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  1. Great effort boys. We went out on Wednesday to “The gibber“, then “21”. We got hammered by sharks and dropped a good snapper.
  2. Nice work Peter, sounds like a great day - I'm sure your nephew had a few good dreams that night. Nothing like the run of a string pulling Kingie or big Snapper.
  3. Good work hanging in there and prospecting new ground Ryder.
  4. Pity about the rod Scratchie, good you could bag a few Reds though.
  5. Salmon off the beach = fun, fun, fun.
  6. Brilliant effort - gonna be some tired fisho’s tonight
  7. Kings are where you find them, no reason why they wouldn’t be around the wedding cakes, you’ve just got to keep trying different spots - I would normally try 8-10 spots to find them. Don’t just stay in one spot, keep moving till you find them.
  8. Onya Yon - Love catching salmon, real string pullers. Rain can be great to fish in, stays overcast and encourages pelagics to hang around, keeps those who are half hearted inside and you don’t melt in the rain.
  9. It’s always good to be out on the water, but today was a shocker outside. Went to Longie and got smacked twice on the down rigger, but wind and swell made it unpleasant, so back in the harbour and, as always, it never fails to deliver. Mick here with his first ever Kingie and a nice legal one at that.
  10. I’ve still got the anchor if you want it back, just have to organise to pick it up.
  11. Hi Raiders, I was out on Sunday, enjoying the whales playing offshore and heading back from Long reef. Off Collaroy I noticed a rope floating on the surface. Realising the danger to other boaters, should it be run over and foul the prop Of another boater, we stopped and pulled it up. There was over 50m of rope and also an anchor. RAIDERS - KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN WHEN OFF SHORE. As I don’t use an anchor anymore, (Min Kota magic) but do carry a small one to comply with regulations, I left it coiled up at the wash down at Roseville ramp - someone would be pleased to get it.
  12. Nice work Paddy T - love those string pullers, not called “King”fish for nothing