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  1. I went with the daiwa bg5000. Sofar so good. Now I just need to catch something with it!
  2. The boat is in Pittwater so it’s a matter of either staying in Pittwater or driving 20mins to get out. I just wasn’t sure if the rain makes it better or worse in or out of the harbour. Thanks guys
  3. Just curious to what everyone thinks about how the rain we have had will affect fishing in Sydney. Once the swell settles down will fishing be ok or are we better waiting for a longer time? I might have a window to get out this weekend and just trying to figure out if I should stay in the harbour and target kinds, squid etc. or if I should get outside and target snapper. Or if I should head up to broken bay and target jewfish? I’m a bit new to fishing in Sydney
  4. thanks guys sorry i thought of putting the budget on there as soon as i had closed my computer down. Budget is probably up to $400 all in. thanks for replies so far
  5. hi there, ive read a few of the posts on here looking at various different outfits for kings. Some are boat, some smaller lure fishing etc. My question is what would everyone suggest for flicking soft plastics, stickbaits etc off a wharf/boat/rocks for kings ideally over legal and if im lucky up to the magic meter mark. im fishing around Sydney. thanks a lot
  6. are you getting the snapper on the livies? i'm keen to try and get out over the long weekend if possible and have never targetted snapper in the hawkesbury
  7. Ah right. Too far for me to go I think. Thanks anyway
  8. Out of interest how far off are the fish traps. I’m thinking of having a go for dollies this week but only a smallish boat so trying to assess the distance and conditions before having a go. Cheers
  9. Hi guys. A couple of quick qns. I’ve read most the forum chats on the topic but can’t find some very basic answers so sorry for covering old ground if it’s already on here. 1) how is the best way to store / kill blue swimmer crabs if you want to eat them the night you catch them? 2) what is the best way to clean them before cooking? 3) if you catch one in a trap should you leave it there so that it hopefully attracts its buddies (I can leave our trap at the end of a wharf for a long time) 4) any tips for where to do it in Pittwater? thanks a lot
  10. Early days but we had 14 in there I think. Could have handle more is my guess
  11. Tested it today on the water. Worked great. The only problem was that when we were travelling we had to switch the bilge off and the yakkas died in pretty quick fashion. So I definitely need a pickup at some point. Also does anyone have a view on whether the lid needs air holes or not? The orher problem this morning was we didnt didn’t catch anything with the yakkas!
  12. Thanks for the tips. I haven’t heat shrieked them yet cause I’m just waiting to work out the best length once I get access to the boat
  13. here we go, lets see if this video works. livebait.mp4