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  1. TheFreakyFlatty

    Beach Fishing Tackle

    Cheers for the information Berleyguts. I'll have a look at the gear you have suggested. Thats cool to hear that the MT8120 is still in use after all these years. Also I just watched a video about using the search function before posting questions just after I posted. I'll keep that in mind for next time. Thanks again, TheFreakyFlatty
  2. TheFreakyFlatty

    Beach Fishing Tackle

    G'day fellow Fishraiders, I am a newbie here and have just recently started beach fishing along with my cousin TheSillySalmon. I have a beach rod however it is pretty average. I am just looking for some advice on what some of the best rods, reels and other tackles on the market are for beaches. At the moment I am aiming for Aussie Salmon however in the future I will also be trying to hook up some bigger fish like Jewies and other species. All answers are appreciated. Cheers, TheFreakyFlatty.