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  1. With a baitcaster i would start by using a lure, and get the reel setup right for that weight, there are heaps of vids on the utube about setting up according to stick bait or lure etc.. even on the shimano website from memory, i'd stick to one setup with the baitcaster for now until you are confident to change settings on the fly, i have 1 baitcaster set up just for a particular weight of lure and the other i change regularly, Best way is attach a small sinker or something same weight of what lure/combo you will use and practice in the backyard or at a local soccer field or park, better than going out and losing a lure or your jig setup cos the reel wasn't set right. I did this with my first baitcaster, honestly helps, practice makes perfect. One baitcaster is setup just for my little wobbler jig and then i just carry a spin rod. always good to have options.
  2. Awesome to see this update on lake mac, my mate went out couple of weeks ago and caught f*all, due to the ash and the lake seemed dirty, looks like it may have had a decent flush the rain definately helped, caught 2 small tailor last night under swansea bridge but nothing to write home about.
  3. Nah mate i reckon i caught the same lil dude about 8 times or his cousin or brother hahah, f.all yakka, the spot for snapper is a bit further up almost inline with boxhead, about 25-28m of water, just before west reef. some good snapper grounds in there, just before you hit the reef where it goes down to 20 oddm of water, roughly: 33* 33.452' S - 151* 22.214' E
  4. Last month i went out to the Valiant and all we caught was snapper, only yakkas we could get were in near lion island, There is a nice little spot further off the valiant, will have to find the co-ords on the gps.
  5. Squ!rt


    My biggest thing i have found in Newy way along with Syd, don't use tuna oil, i find it seems to scare off little fish because the smell will seem like there is something bigger near them, so i have heard, and i believe it too, one night we went fishing near Balmain, catching yakkas and little bream for hours, a bloke rocked up put tuna oil and a big hunk of bait on and no more fish that night, we changed nothing, we used bread,chicken,beef,prawns,pilchards. nothing was biting after the tuna oil was in the water. And it wasn't off the bite the tide had just changed when he came, caught little bream and yakkas even a crab right up til he put tuna oil in the water, then nothing... Use small prawns, a sebeiki rig, and unweighted bread for yakkas, no oil. Squirt's Tip: Peel the prawns before going on the hook, makes them swim a bit more realistic, seems to work well for bream and snapper. Squish the bread into a ball on the hook but leave a bit of fluffyness on it, so squeeze it around the hook but not the shaft of the eyelet. Regards..
  6. A Massive thanks to the Fishraider crew, you have been doing fantastic things over this last year, a massive thanks to all the contributing members on reports and the info we have all provided within the fishing chat. Everyone stay safe over the Xmas/NYE break. Regards,
  7. Ugly stick>> https://www.dinga.com.au/ugly-stik-gold-602m-4-8kg-2pce-new-2018.html Also come in 1 piece to, depending on your practicality of car etc, Any good branded reel between 3000-4500 would do the trick, as you are in a kayak i would pay attention to weights of reels and how many bearings as it will be in and around salt water. I'd be going with a simple Penn Slammer or a Sedona or Daiwa, obviously depending budget.
  8. Squ!rt

    Walker Wobbler

    Awesome thanks for that i know that the jarvis walker wobbler's only come in one weight and size, would be good to see how they perform or "swim" against each other, you might be onto something if they are heavier, being heavier could change so many variables, casting length, swimming weight, the way it swims in the water, better for choppier conditions etc. Top work on these @frankS
  9. Squ!rt

    Walker Wobbler

    Do you have a weight on yours?? total weight of you steel vs jarvis??
  10. Squ!rt

    Walker Wobbler

    Yours look better quality than the jarvis ones, atleast you can put a single hook on straight away instead of a triple, but for $5 from kmart and for the sake of changing the triple to a single you cant beat it. Only thing i can say is the metal triple hook tend to bend after a little in the jarvis wobblers, and sometimes even straighten out after a big tailor sesh along with the split rings stretch, i have had this problem with tailor, change the split ring to a newer one like a brass one from bunnings and place small single U shape hook, seem to work a treat. Been using and buying these wobblers for years, for $5 i always buy atleast one 2pk every kmart trip, then modify them with a new split ring and a single or double hook. You can also use the small hooks with "feathers" off of a sabiki rig, works good off a boat when there is a bust up.
  11. Squ!rt

    Walker Wobbler

    You can still get these classic walker wobbler they come in packs of two in kmart and are about $5, perfect for tailor chasing them, used one of these with me and a mate under swansea bridge, caught several tailor in a 15 or so mins, third pilon at around 11pm, they love them. Walker Wobbler 2pk
  12. With a 2500 size stradic i'd be choosing a 2-4kg rod and something light, i currently use a Shimano Sahara X paired with a 2500 sedona and the combo is light as, fantastic for everything from bream on bait and tailor on Lures, to a simple small hook and bread for carp setup, i run 8lb braid with a 6lb leader have caught some stonker well over 50cm carp and 30+ tailor. The rod is light and fairly reasonable priced, check out some local tackle stores around xmas normally go for about $80 on special, and learn to tie an FG knot or double Uni. regards,
  13. LBG fishing at lake mac goes off, lately kingies have been hitting around swansea bridge smashing them on 15kg, heaps of other landbased spots in the lake i have seen them hit lately,
  14. i live right across from the 16 footers and caught a couple of decent but undersize bream off the small jetty
  15. Good little dinner feed there, which side of lake mac?? The wharf on Belmont side has been going off lately with decent bream.