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  1. Great info from Paddy T - obviously an expert yakka fisho, follow his advice and you won’t go wrong. The other areas worth a try include over the kelp at Balmoral (Rocky Point) - also good for squid, and the steps at the south end of the wharf at Balmoral. Both these spots have very small Yakkas and also garfish at times. off middle head and George’s corner also usually hold Yakkas, but also pesky Sweep and Mado
  2. Top report Gordo, nothing quite so much fun as pulling in Kingies on weight matched gear.
  3. Great report Gordo, “king size fun in the sun”, very jealous as tried to get out today and SE swell about 2 m and choppy😞 Glad you had a ripper session
  4. Fellow raider “Hugh” and new (today) “Chalky” hit the harbour for a kingie session and God was good - we hooked 11 and boated 7 and lost at least a dozen on the single hook rig. I swapped over to a snooded two hook rig with a 7/0 Mustad hoodlum on the top (sliding) and 5/0 heavy duty owner treble on the bottom attached with uni knot. This setup did the damage and we didn’t lose a fish thereafter. The bad news 😞is a big kingie ripped me and a Thunnus 4000 with 50lb Power pro and 80lb Fluoro on my favourite Terez rod - it when rocketing out of the rod holder like I’d hooked the Manly f
  5. I was in at my local tackle store (Penrith Bass angler - always believe in supporting the local bloke and Peter - owner, Cameron, Zac and Tony are all fisho’s, with a wealth of knowledge and advice, and will match any other “best price”) and talking braid with a new fisho who asked me to help him buy some gear. These comments / thoughts are NOT about whether braid (also commonly referred to as “Super line”,) is “ better than” mono/ Fluor’, but specifically about polyethylene (PE or “braid”). True braided lines are made by taking high performance polyethylene fibres and weaving or braiding them
  6. Well done Bruce - brilliant effort God was indeed good (did you have any bananas today)
  7. Nice healthy Trevor’ James, not much won’t take a live prawn. For your I fo, I netted several hundred at the boat ramp in a few sweeps of the net last new moon and there is another one coming up on 29th I think.
  8. A nice “mixed seafood platter” there Yowie, a great effort
  9. Only good thing about not going fishing when the weather is perfect is being able to watch the cricket.
  10. True - Fishing in Gods backyard = happy, happy
  11. Great report and pic - that is one nice Blue Eye - only need one for several families. great when Raiders meet. Well done fellas.
  12. Hope the swell and wind abates for you Anton.
  13. Ian and Dave joined my for their first fishing session on kings (I found out later the yakkas - bait, were the biggest fish they’d caught). Weather report looked good, (but they got it wrong again) the moon and the tides were good, the bait was easy, the sun was out, but the swell and the wind, were shocking(20kn from the SW outside and a 1.5-2m swell). After filling up the live bait tanks we headed outside around North Head but after one rat Kingie of 57and sloppy conditions and Dave providing berley from the past three days meals, I decided to head back calmer waters (no fun at all being
  14. Top effort Royce, Kingies on fly= 😁😁😁😁
  15. Cheers long509 - yeah the truth hurts, but you can’t avoid it. After a days fishing I reckon I might smell like Davy Jones as well as start to look like him - I’m just glad “People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Sam 16:7)
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