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  1. We would rather not use a petrol motor because of the costs of gas, we would rather get to places more slowly for cheaper. Thx for reply
  2. How much would an 80lb cost? thx for the reply
  3. We do have and use kayaks, however, we also want a way of moving us and our gear to low access landbased spots to add a bit of flexibility to some shark fishing. Thx for the reply
  4. Me and some mate are going to buy an 11ft tinny for some inshore fishing catching anything from bread and butter species to small game. How fast would we move with an electric motor with 44lbs of thrust? How much faster would we move with two of those? Cheers - Pugz
  5. Has anybody cuaght any bullies from the parra river system, what set up/ tackle/ bait were u using? cheers - pugz
  6. ye, its just i catch a lot of shovel - noses as by-catch anyway
  7. I don't see shovelnose on here, does that mean it is takeable?
  8. In NSW can I keep a shovelnose shark to eat or as bait? Is there a legal length? Cheers - Pugz
  9. Hey guys, been playing with the idea of doing some shark beach fishing, however, I haven't yet because I have struggled to find bait big enough for sharks. I know salmon are good for sharks but where I am we don't catch many of those. What we do catch a lot of is shovelnose sharks. Are these a protected species in nsw? has anybody tryed using them as bait? Pls let me now. cheers - pugz /
  10. Hello, do surf poppers work in sheltered beaches - such as Clontarf beach in Middle Harbour - which have minimal wave action, however, still have current? Cheers - Pugz
  11. https://www.ereplacementparts.com/penn-950ssm-spinfisher-metal-spinning-reel-parts-c-186082_186231_186340.html This ^ is a really helpful website for reel schematics.
  12. Update: I fixed it. Part 117 has 2 little bits of metal that hold it in place with a similar looking gold plate. These were bent out of place. I just made them straight again with pliers which allowed the line spool to sit deeper into the reel. This prevented friction from the spool moving my drag, so now the reel is fixed. Thanks for the help Hateanchors and Rickmarlin. Cheers -pugz
  13. I recently bought a Penn 950 SSM. I used it for one session on the beach at night and one in early morning. Towards the end of the second session, the drag started to tighten itself when I pulled line out of it which then made it harder to pull line out until eventually, it was impossible to take line. I have absolutely no idea why it is doing this, as I haven't taken the reel apart except for when I put the line spool into hot water after I put line onto it. I am pretty confident I didn't lose any parts while doing this. I thought maybe it had a bit of sand stuck in it so I took the line spoo
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