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  1. Hey y'all, Decided to make the most out of my lunch break when the rain stopped briefly in the afternoon. Haven't had access to my usual spots since lockdown started on my birthday in June (by far the worst birthday prezzie I've ever recieved), and haven't had much luck in my LGA except for the odd flattie. Safe to say I was pretty happy when I landed a 37cm trevally and a couple of small bream. Pretty good way to celebrate lockdown finally easing.
  2. Given the warm weather, decided to go to my local fishing spot and try blades for the first time after months of tiny bream, few and far between. To my surprise, i caught my first two perch (20ish cm and 37cm), along with a flathead (40cm) and a few bream around 20cm. Good night to say the least. https://imgur.com/a/lBLO558 [for pictures]
  3. Hooked on the wrong hole....
  4. Hey all, ive been fishing this spot up the parra river, very far up, near the parramatta ferry wharf, for the past few months or so. Great spot but ive only been getting large(ish) bream ever since i started fishing there. When i got there, i hooked up with the ol' faithful bait of cheese and bread then dunked it in the water, not a meter away from where i stood. seconds later, i get a bite from this fish ive never seen before. Found out later at home that its a luderick (blackfish) and i measured it to be around 30cm. Do they normally swim up this far?
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