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  1. Great be able to get out Gordo. Those pike make great bait for Kingies and Jewies, I reckon they’d be OK for snapper too. Look forward to you’re next report with pic of a giant (Scratchie sized) snapper. keep those lines wet mate.
  2. Jon, I’d love to get out or get your daughter to take me on a charter when this “silly season” is over. (Love to get one of those South coast monster Kingies)
  3. I asked “Charlie” my granddaughter what she would like to do for her birthday on Monday. “Go fishing with you grandad, with my pink rod” she said (My kinda gal). Don’t know if she’ll want to do this in 8 years when she’s 16, so strike while the iron’s hot. Because of the howling wind, we went float fishing in our top dam near the house for silver perch using corn and bread. We caught 11 fish in less than 1/2 an hour, before she lost interest and went off to chase lambs around the paddock and dip-netting for tadpoles with Grandma (Mrs Pickles) A great day to spend an 8th birthday.
  4. Planned to go fishing down at Wisemans on Tuesday, as it was this time last year I landed a beaut Jewie a bit further down from Wisemans toward Spencer - it went 89cm (pic below), but wind put a damper on that, so shot out today to catch the slack water at the turn of tide for Jewies. last few trips have resulted in lots of soapies around 35-50cm mark, so Not a keeper for home. However today was different and I got a good hard run on a decent fish that was dropped after a few minutes on th hand line, then a good fish of about 80cm on a pilchard on a rod (still use a rod as well as the hand line). It peeled off about 50 m of line in its initial run and about the same on second run, but kept head shaking all the way till I could see it. It threw the hook (4/0 circle) right at the side of the boat - didn’t have time to get the net under it😞😞. The fist Jewie was on a prawn and second (one seen, but not measured as wasn’t landed) on a pilchard. No pics as the fish wasn’t landed - caught3 legal duskies, so not a great day, but weather was very pleasant and only other boat on the water was a fisheries boat who came aboard to inspect - from Ourimbah base (central coast), so a fair run up the river for them. They said we were the only boat on the water. Very pleasant blokes, being Koori and not needing a fishing licence, I think they felt sorry and dished out some measure mats, crab rulers, booklets and said “have a good day”.
  5. Family Fishing Fun - Well done young fella, good to share the joy with your sister, keep those reports coming, we love it
  6. Hey Muzza - How did you go fishing - would love a report.
  7. I reckon you can only claim a fish as “landed” when it is in the net or in the boat / wharf / rocks I.e. at your feet. If it gets off or “flicks” itself back in, you’ve still landed it. As Derek says ALWAYS have a net with you. The only exception for me is when baitfishi g for Yakkas (I always use a net for squid and slimies). Experience has taught me to always use a net. (I have 2 on my boat - 1 small for squid and slimies and a bigger one for Kingies, Flatties, snapper etc)
  8. Hi Peter, My standard setup for Kingies on live squid is either a single mustard Hoodlum Iive bait 7/0 (on 80lb - I don’t muck around) through the end (tail) of the hood OR a 2 hook snelled rig with the second hook through hood just in front of the head (but not through the head) as camper advised. This second (snelled) hook I use is a 5/0 circle hook. My suggestion is “try different set ups”, I’m always experimenting with different ways to catch Kingies and had a lot of success to a no6 circle hook (NOT a 6/0) on 20lb line on a 2-4kg graphite “flick stick’. I would not suggest this unless the Kingies are very finicky and ignoring heavier gear. You need to be in very deep water. When I use this setup, I lose way more fish than I land, but at least I hook them when others aren’t. I have landed a 95cm kingie on this setup this year, but took 20mins and I had to lead it out to deep water with the Min Kota.
  9. Hugh, I’m told that when Bass are in the saltwater they taste much better - not sure if it’s true (never eaten a freshwater fish except Redfin and they were “OK”). Good to try the species you’re targeting - at least you know now and young bloke has an opinion. Nothing better than spending time with your son (or dad) - days you never forget.
  10. I am not in favour of releasing carp, they are a feral, nuisance and “rats of the waterway”, however, contrary to popular belief, it is not illegal to release them under section 261 of the Fisheries Management Act. - Extract below is copied from DPI website. RELEASING CARP “is not currently illegal to immediately return captured carp to the waters from which they were taken (defence under section 216 of the Fisheries Management Act). However, NSW DPI encourages recreational fishers to retain and utilise any captured carp rather than returning them live to the water.”
  11. Great report Neil, good to hear you’re getting out and having success on the BC (Bloody Carp). Have you tried using Gluten instead of bread - works a treat and I can guarantee it won’t wash/ melt off (health food stores sell it and costs about the same as flour) Also “Hoods” is not correct, the DPI legislation states you are allowed to release carp back into the waterway in which they were caught (but not in another waterway). Not that you would want to release them as they are a feral introduced species, but so are rainbow and brown trout. The extract below is from DPI. Is it illegal to return carp to the water? It is not currently illegal to immediately return captured carp to the waters from which they were taken (defence under section 216 of the Fisheries Management Act). However, NSW DPI encourages recreational fishers to retain and utilise any captured carp rather than returning them live to the water.
  12. That’s a really nice Bass in the top pick Dave - well done mate.
  13. Hey Megladon, the Saragossa is a solid robust reel, well up to the job, heavy and slow retrieve, so you’ll be tired by the end of the day. If you are splurging on new gear the Penn Slammer 111 is superseded by the newer IV and they are going very cheaply at present. Also a heavy and robust reel, but I have an 8500 HG and the high gear has much faster retrieve (less effort for jigging and high speed spinning) and an insane drag that will pull up just about any (Sydney) kingfish. As for rods, I have 2 Daiwa demon blood 65CJ rods and they have caught well over 1000 Kingies in the past 3 years and quite a few over the magic meter mark, they are a mid price rod, but beautiful action and the 6’6 is can be applied as a jigging and live bait rod. if your chasing Kingies, don’t underestimate their ability to pull string. I’ve had big blokes - newbies on my boat, on their knees because they can’t believe the fight they have and were afraid they were going to be pulled over the side. I usually use a minimum 65lb braid and 80lb fluro leader.
  14. You don’t say if your shore based or in a boat.if a boat and not an open tinny, 20knt is fine Muzza. If an open tinny, the wind slop underway will mean a wet ride and will blow you around at anchor (unless you have a Min Kota, in which case you’ll be nose into the wind at all times 👍) Be prepared for some congestion and frustration at the ramp though - I’d be leaving early and getting back by 1pm, even then it’ll be busy. if your shore based,- no problem. Hope you get into them.
  15. Well done Max, 88 is a really nice Kingie, you did well to boat it (I usually fish 80lb fluro leader for kings as they are no respecter of light gear).
  16. Nice work Isaac, 47 is a really nice Trevally (related to The GT, so no wonder they pull hard. The yellowtail also eat really well as sashimi, fillet, skin and take top and bottom fillet of the mid spines and they are great with soy and pickled ginger. Your school Hol’s tomorrow, so you’ll be able to get into it more seriously.
  17. Lots of good advice here. Local tackle shop is the go - owned/run by fisho’s who want to see you have success and won’t give you bad advice as they want to see you back again. The target you aim at, will be the one you are likely to hit. So if the target is beach, or rocks, or river, or boat / kayak or estuary from the shore, etc, the gear will vary, but you can talk this through at your local tackle store. They will almost certainly match whatever price you can get from the big retail chains (and steer you to locations where you will catch fish if you persist) you could also post in “Adopt a learner” - heaps of us happy to take you out.
  18. Hi Beachwormer, I was ( boat) fishing bends in the river in 4 to 10m of water between Leetsvale and Wisemans, using prawns for bait. The water temp was 16.5 degrees. All flathead caught were legal (only 4 kept,the other 2 released as I don’t like to keep anything under about 40 cm). I launched at 6 am at high tide (pretty cold and foggy) fishing till 3pm, so the full range of run-out till run-in. Anything else you’d like to know, just ask. I don’t mind sharing info - God made a BIG world for us to enjoy and I figure Jesus’ 4 closest mates were fishermen, so only the right thing to do, is help others share the blessings🙂
  19. I’ve had success with good old Rooster Popper in QANTAS colour (red head / white body). Also “ice cream” surface popper - I think PaddyT used the correct name Richter - these are a nylon substance same as cutting boards and simple but effective, especially in the wash and suds. Although no Kingies yet, I also really like the River 2 Sea whopper plopper in opaque white with pink tinge. I’ve got several of these and caught salmon and tailor so no reason why they shouldn’t work on Kingies and they cast really well.
  20. Issac, this time of year, I only use prawns as bait. Dave / Noel, The noodle is to ensure it floats if it goes over, I’ve had some sink / been dragged down in the past and If I’m blessed with snagging a Jewie - it’ll go like a rocket.
  21. A pretty average day on the Flatties (boated 6, kept 4), but hey, it’s good to get out and the beginning my hand lining challenge, also boated 3 Jewies - all released. (Not sure how I’m going to go handlining Kingies, once I can get out for some serious fishing (hoping it is in mid October).
  22. Another nice bag mate - a beaut jewie. Well done
  23. Greedy little devils - who said “little hooks for little fish & big hooks for big fish”. Seems like fish are locked down also
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