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  1. Thanks Pickles. Had the pipis disappeared for a while? I’ve read that people used to take them by the bucket full but that fisheries are strictly enforcing the 50M rule now.
  2. Thanks! I’ll have to try that next time as we are on the way home. Looked like a fantastic spot when I scouted the headland.
  3. Yeah I agree. I think that the bait is better and fresher this way anyway.
  4. Mate that’s a solid king. Well done! I enjoyed reading that report!
  5. Exactly. Also they’re still at the age that they enjoy hanging out with me (albeit with the odd eye roll when I tell dad jokes).
  6. They had an absolute ball! I think the combination of collecting bait and catching their own fish with it is addictive.
  7. My girls were so stoked after catching their first flattie yesterday that they were willing to battle the rain and cold water for another go today. It took us about half an hour trudging around the beach to find a pipi bed, after which the girls berleyed up a good looking hole while I rigged the rod up for them. They started getting bites immediately and my younger daughter hooked up what was likely a big tailor as it bent the rod over and then just bit the hook off. After re-rigging and casting back into the hole my older daughter caught a fat 34cm bream and I caught a baby flathead
  8. Thanks Guys - yeah she’s keen to go again today, which is pretty cool 😎
  9. Brought my rock fishing gear with us for a short holiday in Gerroa, but the wind was howling all day and I don’t feel very safe with nobody about. so instead, I walked the beach with my kids looking for a few good holes to throw a metal into. As I waded in to ankle depth I found myself surrounded by pipis, so we smashed a couple together as bait and I quickly swapped the metal for a running sinker rig. Casted into the longshore trough that seems to run the length of the beach and gave my daughter the rod while I went to pick up a few more pipis. 2 minutes later she pull
  10. Spectacular catch! what’s the secret to actually finding them? I’ve fished spots that are right on the drop off with a mate. One day the spot can produce a fish a cast, and the next nothing. problem is that we aren’t always sure where to look when it’s not productive
  11. I don’t think so. Usually when they’re spawning the males have a bit of sticky white stuff coming out of them when you pick them up.
  12. Fair enough! I don’t catch enough to do that hahahahah
  13. None that I saw. How would you cook them if it did?
  14. Why’d you throw it back?
  15. Lost Despite the fact that I fish pretty often for a variety of fish, I'm still a pretty inconsistent fisho. I can catch 20kg of salmon off the rocks one day and nothing for 4 weeks later. So when my wife put "Fish - Daddy to catch" on our weekly meal plan, the pressure was on. I figured I'd give myself a buffer and head down the day before, so that if indeed I didn't catch anything, I could try again the day of... At any rate, there was a lot of green cabbage on the rocks and a fair bit of wash, so I was pretty confident that I'd at least get some Luderick for dinner. Unfortunately afte
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