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  1. 61 crusher

    Long weekend Lake Mac, PB bycatch

    Great report & photos, good stuff 😎👍. That footwear looks like the winter version of a concreter’s work boot when not in gumboots 😂
  2. 61 crusher

    Bait bucket board from Dinga

    Nice, looks like it would work well for burly as well & a knife holder
  3. 61 crusher

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    Great report & photos for this late in the season, that’s a good flathead too 👍
  4. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Bummer can it still be safely used to launch & retrieve
  5. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Great reports & photos guys in what sounds like some trying conditions, saw quite a few whales while on the shore the other day, bound to be a lot around next weekend up at port
  6. 61 crusher

    Salmon off the beach down south.

    Good one looks like a great beach with a good gutter in close
  7. 61 crusher

    Hawkesbury River - in search for jews!

    Good report & photos at least you caught some good by catch, you could try around the Cowan system like Jerusalem bay or around cottage point for some resident jewies which I have occasionally caught while chasing hairtail
  8. 61 crusher

    Weipa 2019

    Great report and photos, that’s some fine fish & stonker queenies 👍
  9. 61 crusher

    My first jewie

    Congrats on your first jewie & that’s a cracker flathead, well done👍
  10. 61 crusher

    Bate Bay flatties

    Another nice bag of flatties there Yowie, what depth were you in when you started losing gear, I’m assuming you started in 30m
  11. 61 crusher

    Hybrid Performance

    Another nice bag of fish & photos, shame about the transducer however if the gauge still picks up variations in temp & not crazy readings you could take out a thermometer a couple of times & add the degrees accordingly
  12. 61 crusher

    How to cut up a Squid

    Depending on there size & what I’m trying to catch, if there large hoods cut into thin triangles & score the base into short strips like tentacles gives something for the pickers to play with, if bottom bouncing, cut off the head & cut the hoods into about 10 to 15mm rings & put the hook through with the guts attached
  13. 61 crusher

    Survey HAVE YOUR SAY from Maritime Safety manager

    Done & threw in my 20c worth😀
  14. 61 crusher

    Bream PB on Fly

    Have you tried closer to home like Thompson’s or lake Lyell & the tributaries, there are other rivers over the divide & also the New England area, don’t know about the water levels though, even caught trout in the Nepean after the floods at the base of Warragamba dam by boat, google will help with access, & I agree amazing scenery & wildlife
  15. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens reds.

    Sounds like you guys had a tough day at the office but what a great session & photos, lucky you had Pagrus 😂 onboard to sort out the finer details ( good onya Scratchie)