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  1. Best fishing video I have seen in years you should have your own show
  2. Looks like a lovely area which part of the Harbour were you in
  3. Fished it twice last week fishing was poor both times couldn’t even catch a flathead.
  4. Old mate need to stop stalking each other I waved to you today as I was heading to Yarra bay hope you did better than me.
  5. Basswhisperer

    Boat I D

    Who owns that sexy poly craft I saw in the upper George’s this morning?
  6. Good work mate I suspect the jet ski crowd took a lot off those spots we were done by 12.00. I wish I could fish mid week it’s so much better. We fished the runways on Sunday and a seal turned up the fish went off the bite.
  7. Great work Frank what day did you go out there I was there on a Sunday.
  8. I was out on the bay most of last week & saw plenty of kings caught but unfortanetly did not see any fish returned to the water except the ones I caught which were all under size. Hopefully we see a crackdown on this it would be easy enough to police as everyone fish’s in the one spot all simply wait for people at the boat ramp. If these small fish can survive the meatos this fishery will be great in a few years when there bigger.