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  1. Hers my take guys, I’m no kingfish expert but I’ve done a couple of years chasing them off the rocks and wharfs, and what I personaly found is if they are snooping around your bait and swimming away, there’s something wrong with it, either your hook is to heavy and it’s sinking to fast OR they can see the line, so if you lighten the hook gauge or lighten the tracer/leader it charges the outcome to a TAKE, but then comes the issue of landing it’ Good luck and I hope this helps’
  2. Wow, those are some great catches! even better memories of better times’
  3. Mate, that is a Cracker Croc! A story to tell forever! Good job!
  4. You Always makes me wanna go fishing instead of work! What color was the water mate?
  5. That is a wicked photo! WELL DONE’
  6. Wow the pain of finding a spring or Gromet when you put your reel back together’ can’t explain it! Great story and by catch of fishing rod tho’ 👍
  7. Mate great feed there definitely good for the table considering what fish markets want to charge for flathead’
  8. Mr Yowie! great read as always’ I’m happy to see the government has seen that fishing is good avenue for food and mental well being’ love the reads mate, always Brings back memories of dad teaching me to fish of the old rundown wooden warf at Lilly pilly’
  9. Nicely done’ amidst what looks like a carpark!
  10. Mowie was on patanoster and fresh slimy, and the snapper was on a big plastic’ good eye for the squid ink mate 😅
  11. Went South coast today, covered plenty of ground and found the fish spread out, a few small dolphin fish at the fads and a couple spear Fisho’s with no flags in between a conveyer belt of boats fishing the fads, they had a few close calls’ couldn’t raise any kings with lives’ Went to target something for dinner on the 70m reefs n got into afew reef species then hooked this stonker 70cm snapper on 20lb braid’ cheers, Mark’
  12. Rat kings down south, smashing live yakkaz if you can get em, good fun on light tackle, unfortunately didn’t bring heavier gear so got smoked afew times. Ended up landing about 5 lost about the same. Hopefully this is the start of the kings down here, and hopefully they get bigger. Only one crappy photo sorry hard to take photos on such a small platform, this fish was 62 Location: Kembla breakwall Rig: 20lb braid running sinker to swivel, metre of 20lb trace single 3/0 circle bait: live yellowtail
  13. That’s disgusting to hear someone nicking traps! I have never seen a crab like that, that’s intresting to see actually, we’re you using witches hats or traps?’ thanks for the report’
  14. Hello fellow Raiders, I was wondering if anyone has fished port Kembla outer harbour break wall recently? My father and I went about 3weeks ago the gates to the wall were closed? Anyone know if they have re opened them recently??
  15. Brought the old man for a rock session down south today, whilst on my 150th cast Spinning metals I look over and here’s my old man buckled over on a solid drummer. only fish of the day so at least we weren’t leaving empty handed’ Where-south of windang’ Bait- prawns burley- weed and sand
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