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  1. Squ!rt

    Survey HAVE YOUR SAY from Maritime Safety manager

  2. Squ!rt

    Rockfishing - Bateau bay

    awesome little report @Toby_fisho did you peel the prawns?? also id use uncooked prawns from the tackle shop at long Jetty or at the entrance, he used to have fresh and local bait back in the day when the shop was where the lolly shop is now..., and peel them, throw the heads in for berley with some bread and then peel the shell off and it will "wiggle" and it seems to get a better result, but good on you for the catch and the haul, might see me down there soon for a flick.
  3. Squ!rt

    NEW: Fishraider Tees available now!

    hoodies like the reel deal tee, and a beanie its getting cold
  4. Squ!rt

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    @Scratchie Looks like you guys will be doing alright for these reds, if the snapper are down my end, Im sure as bat poop, you guys should get on fine up your end and hopefully get a decent haul, im out for that weekend unfortunately was hoping to come meet up and get to know everyone etc may be up in the area to come have a chinwag but its the family funtime geocaching adventure weekend or atleast the kids think its funtime adventure..
  5. Squ!rt

    Long Reef Jurrasic Park

    there is a place the seaman have caught jerasic sized monsters but you better have a big enough boat and it aint for the faint hearted, a wee 300 odd NM offshore...
  6. Squ!rt

    Outboard servicing

    Always pays in the long run to do it yourself, especially with any wiring, if anything goes wrong you will know exactly where the wiring is, the connections, what fuse/relay goes where etc. Same as cars even if its simple audio wiring, you will learn a lot more doing it yourself, i do all my own car/bike/boat any engine services and wiring myself, i'm only a young whipper snapper but i can tune my old carby cars and bikes by ear faster and better than most of my qualified mechanic mates. (some people don't even know what a dizzy is...) good on you for having a crack mate, you just saved yourself heaps of dosh $$$$
  7. Squ!rt

    First winter blackfish - yeah!

    Awesome report and good looking fish, have never caught blackfish, seen it caught a lot in my time, from memory near the entrance they used to catch a lot. might have to start growing some weed in styrene tubs and try and go for some this winter. @jimbo61 how do they taste mate?? similar tasting to what fish, perch? tailor?
  8. Squ!rt

    Quiet at the Nepean

    yeh wow, its still clear under yarramundi bridge as its flowing but in the big lake section at devlin road its pretty nasty. ill try and get some photos out there today.
  9. Squ!rt

    Quiet at the Nepean

    how far up the nepean? land based? kayak? I normally fish the Yarramundi end and occasionally Devlin road but that's turned into quite the blue/green algae as of it lately. Ill be heading out that way this week upon further inspection of if anything has changed to devlin rd, years ago water was clear, now it looks like a sea of green and red. yarramundi still nice and clean, need a big downpour and bring the bass down from the dam.
  10. Squ!rt

    Wanda/Greenhills dog leash free area issues

    It may be a dog leash free zone but generally speaking the dog has to be under some sort of control,also what time where they there til?? most dog owners will still be there after the time. this needs to be enforced by local council patrols or rangers. I'm a dog owner and obviously a fisho, i have taken my dog in the past when i go for a beach flick, she runs around a little but not far from myself, never far enough to disturb other people or if your close she will come say hi, wag her tail and lick you to death, and although i don't see her intimidating (a boxer) she is completely controlled, most of the time she just lays on towel and gets excited when she sees a hookup, or when someone comes and says hello. Like everything i guess from both sides of being a fisho and a dog lover, always one person to leave a sour taste, hopefully next time you go for a flick near dog section of a beach@jimbo61 and see a dog its me having a flick and my doggo will just lay down beside you wagging her tail.
  11. Squ!rt

    Beginner setup help

    yes, 200 odd meters at around 10-15lb is suitable or 235yds at 12lb and obviously less yds/metres for more lb weight of line or more lb and more line if running braid remember in a decent wind you will be lucky to get out 50 odd meters or even less if its coming back towards the beach, 200m mark is good not to much not to little amount of line.
  12. Squ!rt

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

    yeh its not cheap to build let alone quite some time to script and code it into an app that suits ios and android, let alone linking it in with gps follow me location services. but would be fantastic, and user friendly.
  13. Squ!rt

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

    Having a live map location similar to snapchat/find my friends maps but only when people are online would be pretty rad, and maybe a live feed section like "hey heading down to blabla Lake for a carp fish whos keen", like a popup notification for anyone within an area of say 15klms of the person who sent the popup, then more raider members could meet and interact, limiting it to a klm radius will keep popups minimum, just some ideas, could even add in rain forecast or swell aswell.. i know for a fact that if someone was close and wanted someone to keep them company for a flick locally or within a radius id jump in and go meet and greet and have a flick.
  14. Squ!rt

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

  15. Squ!rt

    Beginner setup help

    Honestly it depends on how much and often you are going to go beach fishing, think about how often you are going to use it, what the use for? just for beach fishing or for rocks etc aswell, I have several beach rods ranging from a $30 kmart combo 12ft beach rod upto $$$ beach rod, and honestly i use my jarvis walker and the kmart beach combo more than the expensive ones, especially if im going around sydney during the week, if im going away camping and pristine beaches say stockton, ill take several rods. Id be looking at a cheapish but sturdy rod paired with a decent 4000/4500 size reel, i use this Jarvis Jarvis Tuff Tip 3.20m and pretty cheap at the $40 mark from dinga, and change reels between it depending on what Im going for. Definately try and get a 4000 size and pair it with that jarvis, rovex aren't too bad i have never had an issue with the smaller sized reels, My mate had an issue with his larger rovex. i found with the rovexs you really need to give them a good service after every little beach adventure, most likely neglect of the reel after a beach fish but still. Depending on your budget is what it comes down to, if your on a tight budget go for a shimano sienna fe 4000, i have 3 of these in the 2500 size and one in a 4000 and couldn't be happier, normally around the $45 mark from various stores. Or a Penn Spinfisher ($149), (i use this with my $40 dinga jarvis) >>Penn Spinfisher 4500 ssvi, has a nice tick to it when something grabs the bait, havent had any issues with it, just wash it with fresh water and thats it. Good Luck.