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  1. Great report Gents, some good time on the water, a quality Blue eye and raising a marlin πŸ‘ I haven't done any deep drop fishing as yet, interesting to see another boat in the background that far out I guess it's a known spot! Prices aren't too bad online for sinkers, Viro 3kg are $15 delivered online, depends how often you lose them I guess.. and how many spare house bricks you have lying around πŸ˜†
  2. Another great squid session in a number of days @danielsydney, awesome! Some crackers there and looks like you have them worked out in your area! I put a post on your other thread from Saturday similar to Zorans questions around the rig used, are you just using a single large squid jig (33g) without a sinker?
  3. I'm also keen to hear @danielsydney's reply for this also @anthman. Also, any tips for cleaning squid ink off a painted rear section of aluminium boat, I've left some there for a while now and it's pretty well stuck on! We've been working paternoster rigs with two smaller jigs in the lake here for arrows, works well for that smaller variety and can adjust the sinker for windier/faster drifts. Haven't tried it offshore for green eyes, but am keen to try it out. More info here on this style of rig:
  4. Thanks for some great tips @Pickles, I seem to get yakkas quite easily most days in the ocean out of Swansea Heads using the standard bait jigs (sabiki), however I need to find some backup spots for those days when they don't fire and your tips sound like good advice for those days when they are not dime a dozen. I keep a sabiki rod rigged up in the boat, which helps reduce tangles and be instantly ready for slimies, just need to remember to wash it with fresh water else the hooks from last time rust. I buy the sabiki rigs in bulk off ebay and find the green ones seem to work better he
  5. Those TD Black rods look sweet@Rock hopper, how balanced is the 2500 on the 10-15kg rod?
  6. That session was really informative, some good tips on catching flatty's on bait and lure and some good education around the significantly positive impacts of returning large females as identified via formal research.
  7. Making memories, good times!
  8. Well done, great to see the persistence pay off and hear of your good times with mates. A well written report also, cheers!
  9. Thanks for all the advice here guys, some great tips which I hope help the next guy. I resolved my issue in the weekend, I looked over everything previously posted and replaced the wear plate and rubber pickup tube. The old pickup tube was on the engine side, and I think it may not have been lined up exactly with the pickup from the water pump housing. To clear up the questions above, regarding overheating the engine was getting warmer every second in idle going from running temp at 30% on the gauge slowly over 45 seconds to 100% of the gauge. This video put me onto the pickup t
  10. If it's overheating next trip I'll review and take a video for advice on the telltale.
  11. Thanks @Smobaby and @Zoran, I haven't managed to get back on the water as yet, but I did pull the leg off on the weekend and review the impeller, not sure I have the rubber grommet you refer to though, see photos below? Since I had a spare new impeller and was clutching at straws I replaced it as well as the two rubber washer/bushing which I had not replaced with the previous impeller. Only thing worth noting is the slightly used impeller (2 half day trips) has a slightly roughed edges as per the photo, will see how it goes now when I get a chance to hit the water. I put some silicon gre
  12. Thanks for the trouble shooting tips guys, here are my answers to the questions: It seems OK, not dribbling but running solid, not racing like under full steam. I bought this kit: https://www.outboardspares.com.au/ossk32o Mercury Mariner 50-60hp 2 Stroke Service Kit with Oils (OSSK32O) The thermostat has the same markings as the old one which worked OK, and they both functioned OK when I put then in a pan of water and heated it up so I think this is OK. New one opened slightly earlier and a bit further but that would make the engine cooler right? I can't fin
  13. Hi All, I'm after some tips from the community as my Mercury 2001 3cyl 50hp outboard is overheating when in neutral? Interestingly it does not overheat when on the hose at home (more water pressure I assume), or when moving along, it only gets hot when idling in neutral. Water appears to be coming out fine from the outboard, as long as I don't sit for 30 secs at idle it still runs well have done many miles in it since noticing this. Now I've recently done a service, so either I buggered something up or this is coincidental timing.. service involved new impeller, gearbox oil, spark pl
  14. I'll second platypus mono, never had an issue with it, my preferred mono. Regarding braid I've been running Daiwa jbraid for 6/8 pound setups, power pro 20lb/50lb for heavier gear (bottom bashing, live baiting, trolling etc.). Happy with these brands. I have also had some 30lb Chinese braid on an overhead for bottom bashing and it's amazingly strong, got caught on the bottom the other day and needed a lot of force to break it. If i could remember the Chinese brand I'd buy more as it was much cheaper than the power pro and seems comparable after a couple of years using both
  15. Have you read this thread @OttoVu? Worth a read if not for a braid overview:
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