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  1. Great informative report. As a young bloke I used to dig up earth worms & use prawns at storm water pipes & run offs & did alright catching bream & the odd EP & on one occasion hooked a good Jew nearby but lost it to being inexperienced
  2. I’m just over 2 hours away but getting access to my other half’s daily drive is tricky, like you I’m an old school bottom bouncer & it was a bummer the PS raider meet was washed out but great all the same, would love to learn the techniques & try them down here
  3. I guess that would put it around the 10+ mark nice, the way PS has been going over the last few months it might be the new snapper capital 😁
  4. Another nice mixed bag yowie 👍
  5. Great report & photos, that’s one cracker of a red & good way to finish up with a nice bag of green eyes 👍 would that be your pb
  6. Great photos & report BN hopefully the rain gets out there soon🤞
  7. Great report & photos , like you I’ve tried large slimies in the smoker & they aren’t bad is there any helpful tricks to doing the on the bbq, nice bag of reds👍
  8. It was good to catch up & finally get out in great conditions, I’ve never drifted so slow I think we averaged 0.4 knots as they say no run no fun, it was a bummer seeing those trawlers running 3 abreast in the 50 m line hence why we only got the small spiky flatties & was good to see that mowie giving you a hard time on the light gear. Hopefully we can get out again soon Be interesting to hear how the fish ended up cheers Dieter
  9. Great report & bag of fish, like the photo of them all lined up & considering the moon curse the smoke must’ve got into there eyes & they didn’t realise it was you & Co 😂
  10. That’s dedication for you, he might get his sea legs yet with all that fun 😎
  11. Great report & video, Bummer about the motor getting the better of the last fish
  12. That’s some worm there, would’ve been interesting extracting those units & some quality whiting 👍
  13. Great effort guys in tough conditions, a good fish for all😎