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  1. Headed out off Sydney heads to 25m Mark (sandy bottom, just off reef) to chase Flatties ($69 for fillets at the moment 🙁) Stopped to get Yakkas first and there were heaps and on fire, got 30 in about 15 mins so plenty of baits - Flatties love them butterflied and fillets. The day was magic, a slight southerly, no swell and a good (slow) drift. the Flatties obliged and we got a doz keepers in about 2 hours and headed back home for a short (but productive) day. also 2 rat Kingies off North Head on yakka strips.
  2. Great work Dunc - nothing better than a feed of Flatties.
  3. For Kingies it’s is hard to go past a white Sluggo (I often use on X2 weed less 7/0) and just let it drift to the Bottom (also caught salmon when floating in the burley trail)
  4. Cheers for feedback and comments - the big weather dumped many, many tons of sand on the beach, so ramp is now 30 m from the water at high tide (at least is was a week ago). I deflated tyres to 18lbs on both vehicles but not the boat trailer (had pressure gauge, pump & recovery gear etc, but no maxtrax - will get some before the next trip though). We checked Hat Head ramp / bar the day before and it was too shallow. Spoke to some of the local fisho’s, one warned against even trying as he had been “dumped” in his boat previously and had been going to the camping area for 30 years
  5. Had a great day on the harbour on Friday, bait was easy - lots of Squid and Yakkas and although we only caught one Kingie, there were some monster Bonito in many of the bays and also between the heads. Biggest Bonito went 62cm and also smaller Watson’s leaping Bonito with them. There were also bust ups of salmon, with Trevally underneath, great fun on light gear. The squid were mostly green eyes and a few big units amongst them. These were not at any one location and a “few here and a few there” off the headlands. I was using pink and yellow 2.5 Yamashita jigs and a rainbow (a great standby fo
  6. On our last day at SWR, Fisho “Hadz” and I decided to cross the bar and chase some big Spotties and a drift we stumbled on with blue spot Flatties. We crossed the bar pretty easily (as we had three times previously that week). The wind was from the south on a 1/2 tide, so best possible conditions, except the river was still pumping out a strong flow even with a run in tide, this produced some pressure waves, but the 5m Quinny managed it with no worries. Once outside we headed to the bait grounds, but unlike the previous days, really struggled to get live bait. After 30 mins we had enough to te
  7. Nailed ‘em again Scratchie, thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely chase up PS B&T.
  8. Great Report little fisho - there have been some really good pelagics in the harbour after the rain. Great report, thanks for sharing
  9. Great advice about fishing with a buddy - especially off the rocks. Salmon are great fighting fish and certainly seem to be on the increase in Sydney Harbour
  10. Yep - I always try to fish as light as possible and unweighted if the conditions allow. When wash fishing, I often use bread as both burley and bait
  11. Could t agree with you more Antman. I use mine instead of an anchor, use it to fish along break walls and wash fishing outside (keeping an eye on the ocean at all times). I have even used it to get back to the ramp when run out of fuel (Dummy me ). Also use it to “drift”, when there is no current or wind. I also use it to launch, motor out and spot lock, whilst parking.
  12. I use my MinKota and can adjust the drift by using the bow mount - best investment to my fishing ever - expensive, but has revolutionised my fishing
  13. Great to get out on the water - hope the ramp& parking weren’t an issue given Easter long weekend. thanks for the report
  14. Pishinggg is great fun - starting your young bloke off with a great pastime. nice report, thanks for sharing
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