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  1. Went for a quick arvo flick down at Narra Lakes and managed to land 2 x flatties and a mini bream. Didn't measure the flatties but I think they were around the 50cm mark (I'm a size 12 shoe). Good fun on light gear (6lb PE, 4lb FC) and were caught on Z-Man Grubz (Motor Oil) and Slim Swimz (Midnight Oil) Col
  2. BuckWild

    Alternative to the FG knot for light rigs?

    I invested in a Knot Assist 2.0 so use the FG for everything. For the lighter lines I use 30 turns
  3. Rock fisho died today fishing at Bondi. No life jacket https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/man-found-face-down-in-water-at-bondi-had-been-rock-fishing-police-20181219-p50n7t.html
  4. BuckWild

    Dangerous casting practice

    Unfortunately there will always be selfish, inconsiderate people in this world. Nothing much more you can do other than have a word with him and hope he modifies behaviour. Sadly, the lesson sometimes doesn't hammer home until some innocent party pays the price for their selfish actions e.g drink drivers
  5. If you come across this story on Facebook, just keep scrolling! This article had over 1000+ comments on FB and I only had to read one to know what the rest were like. Made sure I hid the post so I didn't come across it again...
  6. BuckWild


    Not surprising he got towed fishing with a locked drag! Anyone know the estimated size and weight?
  7. BuckWild

    How To Clean Squid Jigs?

    Not exactly squid jigs but I clean all my hardbodies at the same time I do the dishes. I use an old toothbrush to scrub away any built up gunk
  8. BuckWild

    Fishing with alternative baits

    I'm happy for you to test these baits on me first (minus the tuna oil). I like baits cooked medium thanks?
  9. BuckWild

    Lock out

    Yep, totally agree with you. My comment was more targeted at those who can't come up with a coherent non-emotive argument. There's a lot of abuse going on over that FB group so I'd rather a mass copy and paste than some of the vitriolic drivel that's coming out right now. These are scary times for us fishos and we need unity.
  10. BuckWild

    Lock out

    I've joined the FB group and just looking at some of the comments, the biggest impediment to our cause are fishermen themselves. As a group, we are so fragmented that the other side will be rubbing their hands with glee. One poster sent a message to MP Felicity Wilson saying he hoped she died of stomach cancer. That'll do wonders for our cause?‍♂️?‍♂️ What we need is to formulate an articulate response (something like what luderick -angler posted) when filling out the surveys, so that we can all copy and paste, rather than shoot from the hip like Mr Stomach Cancer Guy Cheers Col
  11. BuckWild

    Windy days

    Too frustrating for me, especially when you're trying to stay in contact with the lure and the wind blows your line all over the place
  12. BuckWild

    Bream Rods with small butts

    Yeah I've seen the Howler's on the WFF youtube vids. They definitely look the goods. They're on my list if I go the custom route
  13. BuckWild

    Bream Rods with small butts

    That is exactly how I hold my rods I grew accustomed to the short butts as that's what I started on when I first got into lure fishing. Although I can fish with the longer butts, it's just not as "comfortable" if you know what I mean? With my Daiwa Gen Black, when I'm working the lures, the butt sometimes either hits my forearm or my fat gut ?? I don't have this problem with the Raiders, but as I said the rod feels heavy and unbalanced, and can get a bit tiring casting over a 4 hr session Getting my tax return soon, the longer this thread continues the more I'm convincing myself to spend it all on a Bream Buster and an Exist/Stella ????
  14. BuckWild

    Bream Rods with small butts

    Looks like I'm being nudged towards the custom route. Never quite understood why the butts have progressively gotten longer over the years. FFS they're only bream! My first rods were a Strudwick Sic Stic Pro and a Squidgy Spin. Both had short butts. If you have a look at the Millerod Bream Busters, even they still have short butts, so don't understand the trend with long butts.
  15. BuckWild

    Bream Rods with small butts

    Hey Derek I already have both the rack raider and bream finesse. Whilst both fit the butt criteria, i find both rods heavier than my other rods and they don't balance well with my 2000 certate or 2500 Stradic Col