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  1. Hi all, I would appreciate any guidance Raiders may have for boating spots/tips between the Harbor Bridge and Gladesville (or there about). We launch from Rozelle so wanted to find some spots without heading to the heads. Not wanting GPS marks however some general tips. Looking for livebait / Squid(?) / Kingfish etc. Thanks,
  2. Hi all - more of a no fish report. Amazing conditions and on the water around sun up. Couldn't catch live bait to save ourselves - not alone either. Talking to boats around us they went to balmoral, west head and the wreck inside north head for Zilch. Swarms on the sounder at the artificial however think they were leatherjackets as we and a couple of others kept getting bitten off. Ended up with one squid so headed out to the FAD - it was dead! 2 other boats sitting around 100m off and no one catching anything. We tried trolling, squid strips, poppers - nothing. Cruised in to some of the outer long reef spots and nothing on the sounder so headed to South head for a downrig with our remaining squid. Nothing! Raptor charters were working the same spot as us with live bait and also nothing from them - was told only 1 rat and a bonnie for the morning. Over to north head and nothing! Finally into middle harbour and just had our bait taken by pickers so called it a day. Anyone do any better? Might just be my bad karma.....
  3. Thanks for the responses. Wrap would be ok for the hull however that is in good nick. Its the express model so no flybridge to worry about. Sample of the crazing in the close up.
  4. Hi Raiders, Anyone know of a reasonably priced (stop laughing) fiberglass repair paint shop in Sydney? Need the topside of my old Riviera 27 looked at to repair spider crazing and a repaint to return her to glory. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry got the fad wrong. Syd north. And got the email today. Its back!
  6. HI yes I check there. Received the email a while ago when it was missing however cant recall receiving one advising it is back. I thought I saw a FAD being taken out a week ago and wanted to check with the community if it was back.
  7. Hi - can anyone confirm if the Sydney Harbor FAD has been replaced? Thanks. GI
  8. All, Currently running 2 outfits for Syd harbor and inshore: 'Light/med" - Quantum Response 7201 SPQ 4-6kg rod w Shimano Aernos 4000FA with braid (unknown weight) and 5kg leader - used for squid and catching live bait 'Heavy' - Shimano Terez TZS72MHBLK-OZ 13-22kg rod w Saragosa 8000 with 20kg braid and 30kg leader - used for kings on livebait or strips on downrigger of drift Feeling that the heavy outfit is too heavy for the smaller kings and not sure if the lighter one is strong enough. Wondering if reload the light outfit with 6kg braid and 10kg leader and use for kings using small livies and strips and purchase a nice new 2-4kg outfit for squiding and flatties etc or: Get something in between the two for small kings around 8-10kg Any recommendations in the Shimano range would be appreciated.
  9. First time poster: Boat based report - (Riv 27 Hardtop) Went out early (6am) with an awesome weather report and high expectation. Need a quick session to be back by lunch. No luck with yakkas or squid south side of middle head. Few boats were picking up the odd yakka and further out a few squid were picked up - not by us... we had some squid from the previous trip so moved on. Water was filthy dirty with loads of rubbish drifting by. Headed out to Narrabeen wreck (?) and a couple of reefs with no luck apart from a Sargent Baker on a Shimano Coltsniper wonderfall!. Some bait on the sounder however was feeling queasy from staring at the screen too long..... Headed back into the heads and dropped a whole squid on the downrigger at 10m. Right on the outside corner of north head picked up 3 Rat Kings (50-60cm) on the squid and one more casting the jig in at the wash. At one point there was 12 boats on this spot with guys on sinking fly's killing it. Everyone was hooking up for a while. Seas were bigger that forecast and the back wash was pretty bad as we were right in close. with time running out called it a day. No pics - wanted to get the little fellas back in asap. Thanks for reading. GI
  10. Hi - anyone have any recommendations for a charter operator out of Port Stephens? Thanks in advance.
  11. grantos

    Members Boats.

    Old Boat - 90 Riviera 27 - new to us - amazing condition 5.7 Volvo Penta runs smooth if not a little thirsty No work done apart from a refresh of the dash and electronics.. Downrigger and removable bait tank (BaitMate) on the way ready for summer. Just need to get the confidence up offshore and hit the wider marks to put my partner onto the fish! Cant believe how crowded the inner spots (north head, old mans hat etc.) get - you can literally have a conversation with the boat next to you....
  12. Hi all, Recently acquired an older Riviera and wanted to get the LPG stove and system re-certified for my own safety. No amount of googling, searching or calling can find me a marine gas fitter that will do this work. Can anyone recommend a tradie that could do this work? Based at Rozelle boathouse. Thanks in advance.