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  1. Great report & photos, not often one gets to upgrade a PB in one session, as I said before, the smiles say it all congrats
  2. Great to hear @DerekD gave you an intensive & exhausting tuition session & @Pickles got you onto some kings Hope you managed to take it all in and got a few tips regarding squidding along the way 👍
  3. Good report, I’m surprised it was that busy as I went for a quick walk around 8am on Saturday at the Avoca ledge & there were only 7 fishos, didn’t see much caught except for a couple of tailor, two guys who normally fish bass point or the hill mentioned that it was dead down there & heard that C.Coast had been fishing well, from what I’ve seen & heard a few salmon not many & the odd king
  4. Great video & what a beautiful day to be out on the water sharing with family
  5. Dolphins, seals & sharks definitely keeps them edgy, I did manage to pick up 3 small ones when the shark was around for some reason this year has been a bit tough whereas last year plenty of good sized ones (3 to 5+) most sessions all taken off the stones even in the middle of the day at times
  6. Not local but a bit further down the coast ( Terrigal to broken bay) usually get the flatties in 40 to 70m
  7. What did that cost you out of curiosity
  8. Interesting report & well done
  9. Looks like you’ve made the most of your downtime & had some great sessions 👍
  10. Nice bag of green eyes 👍, I’m only managing 2 to 3 lollipops or the odd single 30cm hood length in a session It’s tough going when the same area you’re fishing & competing with sharks & seals, lifted one out the other morning & saw a shark on the surface track the same line I’d just pulled the squid in, it was about 2m long & only disappeared when it was about to hit the rocks
  11. Saw an ex pro fisher at the ramp the other day with a couple of kids on board, they managed to get their 30 bag limit over 5 hours He mentioned starting at the 50m line & had to keep moving til he found the bigger ones & more consistency at 70m & also mentioned the current wasn’t running hard
  12. Great report & heaps of good photos Congrats on your lure caught PB 👍
  13. Last Sunday morning heard around the skillion one on lure & one on pilly & float also a good snapper on the float, also a couple of schools of rats passing through over the last week at the south platform no takers though
  14. Great report & photos, nice looking rig
  15. Well done on round 2, another great report photos & video nice jack Dave that sure would’ve got the heart pumping 👍
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