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  1. 61 crusher

    Gemfish at Browns

    Well done that’s a great bag of fish & photos & a stonker of a gem fish
  2. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens- 5-8-19

    That’s a stonker, a really well conditioned looking fish, top photo 😎
  3. 61 crusher

    Bream and flathead

    Some great Fish & photos on ultra light gear👍
  4. 61 crusher

    Calamari in the cross-hairs

    Thought as much because of your colour palette, thanks Phil
  5. 61 crusher

    Calamari in the cross-hairs

    I’ll second that Phil, I got some in the morning before the last weekend, did you do the same or were yours caught around sunset cheers Dieter
  6. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens- Last snapper report???

    Wow another great haul, was Tyrone’s shark a mako by any chance, shame about the stonkers that dusted the two of you but sounds like you guys had a great day anyway 👍
  7. 61 crusher

    Port Stephens- Magic Day

    Wow what a fantastic day the 3 of you had, 2 great snapper & a nice spangly to, never thought I’d hear the day where you & Woodsy would be complaining from being sore from catching to many snapper 😂 sounds like the fish where as hungry as you, what an awesome session 👍
  8. 61 crusher

    Port Hacking Kingfish Salmon Tailor

    Great report & video, when the pelagics are on there’s nothing better than tossing some metals at them, I once had a great session on 2 to 3 kg salmon on bream gear & ended up after 40 odd fish in 2 hours almost killing a 2500 shimano sienna, those gillies metals are great I’ve caught everything on them including yakkas & even a just legal snapper once
  9. 61 crusher

    Two morning sessions chasing squid

    Thanks mate they went down a treat, I haven’t been out in the boat since but I’m sure you would be doing alright on the venison front if you’re getting out there, those colours look good, red one early & late afternoon get them down near the bottom & go slow & mix it up a little, good luck
  10. 61 crusher


    Good report & nice chunky snapper, bet your arms where sore after all that casting, what colour did you get him on
  11. 61 crusher

    Pb Trout

    That’s a stonker of a brown would’ve been a good tussle 👍
  12. 61 crusher

    Best way to tell beach fishing conditions

    If you’re looking for a reasonably reliable wind forecast go to bom. Gov & look for marine wind they have daily forecast over a few days & in few hourly increments, it shows the NSW coast & if you tap the square it zooms in around Sydney & the C. Coast, it’s also great for boaters
  13. 61 crusher

    Boat harbour

    Good report & photo, sounds like the bronzie was a good tussle to finish off the day, they are supposedly not to bad on the plate at that size
  14. 61 crusher

    Northern Beaches

    Great report & feed, always nice to be out there on a calm winters day, bummer about the roller should be easily found on the net, if not maybe the local boat chandler Witwor or trailer manufacturers
  15. 61 crusher


    Love the quotes you come up with scratchie, a little birdie told me that they are getting them down at port Kembla, so looking forward to “hearing the news “