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  1. Cheers kaniSS for the info. I have been thinking about drone casting for sometime as I'd seen feature videos before but hard to get info on! Great to see you've had some adventure (although can be a hard hit at time!!) I'm gonna try & pray I don't burn a hole my pocket also! Think the payload release is the key to the exercise, so want to examine to the options. Will look into the Gannet unit you'd suggested. I also see that you may be able to program the drone once you have a hook up, to return to a pad landing automatically. That allows you to concentrate on landing the catch Am aware of the restrictions with drone in sydney & agree it is ridiculous!! I generally go south coast so I got some free space down there Thanks guys & will update any findings Cheers spalli
  2. Hi all Just curious if anyone has used or looked into using a drone to cast out line & bait from the beach! Cheers spalms