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  1. Hey mate, weekdays are a bit tough with work and a young family but I’d be keen for a weekend beach sesh... I’ve wanted to fish Garie for a while now! You fish that area much?
  2. Hey 61 crusher, I hope the weather turns out better than it’s forecast down there this week mate, I think it was even looking like snow on Wednesday! I’ll be down there spinning the banks and soaking a few scrubbies over the weekend with my old man, we’re staying at the caravan park near the clay pits as well! Nice to know about the hatchery stock getting released! Be nice to snag a brooder 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  3. Hey guys, Just seeing if anyone would be interested in going out for a land based session around the Jervis Bay area chasing Kings or other pelagics. I’ve never fished there before, but have read a bit about it on here. Someone with a bit of local knowledge would be a bonus but not fussed if you don’t, just be good to get out there and have a crack! cheers 🤙🏻
  4. Hi Roger, Yea I think most of the best ledges have claimed their fair share of lives over the years! Thanks for your concern mate ?? Hey Derek, I'd like to target Kingfish as I haven't caught one yet ? Haha I'm not overly concerned if it's off ocean rocks or inside the harbour. I've been reading a few forums trying to find some land based spots along the coast and inside the harbour. Thats a good Jew mate! ? I've tried targeting them a few times up the parramatta river with no luck! My best is only mid 70's down the south coast! Cheers, Ragnar
  5. Hey guys, I'm relatively new to Sydney and am looking for someone interested in chasing some kings off blue fish or any other ledge around Sydney. I haven't fished blue fish before and have heard it can be a bit dicey but I'm keen to give it a crack! Anyways hit us up if you're keen! Cheers ??