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  1. wait till i finish editing the 4wd video from the day after, busy is and understatement
  2. Thanks guys, i did my best to remember the day as i haven't had time to write the report due to being busy with stuff, plus the editing of vids, was a massive Long weekend for myself, sorting out fishing gear and fixing my brothers 4by on the friday, fish all day saturday 4am start got home round 9/10pm, then up sunday at 5am to go newnes 4wding, got home at 3am monday. then fix and rebuild the 4bys monday, big weekend. more vids to come
  3. Started out Early Saturday morning Long Weekend, Put the boat in at Tunks at around 5/6ish, After we tied up all the rods we started chasing around for bait, we tried middle harbour and only managed to get one squid, we then went over to little manly, and started to get a decent amount of yakkas, well atleast enough to give us some sort of bait for the trip, we already had some decent cuttlefish on board from the last outing on the boat provided by fluffy, We hit up the North Head, and seemed every man and his dog were out doing the same thing, setting up the bombs, trawling around to try and get onto the kings, but as the same as us, not much luck, we headed straight upto Long reef, got there and plenty of marks on the sounder, sweet, then nothing, saw a couple of other guys there too, they were getting on but we weren't, Alright time to change tactics, started using the cuttlefish, and fluffy strted to get some hits, we chucked out a yakka, not much interest untill much later. We had a decent amount of fun trolling and drifting around the reef, unfortunately where we wanted to go there was a "Pro Dive" boat there, so no go to our usual kingy spot. We worked around this kept using the bait and ended up closer in than we thought, worked out very nicely, it was now getting on in the day mabe around the 3/4 O'clock mark, starting coming on decently, then we ran out of bait, Anthony chucked on a 300g jig, and holy sheeeps, did a kingy take it, we had now used all the bait and light was starting to get dim, we were looking back at the land and it was now just a nice sunset, as we drifted over these marks, each time we dropped a decent jig they went for it, it was insane, myself never catching kingy's or atleast any size to write home about, was catching stonkers on Lures, not bait, fricken lures, it was one of the best days and sessions, we were definately all buggered by the time we got back to Tunk's, My Pb for the Day was 82, and i believe on the Boat was 90/91 mark, still didnt get that elusive 1m but we will get there one day Anyway guys thats just a quick report, ill let the pics and vid do the talking Vid Link : Kings Of The Reef Squ!rt - FSF Adventures.
  4. Plenty of Kings at Long Reef Saturday arvo, pulled in close to 20/30 on stickbaits on sunset.
  5. Depends on where your going fishing i guess, flick N fish at thorneigh sells bait but havent been there in years so couldn't tell ya.
  6. i have caught one or two but very long hours, we used corn, your best bet if you wanna catch carp and other local fish is going into parra or more out towards the lakes like Lake woodcroft, parra lake reserve etc. i fish these areas reguarly along with some of the other creeks, parra river been producing the goods of decent sized carp as of late.
  7. im the same @DerekD siennas, sedonas and even higher on the food chain like stella, but if your gonna be using a reel just for landbased for carp or bream/flathead etc with a 1-3kg rod i don't see the need to spend more than a $55 sienna that will do the job, personally i like the sedona over the sienna more, but the new sienna are pretty nice and feel fairly smooth.
  8. Exactly, you can have three or so different setups for the price of one, and if one fails you, your not without a reel. Especially under that $150 mark, could get 3 siennas for that, first siennas with the 1+1bb when they were like $35-45 say 2-3 years ago, still going strong never even washed them or serviced them and still pull in fish.
  9. The reel question you want to ask (haha punny) yourself, is do i actually need to spend $150 or more on a reel that size?? I would personally just get youself a 2500 or 1000 size Shimano Sienna or a Sedona, especially that the new Sienna has the same bearings as the Sedona, and is $55 from Dinga on sale and you get a reel cover, you honestly can't go wrong. I have bought a couple and think the are damn good and 10 year warranty, how can you compete with that??, and even the old Sienna with 1+1 ball bearings and still work perfect, from being dunked in the yak to dropping it in sand, catching decent carp to 40cm bream, for a $50-70 reel its good for "light" fishing. I use a sedona 1000 on my 1-3 and a 2500hgfg on my 2-4 sahara x, and theolder sedona on the other backup 2-4. I know there is plenty of good reels and combos out there and others which can be better or recommended by other people and fishos, but a simple sienna or sedona/sahara reel works great, i have used shimano reels for years and never had a problem. i just dont think its worth spending the extra $$$ on a small size reel. ps. not sponsered by shimano nor dinga i just love them and use them.
  10. Have uploaded a new Video from last weeks carp outing and has some static filming from the good old iPhone plus some action cam footage while moving, eventually getting to the stage that I’m getting better, Static looks good showing some casts and then action when one of us are on, check it out here: Urban Creeks - Carpaholic let me know now what you guys think, don’t wanna make a post about every land based vid I do so I’ll probably just reply in here if enough people wanna watch it Regards Squ!rt
  11. "Unless you have a big boat" ?? wonder what is classified as big?? 7m would be safely able to have three people on it with 1.5m spacing.
  12. yeh eventually will get to the stage of somewhat professional, for most of the simple vids, i just use movie maker, heaps of tutorials online for it @big Neil, its like powerpoint tbh, pretty easy to just drag and drop in music and videos, and cut them, mute audio etc..
  13. On change of tide you can't go wrong fishing Swansea bridge, just depends on how fast the current is and what side you choose, sometimes you get some stonker tailor, i think my pb is around the 46 mark, second pilon from Marks Point/Pelican side facing the RSL with a little walker wobbler, good fun.
  14. I use just an old go pro 3 and an a cheap action camera with a $20 chest mount from bigW, which unfortunately does make the filming a bit jumpy at times, for static i have a simple tripod and attach the Canon 540D, but don't always want to cart this around especially for a 5 minute fish video, to do it on the cheap and to make average to ok videos, i use my voice recorder on my Iphone, film with the action cam or gopro then mute the audio in the video and line it all up or add in music from youtube's Audio library in the editing stage, so you don't get in trouble for copyright... Then normally use Kdenlive or Movie Maker depending on what i feel like, along with using audacity to cut and crop audio, and sometimes use Adobe After effects to add in funny things like lightning bolts and that if i can really be bothered, but takes a long time, to make a 45min video with full effects and completely proper audio it was abut 7 hours of editing when i made a mini film back in the day for the HSC.. A cheap Action cam that does HD video and something to record Audio directly to it, even using headphones with mic from the iphone produce better audio than the camera, makes it sound better or you get muffled audio with those (built in) gopro/action cams, plus almost impossible to hear the audio as they are normally in a case to be attached to the mounts, either chest or head.
  15. Yeh have thought of that BN, i have always watched vids from POV and liked that style, may have to setup the other camera as well and switch between them in editing, which as everyone knows that it aint no 5 minute job in editing, the latest video i did with my mate catching a little bass, was a 10 minute video, and that was about 6 hours worth of filming and changing locations etc. plus abut 3 hours worth of editing, and not the best Vid either.