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  1. i live right across from the 16 footers and caught a couple of decent but undersize bream off the small jetty
  2. Good little dinner feed there, which side of lake mac?? The wharf on Belmont side has been going off lately with decent bream.
  3. Hi Admis, The best thing you can do is use that search function and check out the fishing reports section after introducing yourself as Donna said. Searching and reading through reports and anything to do with the area is your best bet, unfortunately with fishing it will never be a case of "this spot will land me a Tuna at X time and X day", it never works like that. And even if it was a specific spot that someone has always bagged up at it can be a secret from that person, (everyone has there own spot X) You need to go explore and don't even take a rod with you. Scratchie has put in what seems like 100+ years of researching Port Stephens and seems to be the guru of Port and has years of experience and info, but honestly due to you being Landbased i would physically walk around and explore, look at the water, the tide, swell etc. have a look at how many fisherman/fisherwoman are there and what they are catching, what are the using?? I did this myself for almost 3 months before i started to even take my rod to the landbased Locations around Lake Mac. Your own research will pay off, you never know you might find a spot that no-one has ever fished from before. Use topographic maps and satellite images via google maps to check that you can safely get to a spot and remember to always wear a lifejacket near any rocks. Good Luck
  4. awesome report, never caught a blackfish nor have ever eaten it. Whats it like flavour wise? i have heard it can taste a bit vegan and not much flavour? similiar taste to tailor or bream?
  5. The real question is what time and are you talking harbour as in under the coat hanger? or do you mean in the whole of Sydney harbour, such as middle harbour (Balgowlah/Balmoral) and by walking along the water how far you planning to cover?? And why the harbour?? If you want to fish under the bridge i'd suggest between Lavender Bay/Luna Park and Kirribilli Point, but during the day very busy with ferrys and ships. Send me a pm, i regularly fish the harbour landbased during the week.
  6. Unregistered vehicle/trailor permit, good fun, best part is going to the rms in every state, try going from qld to vic and a having to get new permit in every state while being pulled over by cops Seriously though. make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork and written letter with regos and vins signed by the seller, have brought many cars and bikes down from qld before and other states.
  7. Everyone needs to read this post, its a bit of a wakeup call especially to new rock fishers, but also to the 'she'll be right' fishos (must admit i am one of them) Learn to read the ocean and always wear a lifejacket when rockfishing, doesn't matter if you can swim or not.
  8. Looks like they are on, better pull the kayak out
  9. Squ!rt

    Boat out of water

    Biggest thing i would be looking out for is how long it has been in the sun?? any sun damage signs? signs of any previous repairs? is it fully painted or a project etc?? and if it was properly cured if there is any repairs done to the boat itself?? Check the hull all over and inspect the transom along with running boards etc, i know with cars that have had fibreglass in them to repair rust they are prone to crack left in the humid sun. If the hull has been kept in a garage for several years check for moisture bubbles (like rust)etc. biggest giveaway will be the interior, if the interior of the cab has signs of warn out fibreglass chances are the rest of the boat will too.
  10. Around areas that are quite open i use 4lb leader with a 10 or 8 lb braid, if im going off the shore or somewhere that i could bycatch a flatty or run into rock structures normally run 6lb or even 8lb, my current setup is running 10lb braid with 6lb leader and seem to have had no issue with catching bream, also keeps my mind easy on a bycatch of a flatty, id rather run 6lb than 2lb and it snapping from a head shake.
  11. do you want a specific light combo for kingys like 1-3/2-4 etc or do you mean physical weight of rod and reel?? ??
  12. If you want a cheap but semi decent Kayak, something like this from one of the many warehouses around sydney, I got one like this and no issues, got from one of those popup stores up the central coast, $350 come in different colours etc, a lot of rec groups use these along with some hire companies. No faults with mine and handles lake macquarie fine
  13. best location i have heard is ACT or nimbin... Ramsgate is good for string weed.
  14. Stunner on pilles, good old middle harbour producing the goods, i think your in the hot spot, good job
  15. Welcome @Luko78, awesome first report too btw, you seem to fish the same areas of me and not far from me, as for fishing Lake Mac/Swansea area, be sure to checkout this : Lake Mac Land Based Also have a good read up on scratchies guide to port stephens if you venture up that way> Fishing Port Stephens And don't be afraid to use that search bar, there is literally 100s of thousands of posts on similiar subjects and locations.