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  1. Would you mind sharing or pointing me to the hybrid rig you referred to by sam

    cheers pickles

    1. zmk1962


      Hey @Pickles .... sure no probs... I already posted a link in that post to Sam's discussion.... here it is again.  Cheers Z


  2. Great report Jim, justhad major leg surgery myself, so know what it’s like to be a bit unsteady and need to take it easy - a great catch there mate - the blue spots are extra tasty - great report. thanks, Pickles
  3. Last 2 outings in past week produced small (legal) snapper, trevally, pike, slimy mackerel, but no kings. Had better luck today with “The Rev” and our mate Terry.We had some fresh squid and dropped down along the heads and lucky to hookupon a small rat Kingie (60cm). Although not exciting, it was Terry’s first kingfish, so goal for the day achieved. squid have been pretty hard lately in the harbour with small numbers and small sizes, a few larger calamari off shore, but no particular location, just happen across them when live Yakkas come up with their backs chewed out. At least there haven’t been plagues of leatherjacket. Off Long reef wide (50m), There was a cow and calf Humpback breaching and tail slapping, putting on quite a show for well over 20 minutes and several pods of dolphins so although not “fistful” day, the weather was perfect and God was good with magnificent displays from nature. A bloke wouldn’t be dead for quids Livi g the dream.
  4. Firs time on the water in 4 months - windy early, Squid really hard, bustups weren’t interested in flies, lures or plastics and didn’t land a Kingie 🙁 Going to try again tomorrow.
  5. Keen to get out after a long recess and suffering pretty badly from “seriolitis” (kingfish fever). Would like feedback on how raiders have been gong chasing squid over the past week or so??
  6. Great report Rev, 2 very nice Kings, good to see you on to them. Palms together brother
  7. Great report Blaxland - nice feed of flatties
  8. Cheers for the feedback
  9. Thanks for the report James, great to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  10. Pickles

    Tempo reels

    Is anyone able to provide any links to where “tempo” Centrepin reels are able to be sourced. I was told there is a fellow near Swansea who makes them. cheers bob
  11. Great report scratchiest, don’t apologise for posting about snapper - keep the reports coming
  12. Aorangi, could you explain the “hybrid rig please”
  13. Great report Plummo and very comprehensive (a pic of the Jew would be good - probably too dark though).
  14. Hit the water both Sat and Sunday. What a difference. On Saturday, a SSW and fairly choppy early and lots of boats on the harbour. The squid easy to find and Kingies around in numbers, but lots of rats and only a few in the 70’s. Sunday windy early, I thought it was going to be one of those “ I should have stayed home and mowed the lawns days” then wind dropped it was flat and calm and sunny - as good as the harbour gets, but squid slow and hard to find. Both days small Yakkas were hard to find, but bigger ones easy (but the smaller the Yakkas, the more the Kingies like them). Overall a great weekend - several keepers and several between 70 - 90cm and lots returned toget bigger for next year.