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  1. Love the photos & report, you seem to do pretty well Neil considering the water fluctuations you have to put up with
  2. I’m wondering if they might be a touch small, I use a size 6 to 8 off the rocks in gamagatsu & have caught 35 to 55+cm fish on themThe gamaktsu seem to work better, the guys who helped me out suggested for me to use these instead of the mustard ones, interestingly a couple of the guys prefer using suicide hooks in similar sizes but extracting the hooks can be a pain I ended up making this de-hooker which I copied off one of the guys (made from flooring tongue) very handy for a deep hookup
  3. Couple of good sized fish there, looks like the boats paying dividends, how does she handle the rough stuff, bummer about the kings Sounds like you guys had a great time up at Coffs 👍
  4. Great report & photos again, awesome picture of the GT 😎 Good to see you out enjoying your local backyard again
  5. All fish especially pelagics taste so much better & helps the quality of the meat last longer (eg up to 4 days in the fridge) a saltwater ice slurry is even better as it brings down there core temperature faster
  6. Great title & super right up of our very enjoyable day on the water, loved the sped up bit in the vid just shows how busy we were even though the fish weren’t cooperating Even though I was dead tired from the previous long days at work to be able jump onboard good old Barrycudda I thoroughly enjoyed the day out with you & Bob, thanks again Zoran 👍👍
  7. Another great read Waza & highlighting how a quick buck & “Pelicans”(politicians) can create havoc to the the environment. I believe one of most pristine places in Australia has major issues occurring in the bays & rivers where the Atlantic salmon are being farmed Hope you recover soon, must admit mate some days I feel like one of those old blokes,
  8. Bonito probably wouldn't be great raw, kingfish is though. If you brain spike then bleed out & put straight on ice it is quite nice as is trevally
  9. Great boat & good advice above generally sinkers in 4,6,8,10 & 12oz will cover most situations for varying currents & wind main thing is to stay in contact with the bottom every now & then letting more line out will help Weather wise what you’ve described & re swell the wider apart it is the more comfortable you’ll be (eg 14 seconds & no wind or cross seas can even be comfortable up to 2m+ as it becomes an undulating ride as long as there’s stable conditions forecast Re fuel a good rule is 1/3 to run out & moving around, 1/3 back & 1/3 for safety
  10. Hi @Berrero as Frank said nice rego, by the way those mud guards are about $45 each to keep you street legal & you might need a set of these to help guide you in to protect the guards hope you don’t mind @Zoran to good an opportunity to take advantage of the photo
  11. Good to hear you had a quality one on one getaway with scratchie junior who looks totally over the moon with his upgrade, cracker jewie 👍 Great read, fish & photos as usual Jeff😎 P.S any chance of getting you onboard if I need some Mack’s for bait 😂🤣
  12. Good report & photos, even better to hear your fishing buddy is doing well & joined you in a great session
  13. Great to hear the ramp got a good gurney it would be awesome if all ramps where done regularly for the safety of all When I saw Tuesday’s seabreeze report you came straight to mind Zoran. Good to hear the two of you got out for a great bag of plump flatties, the plastics look like they were working well. Lady Luck triumphs again Good report & photos 👍
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