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  1. Fischerfishin

    Port stephens let down

    Hi fellow raiders, With Sydney being filled with rats at the moment me and some mates decided to get away to chase some bigger kings. We decided Nelson’s bay would be a good place to try so headed there for 4 days in high hopes of some tight lines. With a nor easter blowing a pretty strong gale most afternoons early morning was our best shot of getting out as we only have 4m tinnys. First we went out to cabbage tree island and picked up some slimeys and yakkas. We trolled them around the island for abit without even a nudge from anything. So we decided to head our to the kingfish farms. Searched around for about half an hour but could not find them at all and the picture we had of where they were in between cabbage tree island and Broughton Island was definitly not accurate. So we headed back without any luck as the wind started to hit. Next day tried down at middle island near soldiers point using poppers and stickbaits again without even an enquiry from a fish. Also popped and used stickbaits off cabbage tree island with nothing. Only on our last day we got 2 small bonitos around 30-40cm on a small x-rap trolling lure. With our hearts broken we headed back to Sydney. I guess we will have to Try find where the big ones are hanging out down here. Anyone else found the same thing at the moment? The water was also a cool 17.2° so maybe they’ve headed to abit warmer water for now.
  2. Fischerfishin

    Kings in the port hacking

    After some advice from someone with some knowledge on Catching kingys in the hacking. After having no luck on catching them through winter I’m still yet to find where they are sitting. Any tips would be great, not after your secret spot but if someone could lead me in the right direction or show me some spots where they’ve been caught that would be awesome. My 2 setups I use are a daiwa gen black 2-7kg with a stradic 3000 with 15pound braid and 20 pound leader for smaller poppers and surface lures. And a daiwa saltist with a stradic 4000 with 20 pound braid and 30pound leader for bigger poppers and bait. Cheers in advance
  3. Fischerfishin

    Georges River/Botany Bay Bream Fishing

    If you have a smaller tinny or kayak venture up the canals in Sylvania Waters. Soft plastics do the trick for me but I’m sure prawns or nippers will be just as effective. Doesn’t always pay off in there but have definitly had some solid sessions producing up to 40cm bream. Good luck
  4. Fischerfishin

    Looking for some Lake Macquarie tips

    Hi raiders, Im heading up to Lake Macquarie next weekend and looking for some tips. I’m planning on using just a light lure setup with 10 pound braid to 16pound leader. Using a range of lures and soft plastics, and also if we get some squid or baitfish then will drop some bait on my medium setup. I also have a 3.7m tinny we will be going around in. Does anyone know this System well and can shed some light on where to fish, mainly for some salmon, tailor, bream and Flathead. Also somewhere for some squid. From my research it looks like the entrance to the lake at Swansea is good for salmon on the rising tide.Green point has come up abit depending on the swell. And also the artificial reefs within the lake. Obviously winter fishing is abit harder going and that’s why I’m after someone who knows this system better and can lead me in the right direction. Any tips would be helpful. Happy fishing ?
  5. Fischerfishin

    Offshore fishing

    Hello fishraiders, I’m Josh and me and a freind looking at doing some offshore fishing but only have a small tinny. We are 19, based in south Sydney and very easy people to get along with looking for someone to take us offshore to get onto some bigger fish. We are happy to pay for fuel and even a little more if someone is willing to take us out. Feel free to message me if you have any questions and we can organize a date and time. Thanks in advance
  6. Fischerfishin

    Port hacking fishin

    To be honest I’m not quite familiar with my hook and sinker sizes but usually i anchor up, only just gotten into mushing some pillies up for burley and chucking them in a burley bucket. But as for setting up my tackle usually a medium sized sinker to a swivel. Then about a meter of mono to my hook and just dropping it to the bottom. I also want to start using some live bait such as yakkas and slimey makarel to see if that can get me into something bigger. I did buy a Lowrance hook2 4x gps fishfinder about 2 weeks ago but not sure how accurate it is seeing as it’s cheap and it says there’s fish underneath but nothing biting. Does anyone have any experience with this fishfinder and find it’s pretty accurate? Thanks
  7. Fischerfishin

    Port hacking fishin

    Hello fellow raiders My names josh and I’m from the Sutherland Shire south Sydney. Just after a few tips on fishing the port hacking and even the Georgers river. First an introduction to myself, I’m 19 and have recently been getting more serious about fishing. My lure setup is a Shimano cazna with 10pound Berkeley fireline with 16 pound fc rock leader, on a Shimano sss graphite 662 spin rod 3-5kg. Medium setup is a Shimano stradic 4000 with 20p j braid 4 strand with 30pound black magic leader on a 2-4kg daiwa saltist rod. And my heavy serup is a penn 750 with 30 pound penn mono on a 5-10kg penn Mariner rod. Not sure if it’s just winter fishing but really been struggling on hooking up to much recently. The places I’ve mainly been fishing from my 3.7m tinny are Jibbon Beach, the hole in South West arms, infront of the sailing club in buraneer bay and around salmon haul, and ofcourse dropping a line here and there. The best I’ve done recently was a 65cm tailor at shark island and a 70 cm salmon out at botany but that’s about it for legal fish in the past 4 months. Just after some tips from some people who know the river abit better as I’ve only had my tinny for about a month and have no clue where the best place to drop a line is. The main baits I use are fresh squid, mullet fillet and pillies. And a range of soft plastics and lures. The main fish I would like to target are kingfish, jewfish, Flathead and salmon. I’ve been putting in as much effort and time as I can even going out sometimes 4 times a week but still struggling to get some decent fish. If anyone has any spots they would be able to share or tips on targeting these fish it would be much appreciated. Also been struggling to get onto some squid aswell so some tips on that would be great. Thanks in advance and happy fishing ?