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  1. Doza48

    My Stress Free new to me Boat

    Nice upgrade! Looks very good enjoy
  2. Doza48

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    ? I should have read this yesterday, another fishless morning this morning ? happy to get lessons off anyone anytime ?
  3. Doza48

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    I'm clearly useless but will have a better go around there next time i get out, Are you using plastics or Bait?
  4. Doza48

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    I drifted around past that side of Pulbah Island once, and caught an okay squid but that's about it
  5. Doza48

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    Nice One, And good luck Mate, hope you do better than me I have been toiling away on the Lake for a year now since i got my first boat (Mainly North of Pullbah) and not many fish bigger than my hand, But still always good just to be on the water
  6. I got that problem sorted with some help from Lowrance technical service, it was all in the settings. Now my problem seems to be either i don't know how to use it or i have not come over any fish since installing it. Have taken it out 4 ties since installing it the first on the Hawkesbury east of the road bridges and all i saw was 100's of fish nice nice arches and everything, until i realized it was picking up all the jellyfish ?‍♂️ The next 3 times have taken it out on lake Macquarie and found ZERO fish ? but that's about how many fish i tend to catch so probably should be all that surprised
  7. Same question hear too, when you say tilt forward, is that tilt the tip down?
  8. When you say tilt forward, is that tilt the tip down?
  9. Okay I’m making progress slowly I finally got the unit to read the transducer ( i needed to turn the 1st sonar slot so it would read the total scan transducer in the second slot) Took forever to update the unit but finally got there. Got on the water and it seems to work when going slow but as soon as I speed up the image drops out and the depth gauge drops out. Not sure if I’m doing something or if the guy last that installed have put the transducer in the wrong spot.
  10. At Eleebana, Formally of Narara ?
  11. Hope yours works when you put it in the water
  12. Sorry for another probably stupid question. I ended up getting the HDS 7 Carbon, and had it installed by the guys that service my motor, I was a little worried when i picked it up and the guy who installed said that unit didn't pick up the total scan transducer on set up so he put in (generic 83/200) so i popped down to the boat ramp on the way home and gotin the water only to find the sonar was not working, tried rebooting and setting up myself and yet again there was no total scan transducer to select from the list of transducers. Anyone set one of these up before? or know what transducer to pick from the list? Or anyone have one and can see what transducer was selected on set up?
  13. Thanks for your help guys, Went back to ask more questions and as yella king said it would, it actually came with the transducer, despite what they told me on the weekend when the young guy told me that no one supplies them with the transducer included these days, so the guy i saw last night pulled it out of the box to show me it did come with a totalscan transducer. So i got the HDS7 Carbon, now just need install it and then see what it can do Ill have 1 less excuse for not catching fish, i may have to admit I'm useless if i cant start catching ?
  14. Hey, Any help appreciated, This is probably a silly question to some, but as a lot of places seem sell the unit and the transducer separate, I got to thinking if i need a new transducer or not? I currently have an Lowrance Elite-4 that came with the boat when i got it, and it does not seem to work well at all, Navionics maps wont load on it and as far as the fish finder goes it does not seem very good at all, unless i'm doing something wrong. Long story short i have the green light from the Mrs to get a new one, and I'm looking at the Lowrance Elite 9 TI combo or the HDS7 carbon combo both a similar price from a shop anyone out there smarter than me and can advise what unit is better and also if i need to buy the a new transducer or if i can just use one that's currently connected to my Elite-4 ???? Should also mention main use will be in Lake Macquarie and Hawkesbury river Sorry photo of back of boat is the best shot i have of the transducer
  15. Thanks guys. I thought that might be the suggestion, just wanted to know if I was doing something simple wrong. Much appreciated