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  1. Hi raiders, Have been looking into getting myself a fishing kayak over the last few months but the major deterrent is the fact that I've never used one nor had any experience boating, use boat ramps to launch etc. All my fishing experience has predominantly been land based so I'd like to get myself out a little bit further on the kayak. I've scoured the search bar for information before posting but can't seem to find a thread on essentially 'getting started' and what is required to have a bit of fun, but most importantly to be safe. Last thing I want to do is shell out for a kayak and then not have an idea what the hell I'm doing. Don't necessarily have a budget (happy to spend whatever, but my main priority is safety and ease of use). Has anyone got any recommendations for getting started and what the essentials are when new to kayaking? Any info would be greatly appreciated on this Happy fishing!
  2. Ended up doing it lightly pan fried (flour, green Schezuan pepper corns - ground and salt) with some ginger, garlic, chilli and shallots and then drizzled with a squeeze of lime. HAHAHA love it mate! See you in the away end, it's going to be crazy!
  3. The Indian recipe I have is for snapper, so this would make a lot of sense. Suggest not doing it then? Ironically don't tend to cook a lot of fish but this recipe is essentially a masala paste (Kashmiri chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, cloves, peppercorn, cassia bark, cumin seeds, ground tumeric and malt vinegar and salt) and then you score the fish and rub the paste on, quickly pan fry it to seal it and then into the oven with foil on top for 5-10 min. A bit overkill for the humble whiting?
  4. Hi raiders, Had the afternoon off work today so thought I'd sneak out for a quick afternoon fish in the Hacking with the main goal of targeting some whiting. Got there at low tide to start pumping some nippers and with a few in the bucket, I was ready to go. The afternoon started quite slow with only a few sporadic nibbles on the incoming tide. Down to my last two nippers so decided to move around the point and saw a little drop off near the edge of the sandbank that I thought may have been worth a try and boy was it. Within a few seconds - WHACK! I was on. At first I thought I'd caught a smaller model as there wasn't much fight but as soon as it got onto the sandbank, it took right off which lead me to loosen the drag out a little. After a few good little runs, in came a 41cm whiting. Dispatched quickly, bled and straight onto ice. The only decision now is, salt and pepper whiting or if I get it on to the BBQ over coals with some Indian spices (a new recipe I've been wanting to try for some time now).
  5. Really looking forward to having a read, thanks mate!
  6. Hi everyone, I've been experimenting with some fish recipes over the last few months and was told about dry curing fish (essentially to draw some surface moisture out and concentrate the flavours) - has anyone had any experience with this? Thoughts? Looking forward to hearing your feedback.
  7. Great stuff mate! Have been out about 5 times this month chasing squid and it seems as though they've all gone into hiding (I was catching regularly earlier in the year)... or maybe it's just me! πŸ˜…
  8. Really interesting you say that. I noticed the same thing when I caught my finger on one of the spikes and I didn't jump through the roof like the Yamashita ones tended to do to me.
  9. Are you talking to the left of the bridge in the Google satellite image above mate or to the left of the bridge when standing on it facing Bare Island?
  10. These are the jigs for anyone interested πŸ‘
  11. I find it REALLY snaggy there. I've lost a number of jigs around the point.
  12. Hey guys, I've just purchased a few Rui squid jigs online after a mate recommended them to me (he swore by them). Always happy to try new things but to be honest, a bit sceptical at the price point they came in at ($10.99 each) compared to the standard brands I'm normally using (Yamashita, Shimano etc.) - especially in regards to water dynamics. Willing to give them a try though as they have a nice range of colours and look pretty decent. Has anyone had any experience using these and if so, how do they perform? Thanks, SSIB!
  13. Love it mate! what a legend. My strong guess is that they were tourists and there were definitely signs around warning of the danger (including death).