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  1. Great mixed bag Rob... Would have any of those on my plate Hacking can turn out some great fishing without the constant wash of the ferries and large cruisers as you get in Sydney harbor. Went out to Sydney harbor last week and the water started to clear up... Mr T
  2. The luderick are starting to come in Nice size Luderick and pic Well done on a miserable day.. the fish made up for it... cheers Mr. T
  3. Great first post huge mixed bag... can smell those whiting and flathead simmering in the pan well done Mr.T
  4. Biggest mullet I have seen inside... normally find outside sea mullet Great catch and pic well done Mr. T
  5. Went luderick fishing last week.... at Chowder Head Took a drive to Mona Vale to collect some cabbage and weed.. had a chat with a fellow fisho who bagged out with 10 luderick.... fishing Mona Vale baths rocks. He said he was there 2 days before with no luck. he lost 2 luderick to the Ospreys as he washed them up.. how cool is that... he said it scared the shit out of him hahaha Got to Chowder Head about midday and fished for 3 hours. about mid tied Hooked 5 luderick landed 3.... Used cabbage and sand burly... looks like the luderick are starting to come in for spawnin
  6. Nice Kingies Harder when land based Well done Mr.T
  7. Great report. can't beat the rat King Fish on light gear... Mr.T
  8. Great report Jb and nice pics looking to get out this weekend in the harbor
  9. Thanks Ryder Great vid. I grew up on Ron Calcutt. A Fishermans World Plenty of vids on YouTube. I like the one Spinning for Spaniards. At Hat Head. Mr. T
  10. This is a great documentary. Could not find it on Fish Raider . How the east coast of Australia started fishing the ubiquitous and my favorite Black Fish Goes for about 40 min but well worth it for the history Mr T
  11. Great place to fish Fish the north side of Chowder Head (Chowder Bay) straight opposite the old Navy Base.. look for a patch of oysters. Good place for Luderick and Bream. you can only fish this place at low tied as the rocks get covered on high tide. The south side (Taylors Bay) look for the larger flat area see map above in this post, good place for luderick, bream, leather jacket, East side deeper waters, look for the rocky outcrop.. for Jew fish and paraplegics Can only fish this at low tide , water will come up to your knees and waist depending on the level of high tide.
  12. nice snapper ... well done cant beat Flathead for fish and chips I still wont bring any bananas i'll get thrown overboard by my brothel in-law
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