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  1. Phildo11

    New boat - Fishing Buddy - East Coast

    Punching out to the FADs is the plan! And no worries, hopefully I'll see you around the boat ramp and say g'day!
  2. G'day Everyone, 31 year old male living in Cronulla and just recently upgraded from my little tinny to a Formosa C/C 550 Tomohawk and looking at doing some deep sea fishing. I've mainly stuck to the rivers and creeks so my knowledge of deep sea fishing is very limited. I normally put in at Swallow Rock boat ramp in Gymea and head out in the port hacking from there. If anyone would be keen to PM me and maybe swing some tips, handy hints and maybe a GPS spot or two that would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if anyone would be keen to join me on an adventure or two, I would be more then happy to share costs, laughs and maybe a beer or two I have some fishing gear, but not an abundance, so having your own gear would be advantageous. Cheers and Tight Lines, Phill