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  1. Thanks for the report mate. Very positive sign for things to come. Cheers
  2. Hey mate, Last summer I got away with using 20lb mono and 20lb leader for most of my bait use having no trouble hooking whiting, bream, tailor and the odd salmon around Sydney. As long as your bait is presented correctly you shouldn't have too many issues going heavier. On some days I would go down to a 10-12lb leader if I was struggling to get any hits which would help.
  3. The Samaki Flashs are a gun little lure. Cast like a metal but have the action of a stick bait when swept. Unreal
  4. Great Report mate. Stoked to see that the ankle held up for a session! Heres to many more
  5. Casting distance is often misunderstood by many. Bigger casts can hurt your chances of finding the fish. A few threads similar to this one always advise that sometimes the fish can be within a few metres of shore which is often the case. I have found some of my most productive beach fishing days not needing to cast further than 10-15m. You'd be very surprised the size of some fish that come in close to feed. You want to cast into the gutters or just aside them mixing it up if you don't get a bite. There's plenty of info available on identifying gutters both on here and on other sites so h
  6. G'day mate I fish the northern beaches pretty regularly and it's great. Your outfit is fine for throwing pillies off the sand. I personally use gang hooks as it holds the bait a little better in my experience but the circles should be fine. I have two large star sinkers for beach fishing which I alternate between depending on the current. One is a 42g and the other is a 56g. Your size 1 should be fine if there isn't too much current but you may need to bring something heavier as the beaches have been very turbulent the past few weeks. Finding a gutter is ideal on the beach.
  7. G'day Will I'm not a rock fishing guru but I have picked up some solid tips from other fishos. Some great hard bodies that I see often include Rapala X-raps, Storm So-Run minnow, Halco Lazer Pro and Nomad Riptide stickbaits. Nomad and Halco make some wicked poppers for the price so it may be good to have one in your box. Having a range of soft plastics is also handy. Anything from a 2.5" Slim SwimZ in a natural / white colour to large 9" plastics. It's good to try and identify what the fish are feeding on and try to match your lure to that. In saying all of that, the h
  8. I have a Daiwa TD Black Wicked Weasel and a Shimano Raider in 2-4kg. My 2500 Stradic sits perfectly on both. Cheers
  9. hey mate I have a 2500 Stradic FK and a 2500 Stradic CI4. I find the CI4 to be much lighter than the FK but performance wise I find them relatively the same. I prefer the feel of the FK solely because it balances perfectly with my light set up better than the Ci4. In saying that, they are both gun reels and you cannot go wrong with either.
  10. Thanks for your reply mate. I think the A series will be the way to go!
  11. Thanks for your reply mate. The 11.4 seems like a great mid ground to me! I have heard that Gary's rods are unreal.
  12. G'day legends! After reviewing countless threads online I have decided to delve into the world of the Alvey. I am going to be buying from them directly and was after a little guidance from those in the know! I have been considering the SURF 60GVCR for beach work to target Bream / Flathead / Whiting mainly, however, my haunts are prone to holding the odd Tailor / Salmon / Jew. I'm thinking around 8-12lb Mono will be my choice (willing to consider others). The two rods I am tossing up between is the R60 (10.6ft) and the R62L (12ft). I have experience with 9ft Graphite spin st
  13. G'day mate, I can't offer you too much advice myself as I don't own a kayak but I have borrowed one many times. I found it much easier to launch from a calm bay where a park or sandy beach joins the water rather than a boat ramp. It is beneficial as a beginner as you don't have to worry about getting in anyones way or being intimidated by high traffic areas. This will also allow you to learn how to manoeuvre a kayak before you head out in rougher conditions. It also somewhat comes down to what you're targeting, but in general terms respect peoples property when on the water. For ins
  14. Thanks for your reply mate. It was to go on a Daiwa Lazy 9.6ft 15-60g but I've decided to stay with the Stradic following a great response from Shimano regarding repair. Big fan of the Certates and hoping to pick one up eventually.
  15. Thanks for all the replies legends! Shimano were actually very helpful in regards to following up a warranty claim so that's a big up in my book. Will consider all of the above in the coming weeks on the hunt for a new outfit. Cheers
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