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  1. Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it. Looks like it simply wont be happening so il let this thread die off.
  2. Hi Jon, Thanks for the info! Not too bothered if they only have 2 rods and reels, just to get some lines in the water and hook one would be amazing. For me photography is a bit part of the trip so thats why i place alot of weight on that. I would rather go out with someone with 2 rods who can handle 80kg+ fish than someone with 5 rods thats not fishing for the big ones. I set myself a bucket list target of catching and photographing a big shark from a beach, im determined to get it ticked off if someone only has a couple of rods, we are happy to feed them pizza and beers and throw them a few bucks for their troubles. We appreciate the help and will pay accordingly! Im not sure even Alex targets the larger shark. Big Jewfish are cool and i wouldnt say no, but my heart is set on a shark. We will certainly give it a go getting it up the beach slightly! Fancy yourself and daughter taking us for a big of fishing? Regards, Nick
  3. Hi Frank, - Ive dropped you a PM. Ive given Alex Bellissimo a nudge on facebook so I will see if he replies. If not I will be in touch to arrange with you. Thank you for offering, we will ensure you are looked after should be have some time fishing with you. Nick
  4. Hi All, Anyone else around to take us fishing? preferably from the shore as I want to get awesome beach shark photos, but we will go out in a boat if you have one. February 7th or 8th are the best days for us as we will be back in the city by then. drop me a line!
  5. Hi guys, Still keeping my options open. If anyone else is around early feb, give me a shout. Cheers,
  6. Hi @FishermanSteve that's really kind of you thanks. I wanted to get the word out there early so we have time to organise something. Its difficult planning when you are 10,000 miles away so its best to do it early and keep people updated. I will pop up nearer the time to check and finalise any plans though. I don't really fancy standing out on the rocks when I am new to the area, the fishing methods and the species. Would far rather have someone experienced there who can assist. I will check out Alex Bellissimo though. Can he fishing licenses be done online and a receipt delivered via email, or should be sort them out when we are there (if so where?) Over here it has to be done via the post office. In terms of boat fishing: For what its worth, I have looked at a few charter websites. Whilst I will catch larger sharks, just cutting the leader by the side of the boat is not the same as pulling it up on the beach for a photo. Think I would rather have a smaller specimen but I nicer photo rather than a pic of a shark alongside a boat half in the water. Plus, I'm a little reluctant to be sharing the trip with another group of people, I have always done my own fishing. I am happy for us 3 lads to go out In a smaller boat in a bay with a skip and a deckhand if needed. - As per @frankS invite. We can probably have a more relaxed time fishing, its cheaper and I can give one of you guys a few bucks instead. cheers guys!
  7. @Kracka that information is really useful. I would like to do a charter but im not sure on the other guys - it will be something that gets discussed. If I am catching sharks up to 2m from shore that's perfectly fine with me. For a shark newbie its probably much better to start that way anyway. Handling them would be an issue - whilst I am comfortable handling large fish, catching sharks is a bit different! This is why I need some forum guys who are much more experienced. We all want to have a good time and get nice photos, but not end up in A&E. I am happy to go for a variety of species, but would like to focus on the larger predators. If we are not catching or the time of day isn't right, I will happily move location and fish for something else if its possible. We can always return to the 'shark spot' later in the evening. @frankS Great offer, thanks! We are coming from Surrey which is South East UK. What would you suggest? - We wait for a few months to see if there are any other offers and get back in touch in the new year? Obviously if you take us out on a boat we will chip in for fuel etc. I know what I am asking of the guys on this forum is quite a lot - basically can we have you, your knowledge and your gear and all go fishing! Its not a small ask! But we will throw some bucks the way of the helper! Its very difficult too just rock up in an unknown city and go fishing, its much better to have something pre-planned with a local. Thanks for all your help guys :)
  8. I am over for 2 weeks, but one of the weeks will be dominated by the Bathurst race. We are flexible with where we go, however it does make sense to be around the Sydney area as we only have a week. Potentially open to a drive further south / north if we can camp over for a day or two to make the trip worth it.
  9. Hi All, Fairly similar request to Ger's thread, just at a different time. @Kracka gave some great thoughts on that one. I am from the UK and want to do some shark fishing around Sydney. Myself and a friend are flying out to Sydney for a holiday and will be meeting another friend who is travelling round the country. We will be in Sydney 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Feb 2019 and can fish on any of these days / nights. We have our own car, but no tackle. We have fished a lot in the UK and I have travelled to Asia chasing large freshwater species (100kg+ predators caught). Whilst we aren't fishing newbies, we are relatively new to the 'stronger tackle' sea fishing methods. Whilst in Sydney I am very keen to fish for some larger species, particularly shark and grouper, although I know little about the latter and if they are possible to catch from the bank. I am not too bothered if we fish beaches or river inlets, that is up to the experts on here. I know a lot of shark head a fair way inland. Looking for someone who wants to show us the ropes and can throw out 3 or 4 rods if possible to maximise chances. We understand how important local knowledge is with regard to location, berleying, fishing licences etc so would rather have a good discussion with someone on here. Happy to throw some bucks your way / order some beers and pizza. Happy to camp out for an evening if needed too. We are flexible. Again, happy to buy some terminal tackle or bait if needed, guidance will be needed on what to buy however! Please let me know if you can help around the dates suggested above, I'm sure we can have a good laugh and catch some nice fish. In summary: Date: We are in town - 7th, 8th Feb 2019 - days or nights are fine. Location: Sydney area. Shore or boat we are flexible. (prefer beach fishing) Species: Shark + other larger predators if possible Tackle: We require all tackle to be provided please People: We are 3 people. Would like a local to show us around and help us out rather than renting gear and going alone. Of course we will pay you.