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  1. lakelad

    Shimano TLD 50

    This made me laugh 😂, you're right! For smaller overheads for bottom bashing and light trolling I have a couple of Shimano Charter Specials, they have levelwind, only small reels though..
  2. lakelad

    Jig heads

    What are the thoughts on closing the gape a little bit with also some side angle being applied, like a typical hook? Seems to me it might adds value, but haven't tried it just thought of that reading your post..
  3. lakelad

    Braid for beginners

    My favourite braid is the Daiwa braid in x4, however I only use that one in 6 and 8 pound on 2500 reels, and I use those regularly. I get it off fleabay, mainly as my shop doesn't stock that brand, and it's convenient to have it arrive at home, I have a new/spare x8 variant to try in the boat. Berkeley braid in 12lb is on one of my 4000 reels and I hate it, it's too stiff, colour faded fast and a real pain compared to other brands. Power pro is on my Sustain 5000 in 20lb, it's a bit stiffer than I expected but have hauled some decent fish in on this 20lb setup and never had an issue. I get that when my local shop has 20% off sales, or off fleabay, it gives me that good brand name feeling but I'm pretty sure it's not worth the RRP cash! For heavier setup's I have used the Chinese braid with good success, can't recall the brand but I've been impressed with it and not had any failures in a couple of years. I google forums for what was working for people and went with the majority, some Chinese braids have some classic names 😁. The cost makes it easier on the pocket when spooling 300-500m of braid, you can load the whole reel without spending $100 or worry about knots and weak points. I did have some issues with a fluro carbon labelled Japanese something off ebay, it's still in the naughty corner in the garage after I lost a larger flatty at the net on the 30lb variety.. 😪
  4. lakelad

    Morning kingys off stones

    The dog had the hook in his leg.. trying to stop a dog who is attached to a line isn't easy!
  5. lakelad

    Morning kingys off stones

    I was on a remote pacific island and one of the island staff got hooked with a snelled hook whilst trying to cut it from the first hook which was in his agitated dog.. we had to cut the hook and push it all the way through his hand.. not much fun and plenty of antiseptic was applied afterwards..
  6. lakelad

    Before work Squid Session

    Nice work, yum yum.
  7. lakelad

    Central Coast Beach Fishing

    And white pointers 😁
  8. lakelad

    More squid

    yum yum
  9. lakelad

    Do Bonito cook up any good?

    Bumping an old thread here, but relevant. I caught Bonito yesterday and enjoyed some straight out of the ocean, next time you catch one do yourself a favour and get a clean knife/board and try some Bonito sashimi. This must be quite common, I had the option presented on a fishing charter boat recently also - delicious!
  10. lakelad

    Swansea Session - Bonito

    Cheers for the comments, here's a photo of the fish. As well as eating some I will definitely salt a few up and see how that goes as bait. Had some on the boat, delicious! The fresh bonito has worked well for me in the past so will try get out tomorrow.
  11. lakelad

    Swansea Session - Bonito

    Hi All, Was looking for a window to go fishing yesterday, around weather and family commitments, at 4pm I secured a window until 7pm between activities.. busy weekend.. Although less time than I usually prefer it allowed a solid 2 hours after putting the runabout in to chase some fish. Worth a shot. I was planning to chase the usual suspects of bream, flatty, trevally, snapper around etc. the breakwalls and drop over with some last minute servo mullet. However after a quick chat at the boat ramp hearing that it was flat as with the westerly blowing and bonito were about I thought I'd go troll some lures and throw some jigs around and see how I went. I threw out a skirted surface lure (pink/purple) as I exited the channel and after not long going North off 9 mile beach I heard the wonderful sound of line racing off! In came a nice, perhaps small to average sized bonito. With the confirmation they were about I threw out another skirted lure in the orange variety and it wasn't long before I was pulling in more. I seemed to get the larger ones on the orange, which was also the lighter rod of course! Great fun on a light rod. I also managed a quick moment to send my mate (who was too busy to come) a quick video of both lines taking off and asking which one I should get first Having used bonito as bait with great success lately and also enjoying them for dinner I continued to catch a bag (bleed them straight away is recommended, more raider preferences here for those interested). I won't need to get those servo mullet fillets for the next few sessions, might even try salting some as per this raider thread. All in all a good few hours and was back home in time for the next adventure. Stay tuned for how the bonito bait goes!
  12. lakelad

    botany bay 30/01/2019

    ah.. thanks mate, I wouldn't mind a hoody myself!
  13. lakelad

    Lifejacket Service Clinics

    That's great if it's in your area and not sure what to do, free clinics including replacement parts..
  14. lakelad

    botany bay 30/01/2019

    Alright, can someone tell me what a hoody is?!
  15. lakelad

    Hawksbury Launch Sunday

    Checkout this @Farvos, has some related info and closures listed/mapped.