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  1. Well that's a nice surprise! We were anchored fishing Saturday night in the lake bait fishing for bream/snapper/trevs and an unlucky blue swimmer swum over and right into our net, I didn't knock that back either
  2. Often we see the largest Snapper falling to plastics in these reports. Nice fish!
  3. Nice haul, and the wife is definitely a keeper. How'd you get the squid @GoingFishing, do you throw a larger size squid jig out when bottom bashing just in case the squid or cuttles are there?
  4. Fantastic @reelemin, sounds like a hot session and the best memories for you both to share. There are some good whiting tips in a couple of the Australian Lure Fishing pod casts episodes, I think fresh bait is best as you found but I have thrown some worm soft plastics in my bag for those 'just in case' days.. I find the podcast is something different to throw on in the car to work.
  5. Yum! Nice catch, I've been meaning to give blackfishing a go, I have some floats and those small green hooks and have read the black fishing tips thread on this forum. Your post has made me keen to give it a go!
  6. Nice fish @campr shame about the hook, a reminder for us all, really only a matter of time for most this type of thing. @wazatherfisherman I was wondering the same thing, the approach described here to disengage the barb with the needle is clever. I got a treble stuck in my finger recently (Zerek vibe trebles are bloody sharp!), was at home preparing the boat for a fish at the time and went to the local hospital which is pretty close. In my case they took an xray to check if it was caught on anything, then got some big pliers and pushed the barb in further till it went back out th
  7. I see the PLB as a necessity for that situation KB, most offshore style life jackets have the pocket for PLB/knife/strobe. That man was lucky to have his knife and PLB on his person and accessible when he got knocked off the boat.. scary stuff.. It's mandated for offshore yacht racing now, and PLB's are good value, I remember paying almost $2k for one to do the Sydney to Hobart years ago and it was bulkier. The life cell looks great for the situation where you have enough time to grab it, and much better than the plastic crate I've got hidden under the bow on my boat.. time to do some onl
  8. Great report and photos @Fergofisher, were you fishing whole squid and yakkas, or strips? Two hooks and paternoster sinker? Nothing like watching the busy world/traffic blast by and be relaxing in the boat, great way to clear the head, and to snag some soapies is a bonus. Keep the reports coming!
  9. I was thinking the same thing, if I broke someone else's rod I'd be replacing it for sure, that's just the done (right) thing yeh?
  10. Great report Gents, some good time on the water, a quality Blue eye and raising a marlin 👍 I haven't done any deep drop fishing as yet, interesting to see another boat in the background that far out I guess it's a known spot! Prices aren't too bad online for sinkers, Viro 3kg are $15 delivered online, depends how often you lose them I guess.. and how many spare house bricks you have lying around 😆
  11. Another great squid session in a number of days @danielsydney, awesome! Some crackers there and looks like you have them worked out in your area! I put a post on your other thread from Saturday similar to Zorans questions around the rig used, are you just using a single large squid jig (33g) without a sinker?
  12. I'm also keen to hear @danielsydney's reply for this also @anthman. Also, any tips for cleaning squid ink off a painted rear section of aluminium boat, I've left some there for a while now and it's pretty well stuck on! We've been working paternoster rigs with two smaller jigs in the lake here for arrows, works well for that smaller variety and can adjust the sinker for windier/faster drifts. Haven't tried it offshore for green eyes, but am keen to try it out. More info here on this style of rig:
  13. Thanks for some great tips @Pickles, I seem to get yakkas quite easily most days in the ocean out of Swansea Heads using the standard bait jigs (sabiki), however I need to find some backup spots for those days when they don't fire and your tips sound like good advice for those days when they are not dime a dozen. I keep a sabiki rod rigged up in the boat, which helps reduce tangles and be instantly ready for slimies, just need to remember to wash it with fresh water else the hooks from last time rust. I buy the sabiki rigs in bulk off ebay and find the green ones seem to work better he
  14. Those TD Black rods look sweet@Rock hopper, how balanced is the 2500 on the 10-15kg rod?
  15. That session was really informative, some good tips on catching flatty's on bait and lure and some good education around the significantly positive impacts of returning large females as identified via formal research.
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