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  1. pugzthugz

    whiting rigs?

    it attracts the whiting
  2. pugzthugz

    Tinny storage?

    Hey guys I'm looking into getting a tinny for fishing and almost everything in this plan seems very possible except for one thing: storage. So, the kind of boat I'm looking into is a very small tinny or even a kitted out rowboat and the plan will be to have the boat moored somewhere and the turn up with an esky, rods and a small clip-on electric motor. The problem is I have got no Idea where to leave it and I don't exactly want to redecorate my backyard with a tinny or shell out heaps of money on some boat storage facility. Is there a free storage place somewhere? Can I just leave it tied up to some tree on a little beach? Any advice would be much appreciated. BTW I live around lane cove/hunters hill/Gladesville
  3. pugzthugz

    Please help!

    Hi guys, so obviously I have caught fish, however, being pretty new to fishing I just can't reliably catch fish. Now, I know that you will always have quiet days out fishing where the fish just aren't biting but I would go so far as to say that I only catch a fish in 1 out of 10 fishing sessions. Yeah I know right🤯. I'm aware that obviously, I can't substitute experience or become a superstar overnight but I still feel as if I should be able to catch a fish the majority of the time I go fishing. Please help. BTW my local species are bream, flathead, whiting and sometimes leatherjackets.
  4. pugzthugz


    So I'm going to do some beach fishing pretty soon and I've prepared a berley bag. I have been intending to put some fish frames or guts in it but up until now I haven't actually thought about how to get this stuff. Stupid I know😕. But how do you actually get fish frames if you don't have any left over from your last catch or how do you substitute for them?
  5. pugzthugz

    whiting rigs?

    Hey guys, just wondering what rig/s I should use for whiting off the beach. I've just got some size 6 long shank hooks and I am using pipi's and sandworms as bait.
  6. pugzthugz

    Salted bait?

    I'll consider that Connico, also have you noticed if fish actually like them as much?
  7. pugzthugz

    Salted bait?

    Thx guys 😀
  8. pugzthugz

    Bulk/cheap bait

    Ok, so everybody knows servo's + bait = ripoff and often tackle shops aren't much better. I was just wondering if there is any cheap solution to buying bait from places like servo's and tackle shops and if this includes buying in bulk.🤑
  9. pugzthugz

    Salted bait?

    There are some very mixed opinions about whether you should salt bait. I was just wondering if anybody here has some opinions about salting bait(mainly pilchards). Is it really that much tougher? Is it worth the effort? Do fish like it as much or even more? I'm just interested because I've had some problems with how soft pilchards are and how they sometimes come off the hook casting.
  10. pugzthugz

    beach fishing

    JonD, I'm taking multiple rods, My main one is a 5-8kg for anything from bream to tailor however I am also taking some very light rods hopefully for whiting. I will hopefully be catching bread and butter species and it will be high tide.
  11. pugzthugz

    beach fishing

    Thx, I'll keep this in mind😀
  12. pugzthugz

    beach fishing

    Hey guys, going to Narrabeen beach at around 12:00 in a few days. I haven't gone beach fishing before and quite obviously, I want to catch fish. I was just wondering how can maximise my chances of actually getting fish and perhaps scoring a feed.