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  1. Seems to me the council is focused on the small day to day operational issues, not the big picture benefits a healthy lake system brings (economic/lifestyle etc.). I'd have thought this tourist destination this close to Sydney would benefit tremendous economic value from a healthy lake system - let alone the locals who pay their tax for it!
  2. I thought this also until I read into spiking lately, the RSPCA actually advise that ice is not a humane method to kill fish: However it's recommended for crustaceans: I've ordered a spike and will give this a go, great thread!
  3. Thanks @rickmarlin62, great info, I love Fish Raider and the knowledge shared, I'll post for others when I put this advice into action!
  4. @Adzyideal I'm not a Sydney local and if you try sending some PM's to those posting fish in Sydney I reckon you'll get some tips for areas to get started. I can see the first photo here doesn't have any land in the background so perhaps try around the heads and keep an eye on other fishing boats and if they're hooking up when you head out.. these tips have worked for me in the past. Also, good work on the squid and yakkas, half the battle knowing where to get these quickly!
  5. @rickmarlin62 whats the proven approach for green eyes off the rocks with regards to jig size, retrieve style, cover/walk a larger area or wait for them to come? I've done ok in the past drifting in the lake for arrows, but I haven't seen numbers in lake mac yet
  6. Great shore based session! Do you put the hook through the tail or head of the nipper and what size hook did you use? Also, can any fellow raiders around Lake Macquarie PM me some places to pump a few nippers?! I imagine Swansea way might have some good spots?
  7. Nice bunch of fish πŸ˜ƒ. What species are the red ones on the mat?
  8. Mmm squid... I haven't gone squidding since before the colder months, do you guys target them all year around and in the same locations all year around?
  9. Great session, photos and write up! πŸ‘ How'd you get the poddy's, a trap that folds up for the kayak or on line? What was your setup for hooking the livies? I've been looking to do this and was considering a single size 4 through octopus through the top lip and small sliding ball sinker sinker to keep the bait fish down..
  10. Ah, the drone of summer cicadas is almost upon us. Nice work, looks like a fun way to fish!
  11. Great post, glad everyone is ok they can buy new gear. Those waist life jackets look good for rock fishing. I've snapped surfboard leashes before and gone from comfortable to very uncomfortable in an instant, let alone being next to rocks in heavy wet clothing.
  12. Nice work! Top fish, that's one fat flatty πŸ‘
  13. But how can you measure the 3m flatty's on a brag mat? 😁
  14. What's your technique with the plastics @Formosan, anchored or drifting and casting ahead of the boat?
  15. A timely reminder @blindmullet, I wonder if they are completing follow up testing as recommended by the professor?