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  1. bkinsman

    Diawa Double Clutch Colours?

    I have soft plastics and hard surface. Looking for something sub surface, thought these were the go
  2. After whiting & flatties in Sydney. What colours you reckon?
  3. I’m thinking train to Windsor then colo or Lithgow then cox’s kinda stuff. Anyone on here into that sort of thing?
  4. bkinsman

    Manly Dam advice

    I'm keen to hit up sometime if anyone's keen
  5. bkinsman

    Trout near train station?

    Sweet as, cheers for the tip. I do a lot of km’s on and off-road so it wasn’t too difficult. I’ll suss out your suggestion on a map.
  6. bkinsman

    Trout near train station?

    Haha just to clarify I'm on a bike so not completely immobile.. On long weekend trained it to Blackheath then rode to the Cox's, found a nice little bit and there were trout! They were very skittish so I think I need to work on some stealth, Had some lunch and a couple of beers (I came prepared) then rode back out of Jenolan Caves road and onto to Lake Lyell, which was a bit of a non event due to people on boats.. Climbed back uphill out of there and then rode onto Lithgow and caught the train back to Sydney. Ended up being about 45km with roughly 1000m of climbing so nothing too painful. Looking forward to doing another day out there!
  7. anyone know of any decent streams close by to any train stations in the blue mountains?
  8. We'll be camping at Murphys Glen in the Blue Mountains soon just wondering if anyone can tell me if it's worth taking a rod or not?