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  1. Bill Morris

    Jervis bay winter drought

    thanks @ParaPaul
  2. Bill Morris

    Jervis bay winter drought

    Hey @ParaPaul is the currumnene boat ramp you talking about the one at Myola? or the one near the Huskinson ferry? Cheers
  3. Bill Morris

    Beach Worms

    Thanks for all the replies. Appreciate at it. I think I'm booked in for a charter with a supposed guru, so hopefully he can get me catching worms and thanks to all the info here I'll have some locations to hit up😂
  4. Bill Morris

    Port Hacking

    Hi all I've been on here a few months now and have received great advice so I thought it was time to contribute. Its my first time doing a report so sorry if I get things wrong. Caught the attached fish and another 36cm whiting drifting the spit on Mainbar flats. Just using nippers as bait. It was a couple of weeks ago now but have only just got around to uploading everything. I was fishing pretty light. The whiting in the photo was my Uncles first fish ever. The flathead was released as I'm a big believer on letting the breeders go (just my personal opinion, It doesn't worry me if others keep them as it's legal to do so) Cheers Bill
  5. Bill Morris

    Beach Worms

    @josamill Hey mate I know this is an old post but I am looking into getting into beach worming and I see you talk about success down the south coast. Any chance you could give me general areas or beaches to try? Cheers
  6. Bill Morris

    Swimmers are around in good numbers

    Where abouts in the georges are they?. I've been trying botany bay but haven't been getting anything
  7. Bill Morris

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    CHeers mate, appreciate it.
  8. Bill Morris

    Jervis Bay Boat Ramps

    I know this is a bit old but I have a 5.2m stacer bowrider. Would this be ok at Myola ramp? Im heading down this week. Cheers
  9. Bill Morris

    Is this the correct weed for blackfish?

    Cheers for the replies. Appreciated
  10. Bill Morris

    Is this the correct weed for blackfish?

    Thanks for your replies. It was an ocean pool down the coast KB. Cheers
  11. Is this the weed you can use to catch blackfish? Also would it work for drummer off the rocks? Cheers in advance
  12. Bill Morris

    Fishing Apps

    Cheers @zmk1962
  13. Bill Morris

    Fishing Apps

    Thanks mate.Just lookng over booklet online now (got boat in july with no book). I haven't come across it yet but if I don't I thnk this app is the way to go. Thanks heaps everyone
  14. Bill Morris

    Fishing Apps

    Thanks for all the replies. New to fishing and especially going outside. Find the fish finder I have is pretty inconsistent with depths and as far as I know doesnt have contour lines etc. Thanks again Mark
  15. Bill Morris

    Fishing Apps

    CHeers mate I searched fishing apps and fishing applications but I found nothing. I'll try their specific names