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  1. Squ!rt

    First time Camping

    It honestly Comes down to how far you want to escape the rat race of syd and also, do you want to be in a secluded place camping or do you want to camp in a caravan park, and how close do you want to be to the water or would you prefer to camp and walk on a little hike or not to get to wet a line. If caravan park style i have been to many, busy around xmas though, but good if you have kids. or if you want a bit of serenity and the fishing isn't that fantastic, but heaps of play room for kids to run wild and hardly any people, head up the coast to some of the national parks such as Myall Lakes and then its just a little drive upto Forster if you want some decent fishing. send me a pm @Jay88, over the last couple of years have gone to many places with and without my kids around that holiday period but always somewhere to chuck a line in.
  2. Squ!rt

    Squid in the harbour?

    Caught a couple of squid for bait near chinamans beach and also under spit bridge last week, they are around, good sizing for bait, caught on a yamashita 2.5g pink and green tiger glow was used at chinamans. they seem to go for pinks and bright greens lately where as before a glow or neautral worked very well.
  3. Squ!rt

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Thats a cracker of a fish from a kayak, kudos for paddling for 3+ hours, pulling that in then paddling back. stonker of a fish, welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing more reports
  4. Squ!rt

    Swansea, bait balls but no luck

    Seen some monster ones fly by and caught between the bridge and coon island over the years in the channel, photos of a monster squid i have seen, it covered an 80 series bonnet with the tenticles hanging over the guard. looked liked something from jurassic park.
  5. Squ!rt

    Swansea, bait balls but no luck

    on the heads side of the bridge near the rsl i have seen kingys in there, im normally land based but catch taylor regularly there,
  6. Squ!rt

    Swansea, bait balls but no luck

    Try any spoons or wobblers near the bridge? or a vibe?? been going pretty nicely near the rsl on a silver spoon for taylor, have seen some reports around of some good squid too.
  7. Squ!rt


    Comes down to how heavy your tackle box is to be honest, the esky and bucket i dont believe will be to heavy, will come down to what you normally take for a beach trip, i take my whole tackle bag which has small and large sinkers etc, two rods, food and drink, rod holder etc. If i go for a beach fish nowadays, i just take the beach rod, and one plano box out of my whole bag and a rod holder and small everyday backpack for food and drink, cooking etc. if you think its going to be too heavy i would also curve the front of the sled with the masonite, and if your going to make it be able to hold in things id drill holders like 1x2 pine for specific things to hold them in, dont make a big cart out of it etc.
  8. Have you considered something like an uglystik?? something around the weight and dimensions your after>> Ugly Stick Dinga then pair it up with a decent reel that you can change spools between your 10 and 20lb line options if you want to do that or just go with a Penn Slammer III 3500 or another Daiwa BG, i personally would be looking at the slammer due to higher drag rating, but upto you. This combo of the ugly stik and the penn slammer is in your price range totals about $440, leaving $100 odd dollars for more lures etc.
  9. Squ!rt

    Filling portable fuel tanks issue.

    The only value i see for a filter is if your draining a old tank or swapping fuel out of one to the other, saves any sediment going into the new tank, but other than that i don't see much value. I use a generic mesh filter in a funnel when i fill my old ute up but thats carby so..
  10. Squ!rt

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    about 21 years ago when i was 6 or 7, we went to my Grandparents house in a small town in the Snowy Mountains with the whole family to celebrate my dads 40th birthday, the day before my dads birthday we went out to our orchard to collect some apples so we could make apple pie, and get some just to eat in general. While we were there me and my cousin chucked in the yabby net in the dam to see if we could get some for my dads birthday, the next day me and my cousin went out to the orchard around lunchtime to check on the yabby net and grab some more fresh granny smiths, long and behold we filled the net alright, it was quite heavy pulling that one in, it felt like we were pulling a wall. 40 yabbies on the day my dad turned 40, we couldn't believe it, geez did they taste more special that day, it was amazing. gotta love what the snowy mountains gives, fresh fruit and some awesome yabbies, not to mention the trout in the Tumut river, but thats a story for another day.
  11. Squ!rt

    Any pointers for Lake Macquarie?

    And if you want to catch some taylor, swansea bridge at night goes off like a cracker with a little silver wobbler lure, my regular night spot for good fun with taylor, also the channel heading towards coon island is a treat.
  12. Squ!rt

    Any pointers for Lake Macquarie?

    Go and have a chat to the guys at fishermans warehouse at marks point, they know whats happening in the lake and also sell fresh bait, In regards to places to go it honestly depends on where your planning to put the boat in?? alternatively here is my landbased guide for fishing the lake mac system> Fishin' Lake Mac Landbased Fishing Landbased Maps link> Landbased locations Jewies and Kingys are known to be caught in Swansea channel near Swansea rsl on the ocean side of the bridge, heaps of good flatty spots on the lakeside of the bridge on the flats, if you want anymore locations around the lake system, feel free to send me a pm, i have been out more than several times, helps when you live on Lake Mac..
  13. Squ!rt

    Survey HAVE YOUR SAY from Maritime Safety manager

  14. Squ!rt

    Rockfishing - Bateau bay

    awesome little report @Toby_fisho did you peel the prawns?? also id use uncooked prawns from the tackle shop at long Jetty or at the entrance, he used to have fresh and local bait back in the day when the shop was where the lolly shop is now..., and peel them, throw the heads in for berley with some bread and then peel the shell off and it will "wiggle" and it seems to get a better result, but good on you for the catch and the haul, might see me down there soon for a flick.
  15. Squ!rt

    NEW: Fishraider Tees available now!

    hoodies like the reel deal tee, and a beanie its getting cold