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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me about 5 or 6 years ago in the middle of summer with my two daughters we were coming back in the afternoon near south head after hooking the last dolly less than 2km off shore I left the spread out for a Kingy or a bonito & we came across a hammerhead & followed it south & as we turned 500 m from south head cliffs & less than a km from the harbour entrance was a black marlin riding the swell south unfortunately the boat being so close caused it to go under before I could get the lures in front of it. A bit earlier that year I was fishing a deep hole land based west of Gladesville bridge & had a bust up within casting range & hooked up to what I thought was a kingy but as I was about to lift it up I noticed it was rather skinny & had a blue & yellow lateral line like a rainbow runner & unfortunately the hook let go. In the mid 70’s one hot dry summer I came across some sea cucumbers around figtree bridge in the lane cove river, I think they are a tropical species
  2. For me The beginning of the 80’s Was the start of a plumbing career as an apprentice & being obsessed with fishing, packing the panel van with mates, camping gear, & fishing gear every long weekend or holidays & free camping up the coast as far as crescent head or there abouts (eleven hours on the old highway in those days, did it in 9 a couple of times) seeing my first free jumping marlin off the rocks at Catherine hill & when not camping fishing 3 to 4 nights a week & most weekends weather permitting, loved fishing on overcast drizzling days because they were on the chew where as my mates hated getting wet. Playing soccer, partying & burning the candle at both ends, the old shaggin wagon with its comfy mattress 6 speakers and lit up graphic equaliser pioneer of course, was one of the best cars I’ve owned, it was like my own mobile bedroom with an awesome sound system, there was nothing better than fishing the ocean rocks in the middle of no where listening to the who, stones or zeppelin cranking. Even slept in it a few times down in Thredbo when I was into skiing. Ah the good old days
  3. You could also use layer pellets & add a bit of water to expand & break up, another idea for those pots is to cut a length of Pipe that fits between the socket & cap & cut 1/3 off length ways & slip over then drill holes through both pipes then twist pipe till all holes are covered, mince all the burley up & pack in & then put in the freezer. When you go to use the pot you can control the release rate with the outer pipe
  4. Clarke’s point,Drummoyne , Balmain, iron cove, even caught them west of the Gladesville bridge & the odd Cobia around January & spoken to guys who have caught meteries & also been dusted as far up as abbotsford and Gladesville in summer & autumn when the parramatta river is alive with bait
  5. I in the late 80’s I used to free camp up the back of the creek using the old dirt roads near the tip sign on the way in to crescent head & used the local solder crabs & nippers on the rising tide & caught heaps of thumper whiting & the odd bream & in the 70’s As a young teenager off the headland used to bag out on tailor in the October holidays
  6. Good on you Fil for posting & your son for trying to for worn & help people who don’t realise the dangers of being eager for a fish, many a time I’ve gone out after looking at sea breeze & then seeing the conditions different to forecast & gone somewhere safer or back home, while guys in heavy clothing & gumboots keep fishing & wonder why there gear gets washed away by the odd set (dumb) I hope you’re post saves some lives & makes people realise you need to sit back & watch the conditions for a while before you get into fishing the rocks
  7. Great looking esky of fish & overcast flat seas there Jeff, sounds like Mick’s snapper was hungry & wolfed down a 5” plastic well done guys👍
  8. Well done that’s a great bag of fish & photos & a stonker of a gem fish
  9. That’s a stonker, a really well conditioned looking fish, top photo 😎
  10. Some great Fish & photos on ultra light gear👍
  11. Thought as much because of your colour palette, thanks Phil
  12. I’ll second that Phil, I got some in the morning before the last weekend, did you do the same or were yours caught around sunset cheers Dieter
  13. Wow another great haul, was Tyrone’s shark a mako by any chance, shame about the stonkers that dusted the two of you but sounds like you guys had a great day anyway 👍
  14. Wow what a fantastic day the 3 of you had, 2 great snapper & a nice spangly to, never thought I’d hear the day where you & Woodsy would be complaining from being sore from catching to many snapper 😂 sounds like the fish where as hungry as you, what an awesome session 👍