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  1. That’s a great report & a good flattie there @kingie chaser I’d call that one 61 cm, would that be your PB by any chance & good on you for releasing it 😎
  2. I’m surprised that the boat ramp is part of the high risk area & since it’s used for Boat launching, yes it can get a surge happening particularly in N to Ne swell but then again it is a man made structure & can be slippery & should be periodically gurneyed by council or the powers that be, & Yet as we speak the powers that be are removing massive kelp build up on the haven beach but the ramp had a pile of kelp that has been slowly dispersing by wave action & individuals trying to launch & retrieve for fear of not making it out yet nothing has been done & there is still a fair bit of kelp on the ramp (a quick gurney would make it safer). Sorry I digressed I also agree with the statement of the haven rocks which can cop swell over them being “an Experienced person” But there are people out there that don’t have that experience or unfortunately common sense & don’t understand the inherent dangers & put fish ahead of there own lives, the old saying the minority ruin it for the majority & that’s one of the major reasons this law has been introduced
  3. I think what @PaddyT was eluding to & @kingie chaser made mention of in his post was they weren’t fishos, technically if you’re fishing you must wear a life jacket & Yet if I was standing right next to you & not fishing or helping you I wouldn’t need to wear a jacket & I might be bare feet or even worse wearing thongs
  4. Sounds good Adrian, hopefully they won’t need stretching the next time we get out, we’ll have to try & get out soon @kingie chaser those stars just need to line up again They were the first 2 I’ve caught up here, I didn’t measure them but guessing the larger rat was around 62 cm
  5. Don’t apologise Jeff family should always come first congratulations to you and the kids👍 Good luck tomorrow, and what great way to finish up the weekend
  6. @kingbonito Have you moved from the C coast. I agree with you totally especially if the wind gets up, I stayed away from the spin ledge for that reason and there were really big sets coming in every half hour, once the wind picked up & pilchard brigade moved in on the honeycombs, I Ended up cutting the lure off once & then untangling it out of someone’s slack line & decided calling it quits. On a side note what people do to get a fish even at low tide, the swell was from the ESE & when the big sets rolled in around the spin ledge they would all scamper across the ledge like rats up a drain pipe, one bloke got caught up in the wash & got bowled over when he surfaced he’s wet weather pants & undies were around his ankles, not a pretty site. What also blew me away was the amount of people wearing thongs no wonder life jackets are becoming compulsory on our rock ledges
  7. Welcome to our world, I’m sure you’ll love your new ride as much as if not more than the rib in no time I agree with that comment, especially in the conditions they test them in but if they don’t give them good reviews you know they are inside boats or donkeys Hope to hear you get her sorted out soon looking forward to your new fishy ventures
  8. Thanks raiders it was a fun session & my first kingys off the stones, have caught them on plastics & bait before but never on hardbodies @Ryder the other half & my daughter don’t have that colour & I don’t fancy buying hot pink, not my colour 😁 @Pickles agree with you totally but at this particular ledge I’m always carrrying someone’s rubbish out with me yet there are at least 2 bins by the time you get to the car park less than 10 minutes away & it’s an easy walk out. How hard is it to carry out your empty rubbish @scottyboy with this particular lure I agree with you but some of the cheaper quality one’s look like crap after 2 fish, I bought some erskine two part epoxy for the cheaper lures on advice from another lure fisho @kingbonito can get quite busy on the weekends with newbies & fishos from Sydney. The Avoca platform
  9. I’ve been up here since 2015 & I think there has been 2 or 3 mayors & 1 go between during the Wyong Gosford council amalgamation, the problem is they all play similar tunes “Crap”
  10. Decided to go for a flick at my local rock ledge to see if the water had cleared up enough & if the fish were there. Decided to use a pink maria 80mm x 31gram bibbed sinking hardbody that I scored out of a clearance bin, the colour choice was due to the water still having a greeny brown tinge & being overcast. Picked up 2 bonito, 2 legal tailor & 2 rat kingys at about 55 & a 62 cm model which gave me a great tussle & managed to get caught up under a rock ledge, surprisingly when lifted up onto the ledge I hadn’t hooked him but caught the braid with one of the trebles between a set of gangs & 2 x snap swivels (go figure). I did my bit for conservation & gave the gear to a fisho who wanted it & picked up some rubbish on the way out, kept the 2 bonnies for sushimi & a feed & quickly released the others hence no photos It’s a bummer how after only 6 fish the lure is already losing its good looks & looking worse for wear
  11. I was atTerrigal boat ramp on Thursday & one of the guys coming in said the (dirty water)colour change was at the fad, should hopefully be in a bit closer now
  12. Hence why the council meeting was closed early, would’ve been a lot of affected ratepayers frothing over yet another blunder by these Bloody bureaucrats , sorry about ranting on I wasn’t effected by the flood around the lakes but know of a few who were, the incompetents just makes my blood boil
  13. Just heard the council aren’t going to fine the plumber, probably from fear of a major backlash
  14. I feel for all of you living up on the lake system, it’s like the council doesn’t give a damn but if you live in Terrigal or Avoca they react for fear of reprisal, yet it is us the people who pay there wages & if we made mistakes like this in business or our jobs we would get the sack or be fined “Bloody bureaucratic ‘a’ holes “
  15. The local council opened up a couple of lagoons around Avoca & Terrigal before the big rain event due to potential flooding but it was a local plumber with his excavator you probably saw who was fed up with with the floodwater & sewage in his neighbourhood, the council were going to fine him & if so the locals are going to chip in & help pay the fine. Yet a day or two later the council opened up the channel & the floodwaters have since subsided & roads have become passable again. Supposedly council didn’t do anything because of direction from the E.P.A late last year. The recent council meeting was closed early due to fed up & angry rate payers. Mid last year the local community got together with shovels & tried opening the channel because of silting & the smell of dying weed. Years ago there used to be another natural outlet somewhere north of the entrance bridge that helped the lakes system stay reasonably healthy but that was closed off in the name of progress