before hooking and dropping the first fish. Soon after into another and landed. Got my bag limit of 10 at 9 30 am and fished til 11am landing 14 in total and pulling the hooks on another 4 fish. All fish released.
  8. Useless fisho

    Bayview parking

    Yes you do pay for parking there. Will be worse soon a developer has a proposal in for approval that involves gates restricted access times during daylight only and 2 to 3 hour max parking time. Also i believe only 15 to 20 spots for trailers if approved.
  9. Useless fisho

    Luderick solo session.

    Great day out today on a solo session. Checked out a new spot up the lane cove river out of the wind. First drift at 7 20 am with the first fish in the net at 7 32 am. Was getting touches every drift. By 8 am i had dropped one fish and had half my bag limit. By 9 15 am i had my bag limit of ten fish with another 3 fished dropped. Called it quits at 11 am having landed sixteen legal fish two throwbacks and four dropped fish for the session.
  10. Useless fisho

    Blackfish on the chew

    Nice report. Dont put stale bread in the berly. The bread can attract nuisance fish into the area and the luderick can tune into feeding on the bread.and not touch your weed baits.