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  1. Do you know if they were wearing life jackets? I only just found out a few days ago that life jackets are now mandatory on the Northern Beaches, and North Head is definitely a high risk area that would require one
  2. I don't actually rock fish anymore. I actually have no problems with the life jacket law, but the spots that I fish aren't what you would call traditional rock fishing spots and aren't subjected to big swells. It's why I lure fish those areas. It is also an area utilised by a lot of sunbathers, so it will be interesting on how it will be policed. Because I'm a landbased lure fisho, I only carry a backpack and am constantly moving. So to answer your question, yes it is an inconvenience to wear a PFD and carry a backpack just to fish that area
  3. FYI This has also now been implemented on the Northern Beaches. Only found out yesterday when I saw lifejacket signs where I was fishing at Fairlight pool. A spot I wouldn't consider a dangerous rock fishing spot. Might have to give up fishing this spot now..
  4. I am right handed. When I first started fishing, I used my right hand to cast and wind the reel When I started lure fishing, I found it very awkward to work the lures (especially plastics) with the rod in my left hand, so ultimately made the switch to a left hand wind. It feels weird at first but you get used to it pretty quick
  5. BuckWild

    Carl Jocumsen

    Dunno if anyone follows the BassMaster Elite Series, but Carl Jocumsen just won his first tournament! First Aussie to do so
  6. Went down to the rocks near Fairlight beach for quick 1 hour flick Got absolutely zero hits on the Z-Man plastics and was about to call it quits and go home with the donut, but ultimately decided to tie on an Ecogear ZX35 for a few more casts First cast on the blade and landed this big 70cm girl. It took me an age to bring her in as I was only fishing with a 4lb leader and I had no net. Ended up having to go in the water and lift her out by hand. Her head was the same as my size 12 shoe. She was pretty buggered after the fight but I got her back in the water quickly after the snaps and she swam away nicely 😊 Col
  7. That's a TT Snakelockz Finesse jighead. They sell them in Australia and RRP for $9.95
  8. I bought some to use them with the Z-Man TRD Crawz. I've caught fish on them but can't definitively say I've caught more as a result of this jighead
  9. If you're fishing with braid, an unweighted prawn will cast a mile
  10. Might be a good question for Carl Jocumsen and Dean Silvester on the Facebook pages. Two Aussies who have actual fished the Bassmaster tourneys
  11. Thanks Guys Not really interested in servicing it myself, just curious if they can be serviced outside of a Daiwa service centre. I've previously sent in my 04 Certate to Daiwa for servicing and was quite disappointed as the reel felt even less smooth when I got it back It's almost tax return time and I'm thinking of getting a new toy, and whether I go the Daiwa route will hinge on whether I can get the reels serviced elsewhere
  12. Hi Raiders Can anyone tell me what the go is these days when it comes to servicing Magsealed reels? Do you still have to send them back to Daiwa because of their proprietary oil or can anyone service them albeit without the mag-oil? Anyone have any experience with the latter and did it make any difference to the reel? Cheers Col
  13. Yes he has closed. I follow Aaron Horne (the owner) on youtube. Here's the vid:
  14. Personally don't think it has to go on super tight, just has to go on under tension. There's virtually no stretch in braid anyway so it will go on the reel the same regardless if you put it on under 2kg of tension or 500g
  15. +1 Currently running Duel Hardcore X8 and YGK G-Soul Upgrade X8 on all my reels. I've recently tried the J Braid Grand and Sunline Siglon PE x8 but had so many windknots I went back to Duel/YGK