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  1. Following a Saturday getting out on the lake to watch the racing 'super boats' with the kids I found a window for a fish on Sunday arv. After losing my favourite lure to a large unsighted specimen two weeks ago I'd received 3 more of the exact lure in the post (yo-zuri divers) and was keen to try for the same beast that stripped my line from a 10,000 saragosa on a 24kg t-curve, then snapped my 60lb leader when running around a breakwall. I'm picturing a kingy with my yo-zuri hanging out of it's mouth but who knows what it was, that's fishing! For this trip I started a troll up the channel and out of the heads, the SE made for bumpy conditions in the 4.6m Stacer and given I accidentally left my phone in the car and was by myself figured I'd head back into the channel. Whilst the beast from last time wasn't available for round two the new lure came good and I caught a flatty on my on the way to the sandy flats, then another soon after pulling up on a smaller white hard bodied lure (44 & 46cm). Interestingly the flatty's must have been chewing on small crabs, as a couple were regurgitated into my live tank where I kept the flatty's fresh for a little while. I might have to try the cranka crabs in flathead country and see how they go.. All in all a good result to get out for some sun and time on the water, looking forward to more time out after work for sunset now we have daylight savings time in NSW.
  2. Nice write up, I lost my favourite lure to something big the other day.. then I found a bucket floating offshore.. $30 lure for a $1 bucket, better than nothing I guess 😂, if anyone catches a decent kingy with a yo-zuri in it's gob I'd like it back!
  3. Wow @Rszarka, with or without the pulley system, imagine doing that procedure with a couple of rods, tackle bag and bucket!
  4. This website is pretty handy, it says gunard go alright @saltrix
  5. Nice fish @kiwibrown, I think I know the location that you are headed for on your next fish! Were you using gang hooks on a whole pilly?
  6. Wow, thanks for sharing, what an epic adventure and fantastic memories! Love the photos.
  7. Nice work @sam bros, you need to go fishing more and to keep a healthy 'uni life balance' I think
  8. Great bag @rickmarlin62, reading about the double hookup I'm wondering what your blackfish rig looks like, a SNAFU rig?
  9. Nice result for a quick local fish with old bait. Come to think of it, we've caught some of our best bream off the shore on kids rods, not in the boat on bream gear 😂
  10. Awesome info @LandBasedKeith, thanks mate. I've saved that image to my phone for the future!
  11. Nice catch @blaxland, top photos also. I'm keen to target snapper off Swansea way, what bait was your burley trail and did you do one long drift of multiple shorter drifts over a target area? A top tip another raider had for offshore "anchoring" offshore is use an electric bow motor instead.. guess it depends on the time in one spot and conditions but certainly an option.
  12. @LandBasedKeithgreat report mate. I've seen a few posts related to blackfish this winter I bought some floats and hooks recently but am yet to try it.. do you have any tips on how to put the weed on the hook and how much weed to use?
  13. Great report Toby, some ripper fish there mate!
  14. Great report @Berrero, quality fish (the flatty would look better against my size 10 shoes though). I've got some great tips which helped me get more fish from YouTube also. I'll check out sand flats fishing Australia now for sure! You certainly don't need a record session to lodge a fishing report, else I'd not have lodged any reports 😂!
  15. Awesome mate, they are one of my favourite fish to catch, and not nice on the bbq (although not all will agree with me for eating, I like them!)