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  1. 61 crusher

    Brisbane Waters late session today

    Good on you for changing things up and persisting and ending up with a good feed, nice looking bbq crabs “yum”
  2. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Sounds good, if I can get a leave pass from the 1IC I’ll definitely be on board
  3. 61 crusher

    Carp species...how widespread?

    Upper parramatta river behind the new footy stadium used to see course fishermen get big ones 10 kg+, there also in the lake (pond) in centennial park at Homebush
  4. 61 crusher

    Off Sydney today

    That’s a great feed there, it was a pearler of a day to be out on the water, terrific catch & report, nothing better than when the dollies play ball & your done and dusted in 2 hours
  5. 61 crusher

    Hacking. Bloody hard work!!

    Hi Frank I do a bit of squid fishing land based off the rocks & have noticed that they seem to bite better during the day on the lead up to and around the new moon, whereas around the full moon period at dusk & into the night & in both situations on a rising tide low up or the last few hours before the top of the tide, around the full moon like you I get the odd one here and there after a lot of casts during the day, could be to do with getting a good feed on the lit nights, I don’t profess to be an expert as I still occasionally get donuts, I hope this helps & happy fishing
  6. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    What a great report and top video, what an awesome way to christen the new outfit on a ball breaker of a fish 😎 how did you go about preparing the tuna & how did it taste, congrats and well worth the trip
  7. 61 crusher

    Copeton messing with the head

    Great read & perseverance, congrats on your new PB, and not letting copeton get the better of you, good luck with the the big one
  8. 61 crusher

    Bream fishing - ourimbah creek

    Great read and a couple of good bream in your session, getting out on the water before dawn & watching the sun rise & a great way to start the day, you guys will be up scaling your PB’s in no time with dedication like that
  9. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens- The longtail are on!!!

    That’s a beast of a long tail there scratchie well done, that must’ve been one hell of a good fight did you guys end up chasing it down or did you slug it out, I believe there first run is a screamer, that’s one on my bucket list, what gear we’re you using if you don’t mind me asking & did you get a weight & length. Congrats again
  10. 61 crusher

    Long Range headlamp with two modes flood and focus

    A Bear Grils trick I once saw, is keep one eye closed while using the light source & after switching off the light open the eye that way ones good & the other eye soon adjusts
  11. 61 crusher

    Long Range headlamp with two modes flood and focus

    When I traveled around Oz in 89 I hooked up a flood light on the back of the roof rack on the 4b via separate switch, very handy for reversing in tight places in the pitch black also found it useful when a car coming up from behind had there high beams on, a quick flick of the switch & they soon sorted there high beam. Might work similar at the ramp with the headlights
  12. 61 crusher

    Almost Stripey Sunday 7.4.19

    next time you’ve got someone with cabin fever onboard get an old record (vynl) attach it via hole to an overhead & feed it out with the ratchet off then flick on the ratchet & get them to wind it in, puts up a good fight & congratulate them on there record fish, usually gets rid of the seasick blues
  13. 61 crusher


    Great feed & report, the conditions look awesome & nothing better than heading all that way & finding a near vacant fad with dollies ready to party
  14. 61 crusher

    Tuesday Dollie trip

    Great report & a good feed for a quick session on the water, how did you keep the livies going all night
  15. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens

    Good report & photos, nothing better than having a reel going off, nice Mack tuna & congrats on the PB snapper, looks like one scratchies pets 😀 shame there weren’t more around, what was the length