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  1. slurm

    Landbased Kingfish lures

    Hey mate, is it as simple as painting the whole lure white? I'm a big fan of metals and am always looking for different things to try. Cheers
  2. slurm

    Old Rod?

    No clear tip, but I did think it was an Ugly Stick at first. I'm gonna take it for a flick this weekend and cannot wait to give it a flick. Thanks for the advice
  3. slurm

    Old Rod?

    Thanks for the tip. I have a few hours to tinker in the coming days and will see what I can come up with
  4. slurm

    Old Rod?

    Hi all, I was going through the old fishing gear in the shed and found an old rod that belongs to my dad. It's made by Shakespeare, but aside from that I have zero clue about any of the capacity. The photo attached shows the only print on the whole stick, I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea to what it means. I understand it's 10 foot, is 2 piece and has a wooden butt. The last thing I want to do is load it up and snap my dads gear. I sent a message to the manufacturer and they couldn't tell me jack. Cheers
  5. slurm

    Freshwater in the Snowys

    Will likely just walk the lake I think. Ill pop into the local tackle shop and ask for further tips. Thanks
  6. slurm

    Freshwater in the Snowys

    Hi all, Heading to Jindabyne this weekend and have a day to myself so was thinking of going for a fish. I've had a look on the DPI website and I'm a little lost with all the specific terminology regarding spawning streams and the such. As a result, not too certain with what I can and cannot target this time of year or if its even worth it. Purely after some catch and release fun to kill a few hours. Any advice would be tops, Cheers
  7. slurm

    Rod or Reel?

    Thank you to everyone for the advice, I really appreciate it. I went to my local tackle shop over the weekend and picked up a ripper deal on a Storm Gomoku 9ft 8-12kg 30-80g lure weight, and am super happy with it. I was itching for a fish so took it to a calm beach and tossed some ancient metals around, amazing fun. Was just curious what heavier reels people have been using lately? Have heard good things about the Biomaster and Stradic in 5000+ but would love to hear peoples experience. Will be paired up with 20lb braid and a 25-30lb fluro leader if it matters. On a final note, I understand lures will likely be a massive hole in my wallet as I learn to tame the larger size so was hoping someone could give me a 'shopping list' of some to try to get a feel for larger plastics. I am fairly seasoned in the <10g class, but am clueless when I lay my eyes on anything 30g+. Target species will remain jew/snapper/kings/salmon off the beach/stones! Cheers!
  8. slurm

    Mungo brush camp ground

    Hey mate, I was in hawks Nest just last week and I found fishing the lakes is pretty hit or miss. I was throwing around small plastics in White Tree Bay and only amounted to a few small inquiries but no hook ups – didn’t try bait though. The beach was the go in my experience. Me and my mates were just using pippies dug up from the shore as bait and were very successful in some legal dart, bream and snapper. It well could have been right place right time, but it blew us all away.
  9. slurm

    Rod or Reel?

    Ripper photos mate. I can imagine the fight on light gear would be a rush, may I ask how heavy you go for main and leader line? Definitely going to do some more research on the stradic, it seems like a quality investment
  10. slurm

    Rod or Reel?

    Cheers for the info mate. I'll look into it
  11. slurm

    Rod or Reel?

    Hey guys, Been fishing with plastics for a little over 6 months now and absolutely loving it. I currently have a 2500 Sedona paired up with 8lb Fireline on a 1-4kg Raider Travel (max 10g lure weight). I have been targeting bread and butter species having had most success using 5.5g powerblades and 3inch SPs. I understand my line is on the heavier side but I have had issues with bust offs under the 6lb mark. I am pretty keen to start throwing some heavier lures for different species (namely jews / rat kings / snapper), so I am curious as to what I need. It will be used namely land based, but I often have access to a boat or a kayak. Should I consider a heavier rod to pair with my current reel? Or do I need to purchase a complete new outfit for this purpose? I have been reading for the past few days and a lot of people are suggesting the Stradic for this purpose but I would like to know if I can make it work with what I've got. Cheers
  12. slurm

    Myall Lake - White Tree Bay?

    G'day mate, Spent a week camping alongside the Bay and was told by the rangers to try my luck in the deeper water for some bream and flathead. I tried most mornings using 2.5in grubz and the odd powerblade but unfortunately only amounted to some small inquiries and no hookups. I also threw a few small bugs out unweighted on small hooks but that proved no results either. Like most have said before, the beach was definitely the go. Managed to snag some legal snapper, dart and bream (all released) within a few short 45 minute sunset sessions with ease using pippies. The bait is ridiculously easy to find and works wonders in my experience. I'm keen to see if someone cracks the code of the Bay as it is an outstanding spot and would love to be able to catch a feed within walking distance to the campsite. Best of luck to anyone heading to hawko over the next few weeks. Weather has been off tap and I cannot wait to go again. Cheers
  13. slurm

    Myall Lake - White Tree Bay?

    Sorry for the late reply folks! I really appreciate the insight. Will keep you posted if I get lucky
  14. G’day Raiders In January I’m heading to the lower Myall Lakes region and staying along White Tree Bay which is a little bit north of Hawks Nest. Aside from the staple beach set up, I was thinking of taking a smaller estuary outfit to perhaps throw some lighter baits or even the odd plastic around. A few Raider threads pre-2006 suggest that the body of water gets little action from any fish but was hoping for some updated information. As it’s my first time there I unfortunately have little insight myself, aside from a few satellite images and what not. Thanks for your time, Tight Lines!!
  15. slurm

    Lure Novice

    I'm working through the holiday unfortunately mate. Maybe we can tee up a session later in the season when daylight savings settles in! Slurm