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  1. Hi Waza the two write ups you’ve just added to this thread of the various techniques In differing scenarios would be a great addition on how to target “ pigs” aka black drummer You've got me intrigued to try & target them Over the years I’ve lost a few & caught a couple as by catch one in particular about 5kg at night on pilchard & gangs under a float, have you heard of or experienced catching them on pilchard or fish bait particularly at night, from memory I think it was caught in autumn
  2. Another good report, great to heart you guys got some especially Mick, nice swag of fish out of curiosity Jeff you mentioned the weather being the deciding factor re seal rocks would that have been the water temp at Broughton being the deciding factor, cheers
  3. More great photos there Jon keep them coming Did one of your photos make it into the July edition of the fishing monthly magazine of your sons stonker tailor
  4. Wow that’s a great bag of fish, what was the bait of choice
  5. Great photos & gnarly sea, no wonder your son was feeling worse for wear love the contrast of the ominous sky & sheen on the water
  6. Good to here your back at it rick sounds like you got a good mixed bag & a great time at Broughton 👍
  7. Great couple of photos of the big girl & good on you for releasing her re measuring you could try putting a tape against your hand span & maybe another digit, I’ve done that over the years & was surprised how close to accurate my hand was have you ever hooked a silver ghost out of the bay or the wharf there as I’ve managed a few there years ago, PM me if interested
  8. Good job on the new shed looks great & well organised 👍 shame the other one came down so easily looked like you were having a ball
  9. That’s a great looking bit of water & photos I was fully expecting the N.T. fella to be wearing trackies & a beanie but then again fighting 20+ good sized salmon on the light gear would certainly keep you warm 👍
  10. Bummer about the double breakage & the loss of a pair of screamers nevertheless it sounds like you & @tyrone07 ended up having a good day out by persevering 👍
  11. Sounds like one of those days where the weatherman (person) tossed a coin for a bit of an each way, great bag considering & those whales when they come out of nowhere sure can get the old heart pumping nice report & photo 👍
  12. That’s the colour I was hoping for to scratchie 🤞🙏🤞
  13. Mantis shrimp or prawn killer & yes it edible Might as well put it to good use & throw it in tonight’s laksa just make sure it lands in your plate 😂