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  1. lakelad

    Swansea, bait balls but no luck

    Wow! That's a serious squid!! What's the standard approach and rig to use Rick? i.e. drifting or anchor, and paternoster squid rig or casting singles? I've thought about this setup..
  2. lakelad

    Swansea, bait balls but no luck

    No I didn't try that @Squ!rt but will give it a go at some stage, certainly always seems to be someone throwing some jigs there so must be something in it.. I've caught green eye squid at the bridge a few years back, when they're on they're on, but I haven't worked out the conditions it's very hit and miss. I see good reports of squid around moon island, but am yet to give it a serious go. Around April I was getting bag limit of the arrows at the drop over regularly, probably my favourite seafood!
  3. Went out at Swansea Heads last Sunday for a quick couple of hours before sunset. Was about 2m of swell running and approaching sunset so I didn't stray too far in a small boat by myself. First stop was the dropover in the lake, threw out some squid jigs for a drift and worked a vibe, the only taker was an unfortunate squire who bit off more than he could chew. Then trolled two lines out of the heads, one surface skirt and one rapala style deep diver but no hits after half hour going over some bait balls on the sounder so went back to a bait ball I saw and threw some baits and metal jigs into it. I had a half dead yakka out, and patenoster rig and threw a soft plastic and metal jig but couldn't get anything out of the bait ball, although it looked promising on the sounder.. All in all a nice way to get out on the water for a few hours, an edible fish or two would have been nice though! Any tips on getting action from these bait balls?
  4. Cheers mate

  5. Hi all Blackfish fishers! been 6 months since a post here but still relevant.. I'm considering getting a blackfish rod setup, does anyone use a baitrunner style reel rather than a centre pin and do they work as well? Shimano start in 4000 size, not sure if too big or if suitable but as I could also use it for other types of fishing it's appealing.. Cheers!
  6. lakelad

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    I've been looking into blackfish also as the winter months the usual suspects have become harder to get. I don't have any spots as yet however checkout this link on fish raider, loads of top information and maybe some members you can PM for a local tip or two
  7. lakelad

    Northern Beaches

    The wobbly rollers can come off if washers aren't used either side or is using a non-stainless split pin or too small split pin, center rollers I've worn through when using the wrong type (red for glass, blue for aluminium, black is usually too soft for a keel/skeg). Colours are right mostly, but sometimes online/exotic compounds don't follow these rules so best check with supplier! I've bought rollers from the local trailer shop, whitwrths and ebay depending on time and price requirements. You should be able to tell if it fell off or broke away from what's left (split pin and washers or not).
  8. lakelad

    Any pointers for Lake Macquarie?

    @RedSeaFisho, checkout this article, still relevant: A good place to get bait and have a chat about current local conditions is: My general advice is to try for arrow squid at drop over, green eyes at moon island, black fish in channel near breakwalls, flatties/bream/trevally are all around the channel at the moment. If you find a guaranteed snapper or jew fish spot let me know!
  9. lakelad


    Glad you mentioned it I didn't know that! Could be a can of worms why and why not I guess.. Not sure I'd like to be with those large tuna alone, let alone sharks!
  10. lakelad

    Beach fishing budgewoi!

    I went off the beach last weekend also, no luck in about half an hour with a pilchard on gangs, second rod with smaller piece of mullet on a 3 sized hook. I fished a hole where a rip was going out, the swell was too large elsewhere, top day for surfing in some sections but a bit rough for a fish where I was.
  11. lakelad

    Two morning sessions chasing squid

    I'm not the OP but I find rolling in flour then cooking on a well oiled BBQ gives an amazing taste - my favourite seafood! ..or is it lobster, crab, prawns, oysters.. tough choice! 😁 They don't need long, once the rings stop shrinking they're done, maybe 30 secs a side depends on the bbq heat..
  12. lakelad

    Brisbane Waters Donut

    👍 agreed, looks like a top day spent outdoors
  13. lakelad

    Central Coast Creek bream

    Nice bream and report, yes I reckon the eels can keep the hooks 😬
  14. lakelad

    Port Hacking

    Great flattie, would have been fun on the hand line!
  15. lakelad

    Lazy Winters Day Swansea Offshore

    Thanks @Peter Nelson, that looks like a good start, here's the link for anyone interested: @joshgraydon95 great will do mate 👍