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  1. Matt, try pilchards for salmon and tailor (maybe a Jew if you’re there at the turn of the tide) or worms or small prawns for whiting.
  2. Great kingie baits - well done
  3. Welcome aboard Jono - can’t help with info on Yakkas in the area, but can help where to target them in Sydney Harbour if that helps? Pm me if it helps
  4. Top effort Brendo’ a real stonier, congrats on the fish & letting her go to breed
  5. Thanks for the report Owen - well done and good on you for catch and release. Kingfish are aptly named, I remember catching my first big king years ago and thought I’d hooked the Many ferry - a great feeling.
  6. Great report Brendon, nothing beats fresh blue spot flatties
  7. Great report Duncan. I went to Longie today and like you - no Kingies.
  8. Nice fish Sam, gotta to be happy with those snapper, we’ll done.
  9. Great report Killer and thanks for your years of community service to us - I had to get towed back by water police 20 years ago and it was the best feeling knowing the good guys are out there to look after us. (I never mind getting checked by any of the authorities)
  10. Hey Jono, I read your comment on a reci in Cowan - were you saying that there were poddy mullet there or squid. It’s an area I’ve never fished, but with school holidays coming up it’s a nice quiet spot to take the kids and would be fun to get them onto some squidq - appreciate your feedback


    1. yo_jono


      Hi Pickles, 


      Sorry mate, Just seen this message (still learning my way around this forum) 

      There is poddies all through the system, and some biggg dogs around the ramp and pontoon at appletree bay. 

      As far as squid go, I only flicked one about up little Jeruslam cause something told me they were there. I didn't get any on squid jig but the need day one grabbed hold of my unweight prawn! 

      The whole System should be firing soon, so be worth a look around. 

      Let me know if I can help mate

  11. Headed north to Scratchie country (Port Stevens) to visit an ex student from many lunchtimes ago - Mick with my fishing buddy Adrian, (our dekee Jensen had the day off). Conditions were pretty good off shore (25ks out) & got better as the day progressed - a southerly to go out and about 10am a NE to come back in. We ended up with 9 keeper Nanigai and 3 healthy snapper over 45 and one monster Nanny almost 50. Snapper seem to be a bit lean on compared to the past, but they were all nice fish. Mick threatened to do a Jonah and throw me overboard if I took my secret weapon (Bananas), but
  12. Nice esky full Sam, well done. Big question now “How to cook them”?
  13. Reply MS1100 - I drift for the flatties, but anchor lock the MinKota for kings and snapper - the new Min Kota’s are far better Than older ones and do not drift more than a metre off “spot lock”, so very safe, but always good to keep an eye on the rocks if close by
  14. Hi Bill, flatties all on bait (fresh Yakkas and slimy mackerel) depth about 30 m off my usual spot - think I’ve given you co-order before, if not pm me. cheers Pickles
  15. Hit the heads on Saturday with young raider James C to help him get some large fish for a biology assignment for a major senior school project. The plan was Salmon, Trevally, Kingies and blackfish.We had a corker of a day and brained the salmon, boated a 67 king, busted of three times by bigger Kingies and a big salmon at the side of the boat. We didn’t count the Trevally, but bought home 20 over legal, one good king 5 nice salmon. James has always wanted to catch a shark (you know how young blokes are) and we boated 3 (Port Jackson’s)- all released of course. we got a good feed for
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