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  1. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Calm before storm

    Great stuff mate! Have been out about 5 times this month chasing squid and it seems as though they've all gone into hiding (I was catching regularly earlier in the year)... or maybe it's just me! 😅
  2. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Rui Squid Jigs - Anyone used them?

    Really interesting you say that. I noticed the same thing when I caught my finger on one of the spikes and I didn't jump through the roof like the Yamashita ones tended to do to me.
  3. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Land based La Perouse Point

    Are you talking to the left of the bridge in the Google satellite image above mate or to the left of the bridge when standing on it facing Bare Island?
  4. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Rui Squid Jigs - Anyone used them?

    These are the jigs for anyone interested 👍
  5. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Land based La Perouse Point

    I find it REALLY snaggy there. I've lost a number of jigs around the point.
  6. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Rui Squid Jigs - Anyone used them?

    Will keep you posted mate!
  7. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Rui Squid Jigs - Anyone used them?

    Hey guys, I've just purchased a few Rui squid jigs online after a mate recommended them to me (he swore by them). Always happy to try new things but to be honest, a bit sceptical at the price point they came in at ($10.99 each) compared to the standard brands I'm normally using (Yamashita, Shimano etc.) - especially in regards to water dynamics. Willing to give them a try though as they have a nice range of colours and look pretty decent. Has anyone had any experience using these and if so, how do they perform? Thanks, SSIB!
  8. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Legend! Thank you so much @Fishn50.
  9. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Love it mate! what a legend. My strong guess is that they were tourists and there were definitely signs around warning of the danger (including death).
  10. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Definitely Sydney FC mate Glad to see someone picked that up! Are Gould's squid the same as "arrow squid"? It's bizarre, there was one elderly couple who walked onto the rocks and literally crouched down and dipped their hands in the water as the swell was coming through and crashed onto the rock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and yet, no requirement for a life jacket.
  11. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Lovely - thanks for that Phil. Doing a bit of research today and it appears as though blended pineapple, papaya or kiwi fruit are the way to go. At the end of the day, I guess it's all about trial and error. Will give the kiwi and milk for a shorter time frame a go next time. The tried and tested low and slow method was awesome though for the braised squid. Great texture and extremely tender.
  12. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Thanks mate. I know it's bizarre! Have a feeling that knick in the side of the calamari's wing came from a follower as I was reeling it in too. They're aggressive buggers when they want to be. Interesting you say that, I've tried the milk overnight too and didn't think it did much. Still a snap when you bit into it.
  13. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Good afternoon raiders, Headed out last Friday morning to Botany to chase a few calamari as it's been a while since I've been out. Came across a new land-based area which I thought I'd test out and turned out to be a really fun couple of hours. A word of warning to anyone fishing in Randwick council however, you MUST be wearing life jackets at all times when fishing. In the 3 hours I was there, there were police doing random sweeps and at one point I had one come up to me and thank me for wearing a life jacket (followed by a good chat about his squidding experiences haha), however I saw them dishing out fines to 3 people in my immediate vicinity. What I don't understand though is that there were people (I presume tourists) down by the water with with no life jackets. Apparently they don't need them if not in possession of fishing gear - bizarre! All in all though, nice to get out again and get onto some calamari. The biggest measured 30cm hood length, then 24cm and 17cm. Called it a day and came home with a feed of - half braised in a Greek tomato sauce to be served over some rice or dipped with bread and the other half crumbed and made into rings. Unfortunately leaving the rings in kiwi fruit over night turned them to mush when cooked - duly noted for next time. On that, has anyone had any experience with tenderising calamari specifically? I don't mind the "un-tenderized" snap that they naturally have but my partner loved the calamari rings she had the other day from the local seafood place down the road the other day which was super tender but still held structure. I suspect I should be doing it for more like 2 hours as opposed to overnight. Guess I know for next time! 😀
  14. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Port Hacking Squid 24/4

    I could have spent hours in there mate! It was a really cool experience. My Japanese is non-existent but walked in and pretty much said two words... "Sumimasen, egi?" (Excuse me, egi?) and the gentleman lead me to a room where he rolled open a whole wall of squid jigs about 5-6m wide and 2m tall (they even provided a ladder to reach the top). On there, every brand, colour and size you could ever wish for. I would say price wise it's 1:1, it's pretty close! I paid around 1160 yen for a 3.0 yamashita jig which is around $14-15. Maybe a couple of bucks cheaper than here. However it's the variety that gets you. I walked out of one shop in Osaka with about 15 jigs and a new Shimano case to hold them all in (spent an hour in there) and had to force myself to leave at that point as we had a booking to get to. If you're ever in Japan, it's well worth getting to one of their fishing tackle shops. This particular shop was 3 stories!
  15. SydneyIsSkyBlue

    Port Hacking Squid 24/4

    Hi Raiders, Had the afternoon off work today so decided to venture south and try to regain my mojo with squidding. Having worked very hard on trying to refine my technique and understand squidding over the past year or so I was finally starting to really get some results prior to leaving for a holiday to Japan about 6 weeks ago. I returned 3 weeks ago (and having spent a fair bit on some more jigs - this stuff gets out of hand) only to find that my ability to catch squid seemed to have been left in Japan. Over the past 3 weeks, I'd ventured out for twice a week to solely target squid and have ended up with nothing apart from losing 6-7 of my new jigs to the rocks and kelp. Alas, today I headed to the Hacking and as they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. I was really starting to get fed up with the situation and early doors it looked like it was just going to be another day. Tried my first spot (which had formerly produced a number of times) for about an hour and nothing so I thought I'd take my gear and have a little walk around to see what else was around. On my travels, I came across a designated fishing platform I guess you'd call it, which sat just over some kelp beds and thought it'd be a good spot to try. How wrong I was! Within 5 minutes the place got bombarded by about 10 people (in a space no wider than about 20-25m) so decided to pack up again as I wouldn't be able to fan my casts and I found myself a perfect little spot down on the rocks. Got the live search rattle jig out and within 10 minutes that feeling of hooking up which seemed so distant to me was back! I hooked up to the smaller squid (on the right) whose hood measured 20cm. From there, I had the wind in my sails and the other two followed in quick succession (26cm and 23cm hoods). All in all, it's great to finally have that confidence back - I was really starting to think it was me doing something wrong.