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  1. Awesome idea should get majority of people to a central location between syd and the coast, big park near the water with bbqs, bring a rod and snags Make it a Fishraider social, when we are allowed big groups ofcourse....
  2. Awesome read and a great story, I'm sure a lot of us can trelate to the fighting and struggles of eels, and many of us have stories of caravan park fishing and holiday adventures. Look forward to reading more memories from ya
  3. Awesome report and a good read, will have to come for a bass flick, use to go everyday to yarramundi, couple of little decent spots out that way. Welcome to the forum too, looking forward to seeing more reports from you.
  4. Squ!rt


    double double uni, faster to tie imo and easier to do in several metre swells.
  5. Google Map updated aswell : Landbased Lake Macquarie Fisho Google Map
  6. Valentine / Bennett Park Good spot to relax on a Sunday arvo Right next to a boat ramp Semi sheltered from the hills Fish from your bullbar/boot Close to Valentine shops (fish and chips/grocery shop) Can park right next to water Five Islands Bridge/Speers Point Good parking under bridge Just behind Speer Point Park Fairly Sheltered, stay under bridge, good in the rain Close to Speers Point Boat ramp Can park in boat ramp parking and walk and fish anywhere between boat ramp and five islands bridge
  7. I normally cut the chicken into sort of triangle strips and put the hook through the chicken twice then dip into the parmy, I use these plastics> 3 inch minnow in the chartreus or peppered prawn colour, seem to get decent flatties on the peppered prawn more than the chartreus but depends on water conditions. I also use these same combos of bait throughout the hawkesbury including berowra. Best of luck
  8. those outfits will be perfect, i would be using chicken with parmesan on one or peeled prawns, and using some plastics on the other, plastics seem to go off in the hawkesbury lately. Caught some decent and some small flatties off the beach just past the ferry a little while ago mid afternoon, and was surprised. 6.6 combo with sienna 2500 2-4kg, nice little fight.
  9. where are you located?? most places you catch carp have eels, parra river have a couple.
  10. @big Neil Yeh mate pretty convenient and close to fish and chip takeaway and little grocery store too, also right next to a boat ramp
  11. Hey all, been a while since I have done a report of the lake although I fish it almost every weekend, After the rain and bushfires I had heard reports of little to no fish along with my own experiences of no catching in my usual go to spots. Started out the afternoon with grabbing some fish and chips for lunch with the kids at Speers point, they then insisted on let’s go fishing, tried a spot close to Speers point park which has had hookup success in the afternoon before, flicked around a bit on a “walker wobbler” but no success and lots of other people were under the bridge, decided to go for a little bit of an adventure on the other side of the lake towards Booragul and Marmong Point, but the water was very choppy and quite windy. Decided to head back towards home way (BELMONT) and looked for little spots on the way, decided to nick into Valentine Boat Ramp, the mrs suggested it as we have never tried fishing there before and I think she was itching to try out her new rod. By this time the kids were buggered from playing at the park and were asleep in the car, parked right next to the water and started setting up the rods, The mrs was stoked with her new rod, swapped her sienna 2500 onto it straight away as the reel that came with it was a bit how you going, for a cheap Pryml $35 setup amazing rod, great weight and almost near perfect balance. Second cast in on her brand new rod, hookup, only a small bream but she was stoked, her new rod has now been christened and she was very happy. Will definitely be going back to this little spot next to the boat ramp again and adding it to the Lake Mac Landbased guide for sure. Regards Squ!rt
  12. Swansea Underpass Good at night, less busy Different opportunity as on the other side of channel Change on tide is best Not Sheltered from Wind Kid Safe, Underpass walking track/bikepath Lighting from bridge Park in gravel carpark Swansea Boat Ramp corner Good spot to try or come back to before/after Coon Island As its the channel on Lake side, check tides, always seems to be better before a runnout IMO Not Sheltered, can be good though, get longer casts. Kid Safe, Concrete walkway(watch for bikes) grassy area and picnic tables literally 30 second drive from Swansea shops\
  13. Squ!rt

    Where to Fish?

    Reid Reserve has been going off lately on that breakwall on change of high tide, seen some decent monsters getting caught along with some half decent bream, Last sunday night at around 11-12pm i hit up swansea bridge on way down to work in syd, got 4 tailor in about 20 mins, decent school and good fun, Squirts tip: Silver spoon or classic walker wobbler at second pilon never goes a stray at night under swansea bridge when the tailor run...
  14. Squ!rt

    Where to Fish?

    If you plan on venturing up the coast, Lake Mac is pretty good> here's my guide and write up on Land based round Lake Mac also have created a custom google map with the locations, link in that post: Lake Mac Land Based also an old post on here for sydney landbased spots, gimme a sec and ill find the old google link from 10+ years ago.