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  1. slurm

    Lure Novice

    I'm working through the holiday unfortunately mate. Maybe we can tee up a session later in the season when daylight savings settles in! Slurm
  2. slurm

    Lure Novice

    G'day Derek, Great to hear your mates are digging the SPs! He must be stoked with the new PB. I am pretty full on for the next few months. I'm in a new position at work so haven't worked the leverage to ask for time off, so unfortunately the only times I get to fish are late nights and early mornings during the working week. I will for sure contact you if something changes in the meantime. Thanks Slurm
  3. slurm

    Lure Novice

    G'day kingie, Cheers for your reply. I still have to scrape my jaw off the ground every time I head into a tackle shop when I see their wall of lures/SPs. It's incredible how much variety is out there! I think when the time comes to invest in a new outfit I will need to pick up a variety of shapes and colours and see what works well in my area. I cannot wait. Thanks again mate Slurm
  4. slurm

    Lure Novice

    Absolutely, very generous of Derek. Ill be in contact over the next few weeks. Thanks for all your help, Slurm
  5. slurm

    Lure Novice

    G'day Derek, Cheers for the reply. I will definitely have to look into your suggestions and hopefully I come through with an awesome starting combo. I have found some of your recent posts very useful too and will be sure to utilize the search function to gather more info. I am located in the North West, so i typically fish around the suburbs of Gladesville, Greenwich and Lane Cove areas. Thanks again for your help, Slurm
  6. slurm

    Lure Novice

    Hi All, Relatively new to the site and fishing in general so please be gentle. I have a Shimano Sienna 4000 paired up with a 6ft Ugly Stick Gold 4-8kg that has served wonders with a baited rig to teach me the basics of fishing and I am looking to explore the realms of lure tactics. Foremost, it will allow me to stop worrying about grabbing bait every trip and also I figure it will be a bit more interactive than my rather 'set and forget' approach of bait fishing. Should I invest In a new setup for flicking lures? I am happy to fork out some coin for a beginner plastic set up if it would be beneficial, or rather if I slap some braid on my reel would that be ideal? I was once advised that my current rod is too sensitive for flicking plastics, but not sure if I was being led astray! On a final note, what lures/plastics should I be looking at? I will largely be land based in Sydney, with the occasional kayak outing when it warms up a bit. As far as species goes, I am happy with bread and butter at this point. More so concerned with developing skills associated with the sport before i get in over my head. Thanks for your time raiders! Slurm
  7. slurm

    Northern Beaches Fishing

    Thanks for the advice gents. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can come up with. I will be sure to use the search function in the future, cheers
  8. slurm

    Northern Beaches Fishing

    G'day raiders, Me and a few mates have a few hours to kill on the northern beaches of Sydney this weekend and I’m after a word of advice regarding where we could have a few land based flicks. As someone who doesn’t know the area too well, I’m not after your hidden gems but rather somewhere we could have a bit of fun. We typically use light estuary outfits, however can throw a heavier beach rig in the car if neccessary. Also, what is the preference for bait in this area this time of year? This is my first post so please be gentle! Tight lines