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  1. Hi Guys, I've been fishing for the last year from wharfs and easy land based areas in the harbour areas and have had some good success and learnt a ton in that time period, however this weekend after long deliberation myself and my mate have decided to go to the northern beaches to have a fish on the beach itself, e.g Dee-why. 1. Can anyone advise a good decent spot to head to 2. Best rig setups and bait to use. 3. Low or high tide preferences ? My outfits for the weekend. Reel: Shimano Stella FJ 5000 (30lb Braid / 50lb Leader) Rod: Daiwa Sandstorm 10'6 (6-12kg) Reel: Shimano Bai
  2. Caught a 60cm Aus Salmon last week - See my fishing report for all the details man! If you wanna go out and try land a few together let me know !! I'm based in Neutral Bay
  3. Sound like a awesome fish to add on to my short list hahaha I really think l should land a few more salmon or tailor first then move on to some hard fish!! Thanks for your advice - If you ever go for a grooper but let me know l will PM my details always keen for a fish mate
  4. Thanks Again Derek! I will try and land a few through next week!!
  5. Hey Mate, Yeah last night l got 3 Yakkas in 5 Mins! like you said sabiki rig right next to the wharf!! I will def try the rig you mentioned! I will like to chase some tailor if that's the case as l got a salmon the other night, want to expand my list haha Thanks a lot mate!
  6. Yeah if l don't know what fish it is l will NOT touch it! Yeah I dragged the Jig across the bottom and felt the hit, but thought it was just me hitting it. Cheers mate
  7. @PaddyT Hey Mate, After speaking to a few people they have told me the same thing, I'm looking for fish that's a rather good battle and loves a live bait (Yakka) - recommended any ?
  8. Hey guys, put a line out last night and must of snagged this thing as I was doing my jig. Any idea on what it was? I didn't touch it at all just used plyers to get the hooks out.
  9. From Shore sorry - will edit my post
  10. Hey Guys, I'm based out of neutral bay and have been really wanting to chase some Kings. (LANDBASED) I have tried Pillies and a few other bait but realised where l have been going there is a fair few Yakkas. I wanted to know if anyone had ANY great advice on what is the best Rigs / Bait setup to chase them. eg - how to hook a Yakka correctly and what method to use to maximise the length of there life in the water swimming around I really want to land a few good ones before l move on to targeting my next fish. Any advice is greatly appreciated - If you would like to get together an
  11. Hey Guys!!! Last night l went out for a fish around the Neutral Bay Area, I grabbed a bunch of frozen Pillies & Prawns from the servo and made my way down. l was lucky enough to have @DerekD come down and show me a few good tricks, from squidling basics to just casting techniques... WOW he knows a lot!!! On arriving we setup and got into a bit of squidling after no success for the first 15-20mins we put that aside to get the other rods setup and put some bait out there, I simply cut the tails off the pillies put a decent hook through and loop it so it doesn't come off with only a
  12. Yeah I did mate, unfortunately is all topics from 2009 or 2006, I know most prob not much would change but wasn't from these areas originally and wasn't into to fishing at a early age (no one showed me or made the effort to teach me) Just wanted some recent information on the area but lucky enough l have someone with a lot of experience coming down to shed some light with me this evening!
  13. Thanks for sharing! Nice report and super wicked of you for letting your mate bring in his first fish, hopefully he enjoys it and has some story's of his own to share soon. Regards, Micheal aka. Fishing.Hooked
  14. Hey Kracka, I have taken on some extra work this Saturday for some extra cash but after that I'm free most weekend, l really apricate the offer tho and will definitely Hit you up soon to learn some methods you mentioned, l will PM you my number now and let me know next time you head out! Im going tonight to Kurraba Point just trying to figure out the place around there! Any tips ? Regards, Micheal
  15. Hi Neil, Shame to come up fishless for the evening but like you said would have been great to get back out there! I cant wait till its warmer also as when l have been going out I cant feel my hands!! Thanks for sharing, hope maybe one day we can get together and go for a fish mate and you can teach me a few things buddy! Regards, Micheal aka. Fishing.Hooked
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