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  1. Thanx a lot for your answer, and your help! Ill get out there tomorrow and give it a go! Cheers
  2. Hi Mate, Thanx a lot for your answer. Ill try around where you recommended! I was just wondering the bridge you mention, is the one close to Wollies, or the one at the Beach. Thanx again and all the bests Andras.
  3. Thanx a lot! I wil look around to see what i can find!:) Cheers again!
  4. Hi There, My name is Andras and I'm a total beginner, I have fished 3 times for now. I catch 2 small Breams at Narrabeen a few days back, but that's it for now. Today i was at the Manly Dam, and I had a great time, what a beautiful place, although have not seen a single fish. I started to google, and I apparently Bass fishing is the main thing up there, but I also heard that in the winter months its much harder to catch one. If anybody has any recommendations, how and what to fish there, this time of the year I would highly appreciate it. I am not strictly looking for advises for the dam, if there is other places you guys think I should try with different types of fish and set ups, I am also interested. I have been to Grotto Point, also an amazing place, had a fish around my bait but got away. Finally if anyone is going to fish the dam, or anywhere around manly and would not mind the company of curious beginner, to show him a few techniques and tricks, lt would be amazing. All the best to everyone. Andras